1. T

    The Battle of Agincourt's "Japanese version" — Shimazu Iehisa greater than Henry V !?

    The Battle of Agincourt's "Japanese version" — Shimazu Iehisa greater than Henry V !? Overview Kyushu (九州) was one of the most intensely-contested region embroiled with constant warfare between the major clans in the Japanese Sengoku Era. In AD 1584, the known “Fat Bear of Hizen” (肥前の熊)...
  2. J

    How much Catholic land taken by Henry VIII and English revolutions of 1600s?

    I recently read that one reason for the opposition to James II was the fear by large landowners that a Catholic restoration would entail a restoration of all the Catholic land taken by Henry VIII and in the course of the revolutions of the 1600s--7/10ths of the entire area of England. Is this...
  3. RidiculousName

    Henry Darger's Books

    Is there a way to read Henry Darger's books? I'm not interested in books on his books. I'd like to read from the source.
  4. chansey

    How did Henry II of France die?

    Wikipedia says But no more explanation in wikipedia. Is this an accident or a murder? Helmet of Henry II:
  5. J

    Henry II vs. Becket

    In the old movie, "Becket," the crime for which Henry arrested the cleric was for raping a local village girl. Can anyone point to a documentary source for what the instigating incident was? Thanks.
  6. Futurist

    English King Henry V Lives

    What if English King Henry V would have lived? Would he have been able to conquer all of France? Also, would he have done anything else of note had he lived much longer?
  7. B

    Henry VII: How a Usurper King Established a Dynasty

  8. JaddHaidar

    Poll: Favorite Wife of Henry VIII

    I realize this subject was opened before. But let's open it again.. Now back to the point; As the title implies.. Which of Henry VIII's six unfortunate yet remarkable wives is your favorite? I'd love to hear your opinions on the subject, as well.
  9. Haardrada

    Henry Tudor's "French"troops at the Battle of Bosworth

    Hi I am researching Henry Tudor's army at the Battle of Bosworth 1485 and I am looking for evidence of the origin of the "French" present at the battle. I understand the French troops were most probably mercenaries but is there any evidence of this?Were they Swiss or Lansknechts?
  10. Jake10

    If Henry VIII and Catherine's Son, (Henry, Duke of Cornwall) had survived

    If their son had not died, would Henry still have wanted a divorce? Would he have broken off from the Catholic church? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry,_Duke_of_Cornwall
  11. Jake10

    Why did Henry Ford have problems with Jews?

    Ford does not appear to have been a racist, and he did business with Jews, yet he constantly sent negative messages against them. Where did this originate from?
  12. MCR

    Who was your favorite wife of Henry VIII?

    Everyone has a favorite which is yours?
  13. O

    Was Henry VII's mother a Plantagenet?

    Considering her father's mother was the mistress of her father's father when her father was born and her father's father married her father's mother after his wife died, was Henry VII's mother a Plantagenet? If the "rules" were observed could Elisabeth of York's son, if she had one, be entitled...
  14. JoanOfArc007

    Henry II and Common Law

    The following takes an interesting look into Henry II contributions to common law. https://faculty.history.wisc.edu/sommerville/123/123%20104%20Common%20Law.htm Henry II has a good claim to be the founder of English Common Law. In a series of Assizes (meetings with barons that issued...
  15. O

    Henry V and VI

    Suppose Henry V lived another 30 years? Suppose Henry VI had his wits about him?
  16. notgivenaway

    Was the murder of Archbishop Becket Henry II's fault?

    He didn't order his death, but then his saying "who will rid me of him?" was a flippant remark. He was a king that England needed after the Anarchy. His younger co-king son (Henry Young King) and his two younger full king sons (Richard Lionheart and John) were worse.
  17. P

    What if Henry VIII took interest in Colonisation?

    Henry had no real interest in exploration/colonisation as his interests lay in restoring the English empire in France. However what could have happened if Henry VIII focused on colonisation instead of fruitless conquests in France? Could England have been an even greater player in North America...
  18. W

    Henry XI of Legnica (King of Poland?)

    Trip of Henry XI of Legnica to Lublin (Poland) in 1569 described by contemporary chronicler. Duke of Legnica tried to convince Sigismund II Augustus and szlachta to elect him as King of Poland (after Sigismund II Augustus death). In German Source In Polish Source...
  19. Horseshoe

    Planning to visit the Henry Ford Museum

    Hi, I think the best Automotive museum in North America will be the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan. It has so much of history of the cars in America. You can see here on an article about the museum https://www.blountsmallshipadventures.com/henry-ford-keeping-american-innovation-alive/ that it...
  20. notgivenaway

    Henry III dies in captivity under de Montfort

    What if post-Lewes, Henry III dies in captivity? King Edward has still escaped from captivity himself, and still kills de Montfort at Evesham. Could he conquer both Wales and Scotland, given the few extra years? Would have have also expanded the Lordship of Ireland?