1. cachibatches

    Ancient European Pyramids (not the Bosnian Hills)

    Good day all. Unlike a lot of the rest of the world, ancient European societies very rarely made Pyramid structures. Megaliths, temples, stadiums, aqueducts, fortifications...the Romans even made something like an ancient shopping mall. But they very rarely delved into the realm of Pyramids, and...
  2. Bgallo28

    German soldier, in the hills bordering at Salerno, fires upon a crew beside their bur

    German soldier, in the hills bordering at Salerno, fires upon a crew beside their burning tank. Source & more.
  3. Ginner

    Rome, the hills.

    I am just curious about you guys' view on the Palatine hill theory in Rome, is there any evidence to show that Rome was indeed built on Palatine hill, and that it was the most significant. I have only just found out about them today, can you give any information please?
  4. Void

    Romulus, Remus, Aeneas & Seven Hills?

    Hello, historians. I'm currently reading Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire by Simon Baker. Although this book is very popular and highly rated, it doesn't give a good explanation of the founding of Roma. It's very brief. It doesn't even talk about Numitor and Alba Longa, subjects...
  5. Naomasa298

    There's water in them thar (Martian) hills!

    Evidence of flowing water on Mars in the present day: BBC News - Mars: Nasa images show signs of flowing water
  6. P

    Bosnian "pyramids": hills shaped by Romans

    did Romans shape Bosnian hills so-called Bosnian pyramids :D : http://omerbashich.blogspot.com/ official description: -Expert view on the bogus story that caught attention of world media (CNN, MSNBC, BBC, Reuters, AP...) in 2006-2007. See why the "pyramids" could represent a historical...