1. G

    The quest for the original homeland of the Latins.

    Hello, This has been a matter that has been wandering unanswered in my mind recently. Latins, were an Italic tribe. Latins produced the people we all know and love ==> The Romans. But there is one thing that falls not answered upon, the question is "What is the original homeland of the...
  2. Dreamhunter

    Anatolian homeland for Indo-Europeans?

    Now, I'm not promoting any one hypothesis over any other for this apparently keenly debated subject, but rather just trying to stimulate even further discussion on it. Anatolian hypothesis (adopted & adapted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatolia) The so called Anatolian hypothesis was...
  3. B

    Indo-European homeland is North India

    The original Indo-European (Aryan) homeland is North India, as proven by Shrikanth Talageri. The Vedas have recorded history of tribes expanding outwards from India into Europe after the Battle of 10 kings. The battle of 10 kings was fought by the Alans, Persians, Bactrians, Pakhtoons...
  4. C

    Turkish Cypriot documentary "Homeland"

  5. Futurist

    Other cases of massive diaspora immigration (back) to the "homeland"?

    In the 20th century in our TL, we saw massive emigration (sometimes involuntary, in the case of ethnic Germans) of ethnic Germans (from Eastern Europe) to Germany, of ethnic Jews (primarily from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa) to Palestine/Israel, of ethnic Russians (from the other...
  6. S

    Japonic Homeland in Southern China

    The location of a possible Japonic Urheimat (linguistic homeland) was proposed to be in modern day Southern China. Modern day Southern China is also a region where the Tai-Kadai languages such as Thai and Lao may have originated from. There is typological evidence that Proto-Japonic may have...
  7. O

    Homeland of Aryans and Manusmriti

    I found textual references mentioning Vedic land mass. Manu Smriti 2.21 "The tract which lies between the Himalaya and Vindhya mountains to the east of Prayaga and to the west of Vinasana (place where the river Saraswati disappears) is called 'Madhyadesha' " Manu Smriti 2.22 " But the region...
  8. G

    What if Madagascar became a Jewish homeland

    What if Madagascar became a Jewish homeland as planned and Aliyahs took place there. How differently would history pan out?
  9. A

    The Tamil Tigers and their quest for an independent homeland in Sri Lanka

    Tamils are a fiercely independent minority ethnic group in Sri Lanka, an island nation of the coast of India, that have faced discrimination and persecution at the hands of the Singhalese dominated Sri Lankan government. Seeking their own, independent Tamil country free of oppression in the...
  10. Immchr

    Could South Asia be the Indo-European Homeland ?

    The discussion about the origins of the Indo-Europeans, as the cliche goes, has been done to death. A lot of people might just be bored to go on about this over and over. However, the likes of me always feel excited to come across some new evidence or new ideas & theories in this field of...
  11. Abbey

    My People and Homeland Assyria

    My People and Homeland Assyria By Abbey Mikha I’m far away in kilometers, but every moment I feel your pain, Life has been hard for you, this situation, to say the least is a lot of strain. In the past days and months and minutes and seconds I realized, Our dream of a homeland should...
  12. F

    PIE homeland

    Where was the PIE homeland exactly? According to this map below (or look at this link http://imageshack.us/a/img441/8356/piemapanthony.jpg) PIE homeland was in Eastern Europe. However the region of Middle (and Upper) Volga was also the homeland of Finno-Ugric peoples. It is a bit confusing. The...
  13. D

    Word is out, Dept. of Homeland security is....

    ordering massive quantities of ammunition of varying calibers. What does Sec. Janet Napolatano have in mind? Dave W.
  14. Brisieis

    People who fled their homeland

    We see many things on television these days such as the Syrian people fleeing into Turkey from their homeland. Just one tiny example. But what about if we go much much further back in time. What cases were there of mass numbers of people fleeing their homeland into another territory?
  15. M

    Homeland Security TV Series?

    I remember a TV drama series several years ago about Homeland Security agents. Was too controversial and didn't last long. Can't remember the title. Does anybody remember the show?
  16. larkin

    More Homeland Security

    These machines access behavioral and physiological indications of malintent or the intent or desire to cause harm. Unbelievable! When I first heard the term Homeland I was stunned to see how easily it was taken up. Almost overnight, every cable news commentator was using the term Homeland...
  17. A

    America's homeland wars, have we forgotten about them or did we learn to ignore them?

    I was watching Boys In The Hood last night,and there was an intresting conversation at the end of the movie that brought me back to my own childhood. One of the characters (Ice Cube I think) tells Cuba Gooding's character about a news program he had seen on tv the night before. The news story...