1. K

    Disapperance of Hittites and their language

    Hittite empire in Anatolia collapsed due to the attack of so called Sea Peoples. And it seems that nothing remains of Hittites and their language after that. No nation living in Anatolia later seems to remember about this previous empire. In classical times there were Luwian languages as the...
  2. gordopolis

    Hattusa's Lower Town?

    Hi All, I've been trying to build up a picture of Hattusa's lower town/lower city to understand how the place would have looked prior to Hattusilis III's upper city extension. I've found some rather evocative reconstructions of the settlement from an angle that shows the upper city clearly, but...
  3. V

    Origin of the Hittites?

    Current scholarship has them either coming from the west, or more likely from the northeast where they may have lived in settlements along the Black sea and the Caspian Sea..
  4. K

    Weakness of Hittites and Mycenae

    About 1200 BC southern Europe, Asia Minor, Syria, Palestine and Egypt were attacked by the Sea People. They were a groups of tribes which migrated from northern Balkans, and Mediterranean islands to Greece and Anatolia. In this time there were powerful states of Mycenaean Greece and Hittite...
  5. markdienekes

    Assyrians and Hittites

    Does anyone have any good recommendations of these empires? Thank you for your time in advance! :)
  6. Comnena


    Any Hittites specialists out here? Whenever I go to bookstores 98% of books about Ancient history are about Egypt, Greece or Rome. Could anyone please recommend me a good book or website about the Hittites?
  7. B

    Ancient Rome and the Hittites

    I was watching this wonderful video about the Hittites and the end of their empire. Whether because of the Sea Peoples or rebellion from within, were the cause of the fall of the Empire, it does seem odd that they would totally disappear from history. Almost immediately, the thought occurred to...
  8. Niki86

    The Hittites

    Does anyone know if they and their language are related to any modern ethnic group or language?
  9. Frank81

    Kussara: first location of Hittites

    I'm fully into ancient Anatolia these days and found the text that narrates the "Hittite" expansion in the area. The King Anittas, expanded from that city and conquered-devastated the main Hattic cities of central Anatolia. This king, who become mythological, was a real one according to...
  10. okamido

    The Hittites

    A 2 1/2 hour documentary is showing this evening on the Smithsonian Channel: The Hittites - Smithsonian Channel The Hittites How can a civilization that heavily influenced our language, legal system, mythology, and the Bible possibly be forgotten? Through thrilling reenactments and...
  11. D

    I know what happened to the Hittites.

    I see that most people still wonder where the Hittites disapeared to. I have the answer to that. The Hittites moved their capital to Babylon and eventually became Babylon the great, or the Babylonian Empire. Later to become the Persian Empire around the time of Cyrus. I am pretty surprised that...
  12. unclefred

    Did Ramesses defeat the Hittites at Kadesh?

    Or are the inscriptions an early example of political spin in the media? :)
  13. Earl_of_Rochester

    The Dark Lords of Hattusha/Hittite Empire 1595 BC

    Hi all, I thought I'd share this fantastic documentary with you as I think it provides an excellent example of how little we know about ancient civilizations and is in a similar vein to the debate going on about Atlantis. That is to say, without the facts it is very difficult to know what went...