1. jameen

    Beating the Roman army and navy as Han army

    1. Who will win if a naval war between Rome and Han happened? either it happened on both sea and river. What should the Han do in order to win the battle? both in sea and river warfare. 2. What should the Han army do in order to break the Roman shield formation? 3. Who are the Han...
  2. jameen

    If Roman army and Han China's Army fight

    Who will win the war if the Roman army and Han China's army if both armies have same number of troops? 1000 soldiers vs 1000 soldiers up to 5000 soldiers.
  3. L

    Gaius Marius vs Emperor Wu of Han

    This was another matchup that intrigued me. How do these two men compare politically, militarily, intellectually, etc. Some good sources on Wu are as follows https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Wu_of_Han...
  4. R

    Early 2nd century Roman Army vs. Han Army from same time period

    The Roman Army has about 60000 while the Han Army is somewhat larger at 70000 to 80000, the battle take place on flat open terrain so both sides can deploy their cavalry fully.
  5. HackneyedScribe

    Han Dynasty Crossbow II

    The following is a rehash of Han Dynasty Crossbow. The reason is because the pictures of the last thread are gone now, and also because of new information. Han Dynasty Crossbow Technology The prevalence and praise of the crossbow in ancient Chinese texts is so widespread (The excavated...
  6. Maki

    Why did the Qing force the queue on the Han?

    So, the Qing regent Dorgon attempted twice to force the Han Chinese to shave their heads and plait it a tribal queue in Manchu fashion. He first tried this in June 1644 after entering Beijing, but the order was suspended after a peasant revolt broke out in Sanhe and Baoding and on June 25, 1644...
  7. M

    Han Dynasty begins Industrialization with Time-Traveller's assistance (76 AD)

    A stranger walks into Emperor Zhang's court (The last of the competent Han Emperors in history) -The stranger is a Time-Traveller -Using his immense wealth and knowledge, he would Industrialize Han China -First, he would show/teach the prerequisite technologies and knowledge (Steel smiting...
  8. L

    Han Xin vs Scipio Africanus

    How do these men compare politically and militarily? It seems like a good matchup because they were contemporaries and had somewhat similar careers.
  9. HackneyedScribe

    Han Dynasty Agriculture

    Agricultural had always been stressed by the Chinese literati as the foundation of the state, and under the Han dynasty agricultural production reached its first peak. The founding emperor, Liu Bang, was once a commoner himself. Although Liu the commoner showed no interest in agricultural...
  10. B

    The morning deluge. Han Suyin

    I just found this book in an Oxfam Bookshop. "The morning deluge" written by Han Suyin. Has anyone come across this book and if so what are their views of it?
  11. Z

    Later Han dynasty: translation of Huangfu Song's and Zhu Jun's HHS biography

    Hello all, Not so long ago I posted a link to a translation of He Jin's biography from the website Gongjin's Campaign Memorials. Since then, two more biographies from the same book, History of the Later Han have been translated: the biography of Zhu Jun and the biography of Huangfu Song. Like...
  12. Z

    Later Han dynasty: translation of He Jin's HHS biography

    Hello all, For those interested in Chinese history (Later Han and Three Kingdoms) I thought it might be interested to note that there is now an English translation of He Jin's official History of the Later Han biography. He Jin was a General-in-Chief for the Later Han and played roles of...
  13. C

    Korean "Jaeya" Historiography, the Han Commanderies, and North Korea

    Two recent translations by Andrew Logie, a researcher of current trends in Korean historiography, has given weight to what I have been arguing for some time: that there is a popular resurgence of revisionist historiography in South Korea, partially in response to the PRC's Northeast China...
  14. civfanatic

    When did Han Chinese first see themselves as a single "ethnic group"?

    As the title says, when did the group that we now call "Han Chinese" first identify as such? Did Chinese elites first develop the concept of a "Han Chinese" ethnicity, with common people identifying as "Han Chinese" much later? Also, what is the proper Chinese term for Han Chinese? I have seen...
  15. W

    Where did Han in Manchuria originate from?

    After the Qing opened up Manchuria to Han settlers, what regions/provinces did those people come from? Did the Qing only select Han settlers from a few places, or did they take people from all over the empire? Was the origin of settlers different between different periods of immigration? Just...
  16. stevapalooza

    Han (or Hun) palace in Siberia

    A palm tree on Mars? 
  17. H

    ancestor within the han chinese context

    ancestor is a common and basic concept every human society has. i want to some unique aspects of this concept under the han chinese context as a beginning, here is the wiki description. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancestor notice how the bloodline is focused on, aka the DNA delivery. now...
  18. R

    Roman Empire vs Han dynasty

    Which empire was more powerful at its peak-- Roman empire or Han dynasty? Or were they about the same?
  19. Z

    "Han" as a Fluid Concept

    Han Chinese - New World Encyclopedia I know that Tanka is not considered as Han before 1955. As for Hakka, I create a thread discussing about it. http://historum.com/asian-history/107998-hakka-people-han-chinese-historically-hakka-complicated-history.html Beside Hakka and Tanka, who are the...
  20. Z

    Is Hakka people Han Chinese historically? Hakka complicated history.

    Hakka Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about Hakka Historically speaking, were the Hakka Han Chinese just like other group? Before the establishment of PRC, were Hakka recognized as Han Chinese? Is the claim Hakka is from north true...