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    Historians: look not much at peoples, look at their environment

    I hope this is not seen as too much a repetition of my earlier posts on Historum. Would that give better insight and understanding of much of history? I for my part think so. That for understanding different histories for different peoples (though with reservation it is less clear for history of...
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    modern history,cold war.

    hello guys,i need ur help one hour ago i watch video,and this video make me sad speak Ewald Stadler,Austrian politician Pls dont close thread its international forum and its wat happen today/yesterday/year ago its part of history/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHbp5wvHlGk why its looks like...
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    tudor histor

    Hi anyone, I'm an Australian, 83yrs old and studying Tudor and Stuart history. My interest at the moment is the ramifications of the Bubonic Plague but especially the question of what happened to the orphans and babys of nursing mothers who died. Can anyone help?