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    Hadrian Coin

    Hadrian Coin
  2. ThePeopleProfiles

    Emperor Hadrian Documentary, Feedback please.

    Hello everyone, I've just finished the second of my two part documentary on the life of Hadrian. Would love to know what you guys think of it if you can spare the time. Part two will be up in a week or so. Thank you in advance everyone. Regards. 8gIw-hNE8O8
  3. ThePeopleProfiles

    Emperor Hadrian documentary feedback.

    Hello everyone, I've just finished the first of my two part documentary on the life of Hadrian. Would love to know what you guys think of it if you can spare the time. Part two will be up in a week or so. Thank you in advance everyone. Regards. _GfIWPddOpE
  4. F

    Auxillaries and their roles in the construction/manning of Hadrian's Wall

    Hi guys, Now my understanding of the construction of Hadrian's Wall is that it was built by the 3 legions stationed in Britain as they had the necessary skills to do so but that it was mainly manned by the auxiliaries, is this right? Also in general what types of auxiliaries were there? I know...
  5. ez123

    Hadrian's Wall question

    Here is a cross-section of Hadrian's wall. Notice the vallum and mounds behind the road. What was the purpose of that? Was the vallum designed to protect the road from enemies that might attack from the rear? What purpose did these walls actually serve? This seems like overkill for...
  6. M

    Regarding the Legions in Roman Britain

    Hello, all. I'm new here, but I've come across the Historum forums a couple of times in my Google searches, specifically the lists of ancient Gaulish and Briton names (a BIG help!). I'm hoping to get some answers to my questions here today because the Roman Legion confuses me. I am writing a...
  7. Isoroku295

    If Hadrian hadn't retreated the Borders

    As we know, Trajan had died near the close of the Persian Campaign. Hadrian would take over, and retreated from the lands that were taken. He almost left Dacia as well. My question is, what if Hadrian had not left Mesopotamia and Armenia? Let's assume he successfully holds it against Parthia...
  8. Ben Kane

    Hadrian's Wall discovery centre gets £7.8m lottery boost

    Absolutely brilliant news: a Hadrian's Wall discovery centre is to receive a £7.8m UK lottery boost. It's to be built by 2017.
  9. okamido

    Rebuilding of Hadrian's Wall

    Hadrian's Wall to be rebuilt by Dorset firm ahead of Scotland independence vote | Western Gazette An artist's impression of how the rebuilt Hadrian's Wall could look
  10. HistoryFreak1912

    What was the purpose of Hadrian's Wall? Why did he construct it?

    OK, so from what I understand, Hadrian created this wall to mark the border between Roman territory in Britain and the Scots he couldn't beat. I may not know much about the Roman Empire, but I would think this would be something a Roman emperor just wouldn't do. Wouldn't erecting a wall like...
  11. Brisieis

    Hadrian the tourist and his love for Greece

    I am no expert on Hadrian but his life as a ruler is a very interesting one. Hadrian loved to travel and had a fascination with the older world. In particular he was known to have a fondness of Greece, especially Athens. What are your thoughts on Hadrian's travels and his love for Greece?
  12. jehosafats

    Hadrian's Auditorium rediscovered under streets of Rome

    Hadrian's hall: archaeologists finish excavation of Roman arts centre
  13. tjadams

    Hadrian's Wall: Why?

    Why was it built? In this month's issue of National Geographic, Vol. 222, No. 3, there is an article by Andrew Curry and he poses a question. "Why did the Romans build the wall?" To protect a regime besieged by barbarians, or simple to establish the physical edge of the empire?" p. 110 He...
  14. Mohammed the Persian

    Hadrian's Wall - Did it work ?

    As I am not a Roman expert (I never was :(), I've a question to our Roman buffs; the Hadrian wall that was built to separate the Barbarians of the North (Scotland) from what was left of Roman Britannia, did it work ? I mean, couldn't the Barbarians (the Scots) simply just tear the wall down...
  15. galteeman

    When Iraqi peacekeepers stood guard at Hadrian's Wall

    This is an old story which I just came across but it shows how the world can turn on its head eh. When Iraqi peacekeepers stood guard at Hadrian's Wall
  16. Paulinus

    Views of Hadrian's wall

    You may enjoy this: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/8565759.stm