1. Hoosierhiver

    Simon Girty - Turncoat Hero by Phillip Hoffman

    Recently finished reading this book for the 2nd time. An excellent historical account of a man who was once the most hated man on the frontier, but is now largely forgotten . Highly recommended.
  2. frogsofwar

    Benedict Arnold: The Greatest Hero of the American Revolution

    I was re-watching Turn: Washington's Spies the other day, which is noted for its fairly unbiased portrayal of Benedict Arnold, the best American General to fight in the 1775 War of American Treason. Arnold served with distinction, leading several successful expeditions where others had failed...
  3. Murffy

    George Armstrong Custer -- Hero or Nut-job?

    I'm going on a trip in a couple of weeks to do some hiking in Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains and on my way back I'm going to visit the Little Big Horn battle site in Montana. I've read quite a bit about the plains Indian wars but, to bone-up a bit, I bought Nathaniel Philbrick's "The Last Stand...
  4. U

    Could the existence of a medieval hero help the world we live in today?

    So for this I am going to use Sir William Wallace, clearly a strong and powerful figure as an example. I want to know if other people share my perspective on this, the idea behind it is if he was alive today given digital media, showbiz and all I'm sure he would become known around the world in...
  5. P

    Scots veterans save Medal of Honour hero's grave

    Interesting story in the Scottish based 'Stirling Observer' newspaper about a Scottish veteran who was looking for his sister's grave but by sheer chance discovered the grave of American Naval Medal of Honor winner Francis Kelly. Glasgow based Lachie MacNeiill was searching in Glasgow's...
  6. M.S. Islam

    Gandhi Assassin Being Made national Hero

    That's a bit shocking: "In 2014, following the Bharatiya Janata Party's rise to power, the Hindu Mahasabha began attempts to rehabilitate Godse and portray him as a patriot. It requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to install the bust of Godse. It created a documentary film Desh Bhakt...
  7. P

    at a cinema near you-German sports hero

    Right now in Belfast, Northern Ireland and also son in Munich, Germany,a film company are shooting the amazing life story of former HGerman W.W. 2 Fallschrinjaeger and top English soccer league goalkeeper, Bert Trautmann. Trautmann served with the German forces in the Soviet Union before being...
  8. Wenge

    The Greatest Hero in Television History

    I nominate John Reese and Harold Finch from Person of Interest as the greatest heroes in television history.
  9. V

    Robespierre: Hero or Villain?

    Well. This is an interesting question to me. Robespierre was nicknamed "The Incorruptible", because he was so straightforwardly honest. In his early life he strove to be (and largely succeeded) the best man he could be. During the Revolution and his ascent to power, he fought for a Republic of...
  10. The Reality

    Favourite Hero or Heroine in History

    Who is your favourite Hero or Heroine in History? What did he/she accomplish or what did he/she stand for?
  11. Cato II

    Erwin Rommel Hero, or no?

    I recently, (when I say recently I really mean within the last ten minutes or so) came across this post on Imgur (http://imgur.com/gallery/9pLMv) about a person crediting Erwin Rommel with his very existence because of how Rommel was known to wage war and a debate came about in the comments...
  12. T

    Historical Fiction

    Good morning, I am currently in the process of writing a fictional series (my very first) and I would like some assistance. The timeline is the 1890s. I wish to know what railroad system existed in Kenya that could be used to reach Egypt and Morocco. My MC travels from Kenya after the first...
  13. Azad67

    Dullah Bhatti , a hero of Punjab or a criminal dacoit?

    It seems to me he was some petty bandit creating law and order disturbances and therefore was hunted down by Mughals and was hanged for his crimes.... legends grew about him in later times, some made him Robinhood while other thought he was a son of soil who fought against foreign occupation...
  14. P

    Death of W.W. 2 Scots-German war hero

    Adam Bergius the Scots W.W. 2submainer war hero of German ancestry has died. Bergius serving in the Royal Navy submarine branch in 1944 volunteered for what he was told was ''especially hazardous service'' in 1944 involving R.N.midget submarines. He trained on these X craft in Scotland's Loch...
  15. JoanOfArc007

    The Hero of the Orient

    An article from The American magazine The Knickerbocker, circa 1840 and titled Chivalry and the Crusades, informs of how the Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid was respected even by his Christian opponents for tolerance of Christian pilgrims in Palestine. Harun al-Rashid won the respect of the much...
  16. Scaeva

    Hero of Herculaneum

    0W3LREJ9Xuo The Smithsonian Channel has uploaded the episodes of its series Mummies Alive to YouTube. The above episode tries to reconstruct the life and final days of the Roman legionary whose remains were found in the ruins of Herculaneum. Just thought I'd share for those who have an...
  17. RomanEmperor

    General Mihailovic - Was he a hero?

    What does everyone know about him, and would you consider him a hero?
  18. S

    A new hero of Russia! A monument in honer of Ivan the Terrible in Oryol!

    This weak, notwithstanding a silence of media news, it has become known that a decision has been made to build a monument in Oryol in honor of Ivan the Terrible. It is quite interesting. Years ago the church told that it is wrong to think of the Terrible as a hero - the Terrible deposed at...
  19. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Practical applications of the inventions of Hero of Alexandria

    Lately I've been researching the inventions of hero of alexandria. Some of them, the water pump for example, seem incredibly useful. What I'm wondering is if/how were these used in the ancient and medieval world. The applications I know of are for firefighting use (pump,) tricking believers...
  20. JoanOfArc007

    Afghan boy hailed as hero for fighting Taliban killed on his way to school

    I commend Fox News for showing this side of Muslims..This is an important story to get out. A 10-year-old Afghan boy who helped lead a militia fighting terrorists alongside his uncle, then left to attend fourth grade, was shot in the head and killed by Taliban insurgents while walking to...