1. JPK

    My History Travels Bucket List

    Here is a short list of historical places or sites I want to see while I still can travel. I've visited all the battlefields of the American Civil War and the Alamo and Little Bighorn. I have seen most of the US presidential sites - Mount Vernon, Hyde Park, Monticello . . etc., and a large...
  2. Hoosierhiver

    What is your favorite modern historical site in the Americas?

    What is your favorite modern historical site in the Americas that you have visited? I think mine is Fort Ticonderoga.
  3. R

    Historic Metre Gauge Railways in Provence in Southern France

    This is just a test to see what interest there might be on this Forum in the History of some of the fascinating railways which crisscrossed Southern France in the late 19th and early to middle 20th Century. My wife and I travel each year to Nice or other towns/cities in Provence and on the Cote...
  4. Renaissance Roman

    Which european countries have had the greatest historic influence by specific fields?

    ☆Science : 1)Uk 2)Germany 3)Italy 4)France 5)Russia ☆Art*: 1)Italy 2)France 3)Greece 4)Spain 5)Netherlands ☆Philosophy: 1)Germany 2)Greece 3)France 4)Italy 5)Netherlands ☆Literature: 1)France 2)Uk 3)Greece 4)Italy 5)Russia ☆Music: 1)Germany 2)Italy 3)Austria...
  5. T

    Famous historic last words.

    I thought it would be interesting to find out what your favourite last words were in history. I'll start with my two favourites: "Last words are for those who haven't said enough."-Karl Marx. "Now is not the time for making new enemies." -Voltaire, after being asked by a priest to renounce...
  6. R

    What historic events happened on your birthday?

    I share my birthday with the anniversary of the first mothers day
  7. R

    If you could change the outcome of one historic event , which would you choose?

    I would change the 1986 hand of god moment , it o he got disallowed and England went through
  8. D

    Historic (and haunted) hotel in Washington D.C.

    Learn about the Hay-Adams Hotel in D.C., which many believe is haunted: Haunted Hotel: Hay-Adams Hotel
  9. B

    Sources of Historic Information of Byzantine Empire

    Hi Everybody While talking to somebody, I came across this claim that Only source that we have of history of Byzantine empire (especially 5th century onward) is Muslim Historians. In other words almost all that we know of Byzantine Empire came from Muslim Historians only. What is your take on...
  10. Sobo

    Historic Election in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

    Today is election in the german state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The election has the potential to be historic for many reasons. The main reason is, because it could not only manifest a further consolidation of the far right party AfD but also declassify chancellor Merkel in her own home state...
  11. THE TURK

    Great Moments in Olympics History

    As Rio Olympics ended recently, I think we can share some great moments in Olympics history. I remember one interesting moment for Turks: The Atlanta 1996 Olympics. The two legendary weightlifters, Turkish Suleymanoglu and Greek Leonidis were competing for gold medal: The result is that 4 world...
  12. Ruleoflaw

    Which the historic origin of collective societies?

    I don't understand how such a society was created,an individualist society is in line with human nature.Which is the cause of collectivism in societies like chinese or japanese society?
  13. civfanatic

    Mapping Religion and Religious Change in Early Historic Andhra, c.200 BCE - 600 CE

    The topic of this thread is the religious history of ancient Andhra and Telangana, from roughly the 2nd century BCE through the 6th century CE. From examining archaeological surveys and various secondary sources (see bibliography below), I have compiled a list of some 150 religious sites and...
  14. D

    Historic library in New York

    Here's some background on the New York Society Library, the oldest cultural institution in New York City. A MUST-SEE place in New York
  15. D

    Concord's Colonial Inn - Historic hotel

    I did some research into Concord's Colonial Inn - one of the oldest hotels in the U.S. You HAVE to stay at this cool hotel...
  16. D

    Historic items sold at auction for millions

    Original copies of the Emancipation Proclamation and 13th Amendment recently sold at auction for millions. Read more here: You WON'T believe how much these items sold for
  17. DanielMisier

    Historic India - China relations.

    How were they, and how did they view eachother?
  18. Sunwolf007

    Historic Districts

    I live in Michigan which recently started working on a bill that will make historic districts far less effective in protecting historic districts. Their argument is that they are 'protecting property rights' yet they neglect the property rights of their neighbors or the economic benefits of the...
  19. D

    Did you know about this historic event?

    Have you ever heard of the Washington and Jefferson Snowstorm of 1772? Bet You've Never Heard of THIS Event
  20. D

    Historic home in Maine worth visiting

    Here's some interesting background on a historic home in Kittering Point that's believed to be from the 1720s: Have you visited this cool place?