1. E

    Historically Accurate Country Names

    During the rush for centralization in Europe, many countries that were composed of several former entities got new names based on the regions they controlled rather than the dominant group whose monarch ruled. In the Classical Age this didn't happen, an empire was known as the "(insert...
  2. S

    Is this reconstructed Song Dynasty heavy infantry armor historically accurate?

    IMO the reconstruction is very well-done, what do you think?
  3. F

    Historically, was trade controlled by the government?

    For example, in ancient Egypt, did the government own and trade their exports? Or was it private businessmen and women? Same question for Rome, Persia, etc. Obviously, the governments at the very least taxed the trade. What about the silk, porcelain, and tea coming out of China? Was that...
  4. JoanOfArc007

    Thoughts on the WW2 doc "Know your Enemy-Japan"

    The documentary opens by showing respect for the Americans of Japanese origin who are fighting on the allied side.... PvcE9D3mn0Q Following the intro we see extraordinary film footage of early 20th century Japanese cultural practices, just as they were in the middle ages...we also see a...
  5. The Reality

    Levels of Crime In Ancient and Medieval societies

    We cannot know for sure how much crime was being commited in each and every place before it was documented, but from written accounts we still have a bit of an idea of what certain places may of been like security wise, So my question is what was crime like in "civilised" ancient societies...
  6. C

    Was "Korea" Historically Ever a Part of "China"?

    This topic has come up in the news recently, due mostly to an outcry over US President Donald Trump repeating a statement given to him by Chinese President Xi Jinping: The statement has been met with vehement opposition by South Korea: The roots of this historical controversy likely comes...
  7. SirOrmondeWinter

    Historically what makes the US unique in the world?

    For me it has 3 features that set it apart from other nations; 1. Religious equality (not freedom as the Act of Toleration sorted that out for Britain). Nearly every country in Europe had an established religion, even famously libertarian Britain and those who were not in the established...
  8. K

    Most Historically Inaccurate Film Ever?

    Title says it all - what is the the most inaccurate historical film ever made?
  9. K

    Was early european christianity, historically, a very intolerant religion?

    I have read that as early as the time of christianised rome when christian numbers became significant, mobs and gangsters started to desecrate other worship places. I don't think I will be able to find any reason to justify or alleviate the wickedness of this. Also I have noticed that though...
  10. B

    Is Tibet historically a part of Indic civilisation or Sintic civilisation?

    Is Tibet historically a part of Indic civilisation or Sintic civilisation? My knowledge on Tibet is very limited & all I know is that Tibetan script, religion, architecture etc are derived from India.
  11. Z

    Is Hakka people Han Chinese historically? Hakka complicated history.

    Hakka Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about Hakka Historically speaking, were the Hakka Han Chinese just like other group? Before the establishment of PRC, were Hakka recognized as Han Chinese? Is the claim Hakka is from north true...
  12. purakjelia

    Are these armors and weapons historically accurate?

    Found a nice Chinese Mount & Blade mod on the internet, focusing on the 12th century East Asian kingdoms Song, Jin, and Liao. Are these armors, costumes, and weapons historically accurate?
  13. G

    How have Ahmadiyya-Shia relations been historically world over

    How have Ahmadiyya-Shia relations been historically world over. Do Shias also look down on them as Sunnis and as non Muslims or do they have common feeling of persecution from Sunnis. How have their relations been historically? Are Ahmadiyyas persecuted in Shia majority nations or Shia ruled...
  14. EmperorTigerstar

    Historically Famous Books That Changed/Impacted You

    There are books in history that impacted its time and inspired/changed many people. Those books can still do so today. What are those historically famous books that have done the same to you? For me: 1984 by George Orwell Brave New World by Aldous Huxley Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo...
  15. Tercios Espanoles

    Historically Themed Film Noir

    I love film noir. Not surprisingly, I also love historically themed movies. Sadly, the two seldom coincide. In fact, I can think of only two: The Black Book (1949 - also released as Reign of Terror) about the fall of Robespierre. A brilliant film. The Train (1964) - John Frankenheimer's...
  16. G

    Have there been sects/cults historically which have worshipped Brahma

    Have there been sects/cults historically which have worshipped Brahma? Has there ever been an attempt at Brahma worship revisionism, maybe as some kind of a unifying neutral God for the Shaktas, Shaivites and Vaishnavites? Have there been any mutts believing in a creator God being all important
  17. K

    Were american police historically racist

    can u guys educate me about the race relations and the law enforcement agency in America. Recently an indian of63 yrs was slammed to ground by police which left him paralyzed. the reason why he did that was because indian grandad didnot speak english. And the reason he was stopped in the first...
  18. Salah

    Historically significant popes

    The medieval and early modern papacy contains a long list of rulers, some of them just as interesting as their peers elsewhere in Europe. I was thinking about this the other day - there have been so many popes, and yet only a minority of them are well-known or often spoken about. Who are some...
  19. T

    I need help making this book historically accurate

    So here's my general layout, and I need some clarification: Sukai Zinjomoto is a Samurai during the beginning of the Middle Ages in Japan. He is a member of the Zi-huang Clan who live in the Akira domain, which is ruled by daimyu Nobura Asanoko. One day, his samurai master becomes drunk and...
  20. N

    The Philippines: historically a part of Asia or not?

    I want to know what others think. Sure, the Philippines is in Asia geographically, but I don't think it should be a part of Asia historically based on my experience there. I was an English accent coach for Filipino English teachers until a month ago. Talking to them and fixing their accents...