1. Frank81

    Historiography: structural temporality from Braudel

    Hi guys, I think around the importance of the different history subjects, particularly about the very long lasting impacts of some elements in human societies. I recently found myself interested on vulcanology and the human relation to it in my islands, and found certain basic connections...
  2. Naima

    No Canon In Historiography?

    I am wondering why there is no standard canon for mapmaking of Historical states? For example some empire maps include and inglobate whole deserts or unhinabited regions( Example nomadic empires ) , while others only limit to portraying "colonized" and urbanized areas ( Example Roman empire )...
  3. C

    Korean "Jaeya" Historiography, the Han Commanderies, and North Korea

    Two recent translations by Andrew Logie, a researcher of current trends in Korean historiography, has given weight to what I have been arguing for some time: that there is a popular resurgence of revisionist historiography in South Korea, partially in response to the PRC's Northeast China...
  4. C

    German Churches Historiography

    Does anyone have any examples of any historians who believe that the german churches became the tools of the Nazi regime? Im doing my advanced higher dissertation on the role of the churches 1933-1939. Cheers!
  5. Bullit

    Reification in historiography

    What role does reification play in our understanding of history? Is our understanding of history largely product of reification - as it lay a framework within which we then apply our understanding of events.
  6. G

    Why has the BJP been unable to revive the nationalist school of historiography

    Right wing movements have indeed gained ground post Liberalization and yet BJP has been unable to revive these alternative schools of historiography. Why has the BJP both under Vajpayye and especially now under Modi not been able to bring back this school of thought in historianship as well as...
  7. A

    The Historiography and Philosophy of the Right to Bear Arms

    As it pertains to the 18th century and the founding of the United States of America, did the right to bear arms, possess privately owned military grade weaponry, make sense? Was it a "good" Amendment to include in the Bill of Rights for fledgling United States or a mistake? Is it an important...
  8. dreuxeng

    Human nature vs Historiography

    Gibson states in her 2014 book as follows: 'The indigenous people of the Americas were either gentle or fierce, civilised or cannibalistic, depending on who was writing about them.' it's with ref to 1650-1750; (is also the case in the previous period 1500-1650, roughly, as far as i can work)...
  9. Pacific_Victory

    French Historiography

    They say that French historiography begins with Michelet... but I think that's a bit simplistic. This thread is a place where we can compile a list of noteworthy French or francophone historians deserving of our time and attention. So who are your favorites, and if you have a moment, why?
  10. L

    Historiography Cold War

    hello everyone, im new to the site. I am currently studying the Cold War and have done extensive reading on the topic yet I have not had much time to take on the works of the main historians covering the early years and final years of the cold war (e.g gaddis, appleman williams, gabriel kolko...
  11. Kirialax

    Byzantium and Rome: why does it matter?

    As illustrated in the other thread (http://historum.com/medieval-byzantine-history/110759-when-de-facto-end-roman-empire.html) as well as countless ones before it, whether Byzantium is Rome or not is a frequent topic of discussion on this forum. I'd like to ask an historical question related to...
  12. B

    Chinese historiography as compared to Greco-Roman historiography

    Hi all, This thread is to compare the ancient Chinese historiography to the ancient Greco-Roman historiography in terms of: 1.) The quantity of the historical records, chronicles etc. each of them have left. 2.) The quality of their records, their nature and style. I look forward to the...
  13. civfanatic

    Did Chinese historiography have a concept of progress and evolutionary change?

    I am completely illiterate in Chinese, so I have not read any traditional books on history or historiography written in Chinese. Did traditional (by which I mean pre-modern, before the 19th century) Chinese historians have a clear concept of progress and evolutionary change in history, or did...
  14. P

    Current Byzantine historiography

    As a layman interested in the centuries from about 300 to 800 AD, I am pretty uninformed on Byzantine history. I am (just barely) aware of the following historians of the Roman East: Donald Nicol. Steven Runciman (older stuff). Warren Treadgold. Stephen Williams. Other than A.H.M. Jones...
  15. miroslav

    a naif seeking an entry point into historiography

    Hello, everyone. My profile tells you much of what there is to know about me, even if the actual words are cryptic. I came here to read what knowledgeable enthusiasts have to say about history and gain what some disciplines call "an entry point" into the vast field of historiography, which can...
  16. G

    Archealogy and historiography of North East India post independence

    I think most of the work has happened in mainland Indian peninsula and probably the North East bit requires more delving into. However I would like to know more on what kind of historical and archealogical explorations have taken place on North East history since independence? Mention what were...
  17. N

    Historiography of the first world war

    Need help finding prominent academic works on the First World War, specifically the causes of the war. All I have been able to come up with so far is Fritz Fischer. Does anyone know of any of his major contemporaries? Any more current major scholarship? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  18. K

    Historiography Paper

    I am completely lost when it comes to writing a historiography paper and my days are numbered when it comes to having the paper ready. My professor is really no help when it comes to something that most in the class have never done before. I'm not sure what topic to pick and when I do I'm not...
  19. D

    Who When the Jonathan Riley-Smith Moment in USA History ?

    Who was the "Jonathan Riley-Smith" historian in USA history ? When was the time American history became more objective, better researched, and eschewed patriotic objectives ? There was a turning point. The H S and college textbooks changed flavors in a flash.
  20. D

    Publication Age of Respected Books

    I sense there is a strong bias in our Great Forum for more recent literature. What is the "rule of thumb" for respectability? 10 years or less? Under 20 years? It stood out to me because before I got here, I was buying a lot of used nonfiction books at Thrift Books ($4 delivered). What I am...