1. F

    Derbyshire’s High Peak link to the most famous WW2 Battle of Britain fighter squadron

    303 Squadron is arguably the most famous Battle of Britain Fighter squadron, but their prized trophy is from action over the beautiful rural Derbyshire countryside near to where I live. See my blog for an illustrated account...
  2. G

    Suggest scenarios based on the Show 'The Man in the High Castle' in India

    Assuming scenarios in WW2, India's independence time, the three wars of Kashmir and the Bangladeshi War as well as the Indo-China war; create the most suitable scenario of the two most prominent powers of the World occupying the territories of current day India and dividing and partitioning it...
  3. Porter Rockwell

    Why was illiteracy so shocking high in the Balkans before WW 1?

    I'm reading a book about the causes of WW I: Clark, Christopher. The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 I decided to search this forum for additional insight into the book. One issue that the book discusses is illiteracy in Serbia before WW I. I was pleased to find a thread about...
  4. Y

    XIVth century: when workers commanded high salary

    The OP is about the Portuguese economy roughly between 1350-1414, and a shortage of rural workforce (and not only) that led rural workers to comand high payments and also led to a shortage of grain supply, but the thread is also about other situations similar or different occurring at the same...
  5. D

    Academic Guidance Researcher's question regarding high school history textbooks in Atlanta area

    Good day fellow users! First of all, my apologies for the upcoming language issues, English is not my first language. I am looking for some help with data collection for my upcoming doctoral dissertation. In my dissertation I am examining whether (and if so, how?) high school history...
  6. R

    Nobility and Business in High Middle Ages

    I'd like to write a story set in high middle ages, approx. in 1220. during the Northern Crusades (mostly in Estonia). But after doing some research and thinking I encountered this difficulty... when I went to school (and it was long time ago), I read in our text-book that nobility looked down...
  7. F

    Suggested reading for high schoolers - 1450-modern summary

    Hey all, I am thinking about requiring some summer reading for my students taking my AP European History course next year (covers content from 1450-present). I'd like to get a LIGHT summary of some of the major threads. I remember years ago reading a book on US history, Don't know much...
  8. R

    USA high school

    Hello I have almost 50 pages about relationship of an American boy and a Russian girl. And only now I asked myself a question, 'How much time does high school take?' So, for senior high (the boy is 17 y.o.) What time do lessons start and what time do they finish? How many lessons a day? What...
  9. A

    Impressive Epithets on low nobles

    While studying the Albigensian Crusade, I came across a Count of Foix, himself a vassal of the County of Toulouse named Roger-Bernard II, who was known as "the Great". I've never come across such a minor character with an impressive cognomen like that. Further examples/reasons for this title...
  10. Joe Freeman

    How did North Vietnam manage to keep morale high despite losses?

    How did the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong keep their will to fight, eventhough they were having massive cassualties in the front? How did this war not end in the United States's favor, given that they got much less casualties than the enemy? Would you consider the Vietnam war a phyrric...
  11. Excalibur

    The Man in the High Castle

    The Man in the High Castle is Amazon's 2015 TV series. Germany and Japan won ww2. USA is occupied territory. Tension between Japan and Germany is growing. This is an awesome TV series focusing on the alternate history. Second season will air in December i believe. I like it really much except of...
  12. Jake10

    How high do you feel your EQ is?

    How would you rate your ability to socially interact with others?
  13. BlackViper

    Neil Degrasse Tyson and the High Probability of the Matrix

    I find it hilarious that Neil DeGrasse Tyson would even suggest that we are living in a simulation, and yet, constantly declare that there is no god (even though he is no expertise in philosophy and/or religion). Its not that I don't like him as a person or even his position of a particular...
  14. L

    Does the high crime rate of South Africa vindicate Apartheid?

    The common justification of the National Party for keeping blacks segregated from whites, was that to allow blacks to live freely among whites (as well as East Asians who were generally treated as whites, especially in later years) was far too dangerous and that really it's just better for...
  15. G

    Should Mongol component in Middle East be high considering their genocides there

    Considering that Mongols committed huge genocides of millions in the middle east should not regions from Iran till Syria atleast have been depopulated with locals and should it then not have had more Mongol component than it does today?
  16. J

    Interesting: Why were the illiteracy so shocking high in the balkans before the WW1?

    Hello! We are in the pre WW1 era, the wonderful era of theory of relativity, automotive industry, aeroplans, radio tubes, appear of nuclear research, the era of ivention of the radioactivity. But the vast majority in certain parts of Europe (the Orthodox countries) tried to fight against...
  17. antiquarian

    High points in U.S. history

    What are America's high points, in your opinion, through out its history?
  18. P

    The Man in the High Castle

    I have recently come across this series and book by Philip Dick: the man in the high castle, which is a book on alternative history in which the axis powers win the Second World War. How likely do you think such a scenario could have been if we analyse it seriously? Were there for example any...
  19. Space Shark

    The Man in the High Castle

    The Man in the High Castle is a staple of Alternate History, depicting a world where the Axis Powers won World War II. A tv show based on the book is being released by Amazon Video later this month. Is anyone else planning on watching it when it does?
  20. F

    Treatments of family members of individuals commiting high treason

    Once A convicted of high treason, A's family members facing punishment collectively irrespective of complicity, such practice existed in many cultures. The severities of punishment varied from culture to culture, regime to regime. Could you help give a rundown on the spectrum of the severities...