1. Shemesh

    What can you tell me about the german officer in this picture? (WWII)

    I found a picture of a german officer and I'm very curious to find out more about him. Things like, his army ranking and the significance of the things on his Waffenrock. Also in which year do you estimate this photo to have been taken? I would be very happy if anyone could share his/her...
  2. Maksym Chornyi


    IAN KERSHAW – HITLER An enormously detailed 2000-page-volume ‘HITLER’ by Ian Kershaw is indeed among the best examples of military history studies. As mean to express respect to the author, I have made, as always, an enthusiastically detailed material on the first volume (1889-1936: Hubris). I...
  3. NBSHistory

    The Curious case of Hitler's Jewish Princess Nazi Spy: Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe

    Princess Stephanie von Hohelohe was a Jewish Princess and a Nazi Spy working for Adolf Hitler. She was his famous personal friend and a femme fatale, female James Bond figure who influenced some of the richest and most famous people of her day. She influenced the capturing of the Sudetenland...
  4. M

    Mussolini and the Italian Jews

    Is anyone well versed of knows of any good materials that analyse Mussolini's history with and treatment of the Jewish population in Italy throughout his time in power? Currently writing a paper on Il Duce and want to get an idea of the current consensus regarding his personal and political...
  5. Maksym Chornyi

    ‘TRIUMPH OF THE WILL’ Analysis

    ‘TRIUMPH OF THE WILL’ Analysis After my August trip to Nuremberg and visiting ww2 sites, I’ve decided to manage a thoroughly detailed historical and movie analysis of the most well-known propaganda movie in history. Let’s deepen into the personality of Leni Riefenstahl, the historical features...
  6. Maksym Chornyi


    HITLER IN VIENNA 1906-1913 SITES My 2017 visit to Vienna and Austria included a number of historical sites and I want to share a detailed review of the sites, connected with Adolf Hitler and his so-called 1906-1913 ‘’Viennese period”. I have used a number of books about Vienna, biographies of...
  7. malpusa


  8. Futurist

    Hitler's Mind is Transported into German Kaiser Wilhelm II's Body in 1888

    I previously created a thread about Hitler's mind being transported to Bismarck's body in 1870. However, after reading the comments on that thread, I figured that I should also ask this question: What if Hitler's mind is transported into German Kaiser Wilhelm II's body in 1888 with the help of...
  9. notgivenaway

    Did Hitler have more lasting effects on the world than Stalin?

    People today still drive cars that Hitler founded (Volkswagen). He laid down autobahns. And he created innovative technology, that the Allies practically stole after the war ended. Stalin efforts to industralise the USSR were reversed after he died.
  10. Futurist

    Alien Space Bats put Hitler's mind into Bismarck's body in 1870

    What if Alien Space Bats put Hitler's mind (I suppose Hitler's mind from sometime in the 1940s) in Otto von Bismarck's body in 1870? What would Hitler-Bismarck do afterwards?
  11. maTiasddsm

    The Plot to Kill hitler Vs Valkyrie

    The Plot to Kill hitler Vs Valkyrie Las week I saw these two movies about the same historical fact, in consecutive nights. “The Plot to Kill hitler” (1990) with Brad Davis staring as Stauffenberg, somehow portrays the personal life and feelings of the guy, and most others call him as “count”...
  12. Futurist

    Did German voters know before 1933 that Hitler was going to create a dictatorship?

    Did German voters know before 1933 that Hitler was going to create a dictatorship? I'm curious as to how many Germans were aware of the possibility that Hitler was going to consolidate power for himself and his party if/after he would acquire the German Chancellorship. Did Hitler's...
  13. O

    Hitler not so dumb?

    Suppose Hitler decides the final solution can wait until after the war is won? Suppose he decides war with the USSR can wait until the British surrender? Suppose he decides if war becomes official with the USA the USA must declare it? (I hope I have cut off the wiggle room:)) Suppose all of...
  14. Futurist

    Was the idea of a German-Soviet war exclusively Hitler's?

    Was the idea of a German-Soviet war exclusively that of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? I know that the idea of an eventual German-Polish war had been flirted even before the Nazis came to power in Germany ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurt_von_Schleicher#Non-policy_on_tariffs ; "He also believed...
  15. Tokugawa Ieyasu

    Adolf Hitler's dilemma for defense of France — Beachhead defense ? "Mobile" defense ?

    Adolf Hitler's dilemma for defense of France — Beachhead defense ? "Mobile" defense ? In AD 1944, the Allied Army was planning to liberate France from the Nazi Germany's occupation. Imagine if you're Adolf Hitler, how would you dispose your armoured divisions to counter the imminent Allied...
  16. Futurist

    The invasion of France in 1940 fails and the SK overthrow Hitler afterwards

    If the German invasion of France would have failed in 1940 (as a result of France not sending its Seventh Army to the Low Countries and as a result of France defending the Ardennes more), and if the Schwarze Kapelle would have subsequently overthrown Hitler and the Nazis and failed to make peace...
  17. Futurist

    If Elser kills Hitler in Nov. 1939, is there going to be a compromise peace?

    If Georg Elser kills Adolf Hitler in November 1939, is there going to be an end to the war and a compromise peace shortly afterwards? Would Herman Goering--the new German Fuhrer, as per Hitler's will--have sought peace instead of continuing the war? Also, would Britain and France be willing to...
  18. frogsofwar

    Napoleon Fanboys and Hitler Fanboys: Eerily Similar

    Napoleon and Hitler fanboys alike are experts at cognitive dissonance, irrational hero worship, and cult-like followings similar to those of Julius Caesar's contemporaries and Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders today. Napoleon Fanboys 1. Absolve Napoleon's failures (ie: Russia, Waterloo) by...