1. D

    Historiography: American

    Historiography: American Please recommend books, webs sites, projects. Thank you.
  2. M

    Tokugawa's Japan

    Hi, everyone! I'm a student from Ukraine. My Research Papers about economic, culture & science in Tokugawa shogunate. I need the historiography on this subject. What authors (American,European)can you recommend?
  3. N

    Historiography of Rome

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for ideas on a project about historiography. I've got to focus on/ address one of the following questions: - Who are the historians? - What are the purposes of history? - How has history been constructed and recorded over time? - Why have approaches to the...
  4. General Michael Collins

    Writing History & History as Leisure

    Many or indeed most here have written history in one form or another. Some will only have written for the audience on Historum but I suspect others write history for academic or indeed wider audiences. I'm curious to know about everyone's experience of history writing. What did you enjoy? What...
  5. P

    Is the year of 1848 the missing link in historiography?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutions_of_1848 According to a Wikipedia article about THE FINAL REVOLUTIONS and THE SPRINGTIME OF HUMANITY, in 1848 the 97 percent majority in all of Europe were given political rights and men were given universal suffrage. I believe this 97 percent majority...
  6. G

    Any institutions in India which patronize right wing historiography

    What options are available in India if someone wants to become a right wing history scholar. Are there institutions that patronize or provide focus to right wing historiography in a nurturing kind of environment (counterparts in the right for JNU)
  7. G

    Can nationalistic historiography ever make its return into the Indian Academicia

    Can nationalistic historiography ever make its return triumphantly back into the Indian Academicia and intelligentia and reach its former heights in the pre 1960's era? What steps would have to be taken for this? Can this growth be reached organically? Rajeev Malhotra laments the erosion of...
  8. G

    Which American history books transformed the historiography of its field?

    I am having a hard time selecting a book for the final essay of my first year of university. The brief is: I am really unsure what book to focus on. I was considering The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan but I don't know if that had enough of an impact on historiography to fulfil the brief...
  9. J

    Academic Guidance French Revolution Historiography

    Hello fellow historians, (I am not sure if this is the right place to post something like this, so if you read this and know of a better location let me know.) I am trying to locate some essays and books on French Revolution historiography. The purpose of this is to familiarize myself more...
  10. T

    Nasty historiographical question on the Reconstruction and Civil Rights eras

    How has the success of the civil rights movement changed how the history of the Reconstruction era is written? Any help would be appreciated on ideas/ways to answer this question. Really stuck on it.
  11. C

    The War of 1812's Place in Historiography

    With the bicentennial of the War of 1812 drawing to a close, iv'e found myself wondering about something. Canadians think the War is a critically important part of their History-for obvious reasons, as it's fate pretty much hung on the balance of the outcome, and it saw events such as one of the...
  12. B

    Historiography: From political to Ethno and Everything in Between

    Shall we discuss historiography here? Things to discuss/ponder: - Bernard Lewis/Huntingon vs. Bernard Lewis and Orientalism - Political or Military History Vs. "New Social History" - Ethnohistory - Modern scholarship Other approaches? Personally, I think it's clear that Said is the superior...
  13. T

    Historiography - Where do you stand?

    It seems strange that there are few threads on the history of history, or historiography. The two main strands of modern historical thought are The Great Man theory, the belief that great men (or women) are the driving force of history, and Hegelianism, the belief that history follows...
  14. spellbanisher

    The Frontier Thesis and American History: Revisionism and Beyond

    To start at the beginning of this historiographical essay on the frontier thesis and American culture, click here: http://historum.com/blogs/spellbanisher/5382-frontier-american-culture-intro.html Trails: Toward a New Western History is a collection of essays from revisionist scholars...
  15. spellbanisher

    The Frontier Thesis and American History: Myth and Symbol School

    Virgin Land: The American West as Symbol and Myth, by Henry Nash Smith, is different from other works on the frontier in that it does not try to show the historical realities of the frontier and its impact on American culture and institutions. Instead, Virgin Land explores the mythology of the...
  16. spellbanisher

    The Frontier Thesis and American History: Ray Allen Billington

    In America's Frontier Heritage, Ray Allen Billington synthesizes the work of third generation Frontier scholars and revises the Frontier thesis to be more compatible with recent empirical research and social science theories. To make his argument, Allen uses both travelers accounts of American...
  17. spellbanisher

    The Frontier Thesis and American History: The Critics

    In The Great Frontier, Walter Prescott Webb argues that what we call “modern” was the result of a 400 year boom made possible by “the Great Frontier.” This great frontier was the New World, and its impact on European institutions and culture was arguably greater than its impact on the United...
  18. spellbanisher

    The Frontier Thesis and American History: Turner and Roosevelt

    The first and most important work on the Frontier Thesis is Frederick Jackson Turner's essay “The Significance of the Frontier in American History.” His thesis is simply stated: “The existence of an area of free land, its continuous recession, and the advance of American settlement westward...
  19. spellbanisher

    The Frontier Thesis and American History: Intro

    Frederick Jackson Turner's presentation of his frontier thesis before the American Historical Association in 1893 was one of the most monumental moments in American historiography. Hitherto, the Teutonic Germ theory was the dominant interpretation of American history, positing that American...
  20. B

    Historiography for the layman

    Like I said in the intros forum, I would have quite liked to pick up a history minor before I finished my degree but it just wasn't possible. The point is that I've read quite a bit of popular history, and have some familiarity with academic work, but have never really looked at historiography...