1. Escritor

    Hate the portrayal of Celts in Hollywood

    Notice the portrayal of Celts in the following films: Braveheart King Arthur The Eagle Brave They all have in common that they have no tactics and strategies when fighting other opponents, are naked or semi-naked, and paint their bodies with very crude tattoos, as well as lacking in...
  2. Princess Of Manchester

    Why did William Shakespeare hate Richard The 3rd?

    Why did William Shakespeare hate Richard The 3rd? They didn't live in the same years. I don't understand why he'd slander a dead king.
  3. C

    Why do the English hate 1066 so much

    I have observed that people of Britain, especially from England, use to hate the year of 1066, calling it a foreing invasion and a downfall of the country. May i ask why? As someone in a different topic explained it already, the Normans didn't change English society that much, and much of...
  4. Waterloofinalsolution

    Is the amount of hate for Oliver Stone's Alexander (2004) movie justified?

    Oliver Stone consulted with many different historians to try and convey Alexander's history the most authentic way possible. Colin Ferrel underwent months of physical and mental training to prepare for the role. The amount of pre production in itself was long, drawn out, and extremely...
  5. A

    Greet Wilders found guilty on charges of hate speech.

    A Dutch court has just selected next prime minister of Netherlands. Netherlands trial: Geert Wilders guilty of incitement - BBC News Geert Wilders' 'hate speech' prosecution just gave the European right a big shot in the arm | Fox News This is another example of left-liberal establishment in...
  6. M

    Why do people hate Shurpanakha - Ramayana

    Why do people hate on Shurpanakha and say that she deserved getting defaced by Rama and Lakshmana (because she went to kill Seetha) when in reality she never tried to kill Seetha. One major misconception in Ramayana is that Shurpanakha was an immoral lady that lusted after both Rama and...
  7. L

    Do most women hate men?

    I was reading an article about the atrocities committed by the Russian Army during WW2, particularly in regards to the mass rapes of Polish and German women, and I noticed that a lot of the women commenting on the article seemed to take the view that ALL men are bad and that the Russian soldiers...
  8. B

    love or hate him, was Napoleon the best tactician in history?

    Open question, feel free to give your selection for the best and why. I'm voting Napoleon for the genius that was Austerlitz. Sure the L'ordre Mixte formation was a great idea and hammered through a lot of opposition. But Austerlitz is pure genius. And yes I'm biased but my second choice...
  9. F

    Origin of hate is love

    Why would you hate someone or something*? *to be concise, let's call the one/thing X Most likely it's because X in some way violates/opposes/contradicts/denigrates/etc. someone or something* you love. *e.g.,yourself, family, a friend, a celebrity, a historical figure, a fictional character, a...
  10. Karl XII

    DAE hate books that say _________ nation saved civilization?

    They seem to be fairly common. Ive seen ones that argued it was Scotland, Ireland, the Byzantine empire etc. But it just seems so ridiculous that one nation could save "civilization". Am I really suppose to believe that a bunch of destitute Irish monks saved the world from utter ruin? Those...
  11. DanielMisier

    Did Mughals hate bieng associated with Mongols?

    I have heard this before.
  12. EmperorTigerstar

    Figures in American History (Before 1991) Who So Many Admire but you Hate

    What are those pre-1991 politicians, figures, and important people in American history that many people love but you cannot stand? For me: Thomas Edison Henry Ford Ronald Reagan
  13. TheGhoshBabu

    Why Adolf Hitler used to hate Jews so much?

    Why Adolf Hitler used to hate Jews so much?
  14. B

    I Hate Tony Blair books.

    Looking at the stuff Tony Blair has written he can obviously look after himself but I would like to read something more critical on him so can anyone recommend a good, I hate Tony Blair book?
  15. D

    Why do some Indians hate Aryas?

    :) This is just for people like civfanatic and others who basically hate themselves, I really don't understand people like this, even if we limit identity to only that which texts like the Arthashastra and the manusmitri advocate, that still leaves a substantial amount of people who are Aryas...
  16. Fireatwill

    Hateful people are deeply unhappy?

    I have no scientific evidence to suggest that hateful people are unhappy, but here are some thoughts about the issue of hate and why it makes people unhappy. First of all what is hate? Hate is rejection. For example, I hate a certain food, which is a benign form of hate to the other extreme...
  17. CathareHeretic

    Priest Claims Hate Texts Are From Demon Spirit

    A Polish priest claims he has been getting hate texts - from a demon. Parish priest Father Marian Rajchel from Jaroslaw, a town in south-eastern Poland, said he started getting the texts after carrying out an exorcism on a teenage girl. But he said that the attempt to drive out the devil from...
  18. F

    Why did God hate Esau ?

    Have read in the Bible that God hated Esau. Why was this ? I have looked back to his falling out with Jacob, but they seemed to have settled their differences later on.
  19. A

    Why did Zou rong hated the Manchus

    I have to write about Why did Zou hate the Manchus and what Western ideas influenced his political vision as presented in The Revolutionary army 1903 and im stuck! please help:) why was he so against the manchus?