1. A

    Use of HEAT Rounds by Tanks

    I know the basic history of anti-armor HEAT rounds and their effect since WW2. I know that after WW2 they seemed to fix the issues of HEAT rounds fired from rifled barrels. And I'm aware that postwar there was a big emphasis still on velocity dependent APCBC rounds, necessitating thicker armor...
  2. royal infanta

    Heat and Africa

    So my question is a general one, throughout history, how have Africans dealt with the heat? I know in some parts like West Africa, adobe was used as a building material because it would keep one cool in the summer. Where any other methods used? I do realize that the continent is not a monolith...
  3. C

    After the highs and heat of battle..........

    Eventually soldiers have to return home. If it is a recent conflict, like Iraq, or Afghanistan, you exchange heat, the glare of the desert, maybe a night that is very cold, and blistering heat in the daytime for....cluds and rain, the whumping sounds of a Chinook or drill procedures, if you...
  4. Redbad

    EU shuns Ukraine's pleas for help as Russian supported rebels turn up the heat

    Ukraine seeks EU help as shelling blazes in east I feel bad for Ukraine. They are stuck in between a rock and a hard place. The US is sending another $200 million in arms to Ukraine but that's not nearly enough help imo.
  5. Jake10

    Using the heat given off by trains and people at stations to heat buildings.

    What do you think? Could this sort of concept be used around the world? Warmth of Human Bodies Waiting Below Ground for Paris Metro Will Heat New Apartment Complex | Popular Science