1. V

    What happend to the Celts in Southern Germany, Switzerland etc?

    Did the Germanics from the north chased them away, assimilate them or just totally crushed them?
  2. B

    What Really Happend at last Iran-Roman War?

    for days i am thinking about what really happend at that time! i do not have any access to roman sources but reading some articles on net and reading some sassanid based sources i am confused what is the real story here! i have a lot to ask and a lot to say but lets start with the last battle...
  3. N

    What if German Unification never happend?

    Would Germany have stayed out of World War I?
  4. cachibatches

    What happend to legionaries who could not make their full service due to injury?

    I am thinking of the imperial period, here. If they couldn't make their full twenty years, where they just dismissed? Partially paid out? Did they receive a pension of some sort? It never occurred to me before.
  5. J

    What really happend with Hungary a month after the end of WW1?

    Map of Europe around the end of WW1, when pro-Entente liberal Mihály Károlyi became the Prime minister of Hungary. The strong man of Hungary (István Tisza) was murdered by leftist gang at his home. All contemporary Hungatrian politicians and leading intellecuals worried about the internal...
  6. P

    Boston Marathon Manhunt in a Google Map as it happend.

    This documentary, in the form of a Google Map, traces the activities of the Boston Marathon Bombing Manhunt from the news updates as they occurred on April 18th and 19th, 20113. With this map you can zoom in on the places where shoot outs occurred, robberies took place, and where an MIT officer...
  7. Cavanboy

    What do you think would have happend if Rome never conquered Gaul?

    Questions in the title :)
  8. Cavanboy

    What would have happend if Germany didnt pay off its war debt of ww1 and ww2?

    The war debts were deffered until Germany was whole again, so I was wondering, What would have happened if Germany once it was whole again said No were not paying that.
  9. Cavanboy

    what happend to the Romanovs?

    What happend to the tsars family when the communists took over? I heard they were killed but I have also read that the daughter anastasia lived? Anyone heard that story?
  10. F

    What happend with British science from 1870s - 1945?

    British science and its former importance significantly declined in the era. Many nations like USA Germany or the little Hungary outstripped the British science. One of my history teacher said: The lack of knowledge of higher mathematics in engineering and science caused it. (Britain hadn't...
  11. C

    What happend to the Seleucid empire?

    How was such a vast empire destoryed and conquered in my opinion such a short time? My guess was it was surrounded by powerful states and that Rome was the final blow? What do you know?