1. B

    The USA Terror; did it happen?

    Following the French, Russian, Chinese, Cambodian and (as far as I can recall) any significant revolution, a political and social ‘terror’ took place. This often involved harsh repercussions against anyone seen to be ‘anti-revolution’ as well as a general purge of...
  2. Jake10

    Why did this happen in Canada?

    This was written after WWI. Why? "I Love This Land" by Chief R. Stacey LaForme - Home | The Sunday Edition | CBC Radio
  3. M

    Did the "Jewish exodus" from Babylon actually happen?

    There is no evidence for the Exodus out of Egypt, but that particular exodus as all the attention, but people seem to be completely ignore that the Bible talks about another Exodus, out of Babylon. Is there any historical evidence for this , Did Herodotus or any other Greek historians mention...
  4. C

    WHERE did history happen?

    Hi all, I wondered if you could help me with a little project. There are events in history where the location is questioned and many historians have different theories at to where it happened. For instance: Boudica's last stand - The Battle Of Watling Street (supposingly in Mancetter) The...
  5. A Vietnamese

    Why do people think it's easy for war to happen?

    Is it because of their arrogant, lack of education or is it because they are led around by the media? I think people believe a war can easily happened also because they look down on political game. Politic always plays the big part in history. With all of the war movies and games, people...
  6. A

    Which primata species will be dominant "IF" Humans are gone?

    Humans (Homo Sapiens) have become the only and single ape species to ever become dominant in this planet since the non-avian dinosaurs, we have become so successful with our innovations and creativity, many believe that nothing would never happen to us as we have technology. However technology...
  7. kdbooklover16

    Is this fated to happen with empires?

    So, I noticed this trend about empires: It seems that, not too long after its Golden Age, it always seemed to go into decline. The main basic factors always seemed to be more or less the same: Political instability: caused by a lot of betrayal, intrigue, and a general list for power...
  8. L

    time travel and what ifs, proof it wont happen

    surely if it happened, people would go back in the past to change history for better or worse? Stop Hitler, Stalin coming to power? prevent major wars in the 20th century, or have cameras set up to record what happened at the grassy knoll, or prevent the said incident. Surely the victims of...
  9. VHS

    Could sapient dinosaurs arise if the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction didn't happen?

    In both the novels and the TV-series of Dinotopia, various species of sapient dinosaurs exist, especially the Dromaeosauridae and troodontidae. The movie The Good Dinosaur apparently shows dinosaurs capable of agriculture and pastoral herding. The suggestion is that none of the non-avian...
  10. VHS

    When competent rulers failed to rejuvenate decadent states.

    Mustafa III and Mahmud II of the Ottoman Empire were two good examples; if they were in their position earlier, they might be proven more useful. The legendary rejuvenation of the Galactic Empire in Legend of Galactic Heroes did not really happen in history. Even Zhu Youjian (the last emperor...
  11. G

    How did Arabization happen among the rural illiterate non Arab Peasantry

    I mean in places such as Iraq, Syria,Palestine,Egypt and North Africa I understand Islamization would have led to urban elites, bureaucracy etc. adopting Arabic for maintaining their status but how did uneducated rural countryside especially peasants, nomads, pastoralists etc. adopt a foreign...
  12. DShim

    Would the plot of game Red Alert really happen without Hitler?

    Anyone here remember Red Alert? Great game. I was especially fond of the second one. So if Hitler never gained a motivation to rule Germany and such, and Germany remained Germany, do you guys think Russia would really become the next world enemy against the Allies? Seems most likely it would...
  13. The General

    what will happen to greece?

    for the past year or so, greece has been in massive debt and been borrowing money from EU in order to try paying it off. Can Greece pay off its debt? if so how long will it take? Or will greece face a revolt or coup detat? what to you think will happen?
  14. zar marco

    What would happen, if...?

    Hi guys, I would play with you. [emoji16] After I have read Orwell, Dick, Zamjatin and other authors dystopic, what's would happened if the WWII had won the Nazis?
  15. fuadsultan

    What can happen, if country ruled by philosophers?

    Thoughts and opinion.
  16. G

    What would happen to northern Ireland if it becomes Catholic majority in future

    What happens to its political future. With the possibility of there being deep resentment to Ireland by protestants and a formation of Catholic majority would there be a consensus for a new nation of northern Ireland as a compromise for the two groups. I say this because increasing immigration...
  17. wigglywaffles

    firearms bans on native siberians did they happen?

    so did the Russian governement in the colonial era ever try to ban ownership of guns by native siberians? and how effective was it and was it ever lifted? Because I read that turkic/mongol cossacks that were drafted into service still didnt carry guns
  18. IrritableOwlSyndrome

    What Would Happen if Julius Caesar Was Never Born?

    What reforms, military campaigns, etc. Did JC instigate or complete that would have affected the way we live today? How different would not only Europe, but the world be had he never been born? The Roman Empire is a very interesting subject to me, and I also love alt. history. Side question...
  19. L

    What will happen in 2015?

    What do you see happening this year? What new technologies will we have? How will the World change? Write your speculations below!
  20. SSDD

    What would happen if Hitler did not halt Operation Citadel?

    What would happen? After Germany's defeat in Stalingrad, Hitler launched Operation Citadel in summer of 1943 resulting in Battle of Kursk. But he suddenly ordered to halt the offensive. Now what would happen if he did not order to halt the offensive and if the offensive continued?