1. Darth Raidius

    What if the Axis were "the good guys"?

    How much of an impact would it have if the Axis powers were "the good guys" in World War II (as in, objectively superior to the Allies from a moral standpoint) and did not commit any of the heinous acts we remember them for today? Would this change the outcome of any campaigns, or even the war...
  2. Maksym Chornyi

    SITES AROUND ‘AUSCHWITZ-1’ As a continuation of the recent ‘Beyond the Birkenau’ material, I invite you to join my walking tour around the ‘Auschwitz

    SITES AROUND ‘AUSCHWITZ-1’ As a continuation of the recent ‘Beyond the Birkenau’ material, I invite you to join my walking tour around the ‘Auschwitz-1’ or ‘Stammlager (main camp). These locations are rarely recognized by the tourist groups, while they are on the short 200 meters’ distance from...
  3. Maksym Chornyi


    SITES AROUND THE AUSCHWITZ BIRKENAU My new material from the Poland-2018 trip took me almost a month of researching, writing, editing. I have visited the Auschwitz memorial site and want to share with you ‘beyond-the-fence’ walking experience along the locations of the historical significance...
  4. Maksym Chornyi


    OSKAR SCHINDLER’S FACTORY (DEF) IN KRAKOW I continue my 2018 Poland series of articles with an “in-depth visit” of the famous Deutsche Emailwarenfabrik (DEF) best known for the “Schindler’s list” movie. I encourage you to make your own reading tour along the Museum, room by room, installation...
  5. Maksym Chornyi


    SCHINDLER'S LIST MOVIE LOCATIONS IN KRAKOW I continue my series of articles from the Poland trip 2018 with a detailed historical tour along the all main movie locations in Krakow, where ‘Schindler’s list’ movie by Steven Spielberg was filmed. Thorough route within Krakow, Plaszow campsite...
  6. Maksym Chornyi


    KRAKOW GHETTO TODAY I continue a series of articles, devoted to my May-2018 journey to Krakow. In this material, I would like to share all the main sites of the former Krakow ghetto within a solo researched half-a-day walking route, with the history of the places, a brief comment on how it...
  7. Maksym Chornyi

    Plaszow concentration camp today (2008)

    PLASZOW CONCENTRATION CAMP TODAY I’ve visited Krakow and Plaszow in May 2018. The former labor and concentration camp became well-known due to “Schindler’s list” movie. In this detailed material, I would like to thoroughly describe an extensive walking tour with the history of each of more than...
  8. RidiculousName

    Holocaust Hats

    I've noticed that many pictures of Jewish prisoners during the holocaust seem to feature them wearing hats. These hats have a variety of styles, but the most common type is featured in the picture below. I can understand the need for cold-weather hats for workers, but these hats don't seem...
  9. TotalAaron

    Is holocaust Revisionism holocaust Denialism?

    So far two members of this forum have attempted to prove a link between holocaust revisionism and ultimately holocaust denial, i find this rather absurd, consider the following= In the years after World War 2 there were many attempts at revising the official Holocaust narrative. The first were...
  10. Futurist

    How many Jews were evacuated from Minsk in 1941?

    It states here that only 7,000 out of 72,000 Minsk Jews (less than 10%) were evacuated from there in 1941 (which was when Nazi Germany and its allies invaded the Soviet Union)...
  11. J

    The first ever mention of Holocaust as GENOCIDE in a newspaper article was in 1895

    The first ever mention of Holocaust as genocide in newspaper (The New York Times) article was in 1895, and it depicted the Armenian situation. Read about it here...
  12. J

    Carthage:The Roman Holocaust. Power struggle & Roman frustrated inferiority complex

    Carthage:The Roman Holocaust. Power struggle & Roman frustrated inferiority complex About the Roman made Holocaust against a higher civilization: E6kI9sCEDvY 0DnXV6R0nh0 It was more than just a power struggle between Rome and Carthage. Romans had a lot of cause to have frustrated...
  13. TheMusicMan

    Holocaust a lie?

    A lot of many credited historians clearly claim that the holocaust happened. Ive always stood beside the fact that the winners write history, and the loser are often drawn out to be what they aren't. I most definitely believe FDR and Churchill are not the saints people claim them to be...
  14. S

    I need an Auschwitz-Birkenau expert

    I was looking at pictures of Birkenau on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website and saw this photo: https://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/pa1044530 As you can see on the title, this is "the crematorium in Auschwitz-Birkenau", in March 1945. It doesn't say which crematorium...
  15. TotalAaron

    Allies Knew about Holocaust before 1945

    New documents reveal Allies knew of Holocaust years before previously assumed - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post New story that has just surfaced suggests that the allied powers knew many details about the holocaust before the discovery of the death camps by allied soldiers. I cannot say i am...
  16. Wondering


    Does Russia attack against gays the same way Hitler did against Jewish (and other minorities)? I think it seems to be about the same case. Russia is painting this picture of "enemy" and linking that picture with gay people. How easily can it get out of hands, and how far will Putin & his...
  17. A

    The Holocaust was hidden from the public?

    I heard someone say that the Nazis tried to keep the Holocaust hidden from the public, because they expected that it would not be accepted. Is that true? How well known was the existence of concentration camps and what went on in them to the German public?
  18. Futurist

    What does partition of Palestine look like w/o a Holocaust?

    What exactly would a Palestine partition have looked like in either a no-Holocaust scenario or in a much-smaller-Holocaust scenario? (For the record, the former can be achieved by killing Adolf Hitler in 1923--thus very likely completely butterflying away Nazi Germany--whereas the latter can be...
  19. bedb

    The Serbian holocaust

    There have been several terrible events in the 20th century: the Armenian holocaust, the Jewish holocaust, Pol Pot, but one that never gets mentioned were the millions of Serbs gased by the Croatians. During WW2 the Serbs were our allies, and yet now we pretend to not know who they are. Why?
  20. JoanOfArc007

    The Holocaust in Africa, WW2.

    0JxL1idcI8o We know Italians were in Africa during WW2, and that Italy did not have an antisemitic policy like the Third Reich had. So why did so few Jews die in Axis controlled North Africa during WW2? Was it because of the connections between Muslims and Israelite's as a elder Muslim man...