1. H

    Need references concerning the USSR

    Hello people from historum, I`d really like to ask if any of you may know any author who may have written about the formation, development and dissolution of the USSR and the communist bloc, along with a very meticulous analysis over the social behavior of the people living in the bloc, the...
  2. VHS

    Wimpy and sedentary current Homo sapiens

    We are often labelled as wimpy and sedentary in comparison with our ancestors, and is this valid at all? Many of us hold sedentary jobs, and our daily activities are much less strenuous than our ancestors. For example, the introduction of washing machines and dryers both save physical works...
  3. VHS

    The Future of Homo sapiens sapiens?

    The future of Homo sapiens sapiens have been on the mind of people quite recently. We are apes to an extent anyway,and "Planet of the Naked/Skinny Apes" can be the apt title for Planet Earth. Notice: Naked means the lack of bodily hair of humans, and since we call hairless guinea pigs...
  4. VHS

    What led to technological revolutions of the Homo sapiens sapiens?

    In comparison with many species, especially the sponge (the 700 million old group of animals or perhaps the first of animalia), we are an incredibly young species. Even so, we are the most powerful species on Planet Earth due to our technologies. Martial arts as powerful as those in Dragonball...
  5. N

    Homo Erectus continued to walk this Earth until at least 14,000 years ago

    A 14,000 year old bone from China shows, that Homo Erectus got extinct much later than previously thought: "Thigh bone points to unexpectedly long survival of ancient human ancestors": Thigh bone points to unexpectedly long survival of ancient human ancestors | Science | The Guardian It...
  6. T

    Homo sapiens had a few bright cousins

    There's a thread somewhere on this page about massive species of human, and while its doubtful such a thing ever existed, its fascinating too look at the fossil record and wonder "What might have been?" Homo Sapiens weren't alone, in fact, many of the other similar species we encountered...
  7. K

    The Homo-Myth Questions

    If homo evolution is truly cladogenetic, that is, new species evolving from subgroup of a species and coexisting with the older species once they expand, Is it probably the case that homo habilis was forced into extinction by homo erectus, and itself being wiped out by homo sapiens later? And...
  8. Zeno

    Homo Imitatens

    Isn't it peculiar that humans can imitate the sounds of many animals, from birds and cows, to wolves and lions and so on? When, why and how do you think we developed this ability? Are there other species that imitate sounds, like Parrots and we? How do Parrots use it in nature?
  9. Korin

    Homo sapiens orignated from Africa

    File:Spreading homo sapiens.svg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Here's map of how humans came from Africa.
  10. koseku

    How did homophobia begin?

    If homosexuality is in already nature, how did the first homophobia begin? It should be seen as a normal thing. But bible and qu'ran is against homosexuality.
  11. C

    Homo neanderthalensis

    Hi everybody, I am a biochemist but I am interested in mythology. Right now my curiosity was kindled by the discovery that humans (Homo Sapiens) interbreed with Homo neanderthalensis. We all have genes from them with the exception of people native to south of Sahara. Some biologists consider...
  12. Thais

    I already got my position on the homo stuff!!!

    Well, I had been thinking a lot these last weeks about whether I must or not stand for homosexuality. And I am finally sure of what I think now. As I am christian (not ashamed of), I also read the bible to know what God says about that, and I got it. I really respect any sex choice. I'm just sad...
  13. D

    Did Hunger Drive the Evolution of Homo sapiens?

    Did Hunger Drive the Evolution of Homo sapiens? | Wired ScienceĀ | Wired.com
  14. Zeno

    How Did Homo Sapiens replace Neanderthals?

    Do you think our ancestors "genocided" them? Or were they competed out of bussiness by another species (we) that took up the same "niche"? About 40.000 years ago Europe was the Neandethal's realm. Then, seemingly in relation to Homo Sapiens advance, began a process of retreat, ending in the...
  15. K

    Was Homo floresiensis the first human that left Africa?

    New research suggests that the ancestors of Homo floresiensis were the first to leave Africa, perhaps before Homo erectus.