1. Futurist

    Hindenburg demands a new German President in 1933

    What if German President Paul von Hindenburg would have made Hitler's consolidation of power (as in, the Enabling Act and the suspension of all other political parties in Germany) contingent on him (Hindenburg) being allowed to retire and replaced with someone of his own (Hindenburg's) choosing...
  2. Futurist

    Paul von Hindenburg lives until 1950

    What if Alien Space Bats would have allowed Paul von Hindenburg to live until 1950--when he would have been either 103 or 104 years old? How would this have affected Germany in the years and decades after 1934? Any thoughts on this?
  3. Futurist

    Paul von Hindenburg dies in 1931

    What if Paul von Hindenburg would have been in worse health and would have thus died three years earlier than he did in real life (after all, he was already 83-84 in 1931). Who would the main challenger to Hitler in 1932 be in this scenario? Also, would this challenger have defeated Hitler...
  4. frogsofwar


    Id like to solicit some opinions on Paul von Hindenburg. While he was no Moltke or Frederick the Great, he did manage to pull off a decisive victory in a war where decisive victories were rare. I mean "decisive" in the tactical sense, not the strategic. The Battle of Tannenberg saw the...
  5. Futurist

    Hindenburg retires in 1932; Lettow-Vorbeck runs in his place

    What if German President Paul Von Hindenburg decided to retire in 1932 after Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck agrees to run in his place? Would Lettow-Vorbeck have defeated Hitler in 1932? If so, then Hitler and the Nazis probably never come to power in Germany in the legal way considering that...
  6. A

    Could Paul Von Hindenburg's will have stopped Hitler?

    Von Hindenburg wrote in his will a complete rejection of Hitler and his policies, instead he advocated total democracy, end to racial discrimination and many other things. Unfortunately Hitler got his hand on the will and destroyed it and the German public did not get to read it. Historians...
  7. Underlankers

    The Battle of the St. Quentin Canal, or how the Hindenburg Line was broken:

    Battle of Cambrai-St. Quentin, 27 September-9 October 1918 This engagement, one of the greatest Allied feats of arms in 1918, illustrates a great deal about how in 1918 the German army went from the army whose victory was more or less assured to the army that was frantically demanding an...
  8. Underlankers

    Alternate History Challenge: Paul von Hindenburg never appoints Hitler:

    In 1933, Paul von Hindenburg, after prolonged pressure from his son, from von Sleicher, from von Papen, and the other leaders of the conservative German movements finally appointed Hitler as Chancellor. But at the time the Nazi Party was very close to a complete breakup and the collapse of...
  9. Underlankers

    Hindenburg and Ludendorff:

    How do we rate the Terrible Two in terms of their skills as generals? I'm-a be honest and admit that I utterly despise Ludendorff and only dislike Hindenburg a little less because he was one of the only politicians in high places to try to stop the start of Hitler's discrimination at all, but...
  10. tjadams

    Hindenburg Explosion 75 Years Later

    6 May 1937 75 Years have passed since the D-LZ 129 Hindenburg exploded at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station killing 35 of her 97 passengers. Found: Letters from the Hindenburg | Arts & Culture | Smithsonian Magazine This months issue of Smithsonian Magazine, May 2012. Volume 43, Number 2. Page...