1. R

    Why is pederasty considered sick and abnormal while homosexuality is normak

    Why is it that society nowadays consider sex with 13 or 15 year olds like what the Greeks and Romans did abnormal and sick while homosexuality is OK? And regarding the age of consent in Europe it seems that Europeans are more tolerant of pederasty or what is considered statutory rape than even...
  2. V


    This might be an interesting topic. For those of you who think that homosexuality was approved of in Ancient Greece, have a look at a Youtube video. Go to Youtube and type in "Homosexuality in Ancient Greece - the Myth is Collapsing". You might find it interesting.
  3. V

    The prevalence, and tolerance for, homosexuality.

    Some time ago, we were having a debate about the decency of homosexual behaviour. After doing considerable research on the matter, I have determined that in Greece, Rome, and Middle Eastern regions from which Europe gets its civilisation, homosexuality was tolerated, but really only in a...
  4. bedb

    Homosexuality and Sparta

    I am not denyng there were gay Spartans, but I saw a program narrated by a British woman who said that all Spartans were gay (men and women) and the men had to be tricked into having sex with the women.It also went on and on about low birthrates being the cause of it's decline. Now I know this...
  5. Polynikes

    Homosexuality among Roman legionaries

    Hi, several questions for the forum, first, I'm well aware that homosexuality was outlawed in the legions, but did that really prevent legionaries from partaking in homosexual activity? For example, was it rather common for legionaries to sexually assault defeated enemies or slaves whilst on...
  6. S


    Why man and man marriage should be the same like woman and man marriage in therms of legal rights ?
  7. grey fox

    Would most Americans during the Civil War know of the existence of homosexuality?

    I recently was having a conversation with an octogenarian uncle of mine, and he said that he did not even know that there was such a thing as homosexuality until he was 15. He said that homosexuality was so stigmatized that it was taboo to even acknowledge that it existed in the 1940s and...
  8. antocya

    Decriminalization of homosexuality in Ottoman Empire

    Homosexuality was decriminalized in the Ottoman Empire in 1858 during the era of Tanzimat Reforms. I'm curious about why this happened. I believe homosexuality was not decriminalized in most western countries until a very long time afterwards so it doesn't seem like it would be a part of an...
  9. S

    Homosexuality among pagan germanics

    Is there any info on how homosexuality was perceived by the early pagan germanics, who were not yet christianized? Was it common? Was it forbidden? Were they neutral about it? Any info in regards to Roman culture?
  10. P

    Do you think pedophelia destroyed the Romans?

    After all, the acceptance of pedophilia would have been decadent how widespread was it, and why would it have been more harmful to the Romans than the Greeks?
  11. Salah

    When and why did homosexuality become a taboo?

    Strangely enough, I don't think we've ever posed this question on Historum before. As we all know, old-school Judaism advocates the death penalty for homosexuals, and Christianity and Islam take it even a step further, claiming that such individuals will burn in hell for eternity. However, it...
  12. holoow

    Homosexuality in Caribbean states

    Why homosexuality is still illegal in many Caribbean states? Are Caribbean people more conservative than the rest of the Americas?
  13. P

    Kant's Categorical Imperative and Homosexuality

    Immanuel Kant famously stated, roughly, that one ought only to act in accordance with a maxim one would wish to see elevated to general law. May one, based on this, presume that he did or would have opposed human homosexuality (or, alternately, the absence of heterosexual intercourse whenever...
  14. Jake10

    Views Towards Homosexuality in Chinese History

    How accepted/rejected was this during the different dynasties?
  15. B

    Was homosexuality common in ancient Egypt?

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  16. Futurist

    When exactly was the death penalty for homosexuality abolished in Europe?

    Basically, my question here is this--other than for Nazi Germany (which proscribed the death penalty to members of the SS and police who engaged in gay sex), when exactly was the last time that any European country executed people for homosexuality and/or for homosexual behavior? Was it a couple...
  17. heirtothewind

    Pederasty v. Homosexuality in Greece and Rome

    I offer for discussion the boundaries of same-sex relationships in classical Greece and Rome. Specifically, was there a distinction between pederasty and homosexual acts that made the former socially acceptable and the latter not so much, unless the acts followed a certain convention as I have...
  18. Earl_of_Rochester

    Fall of Roman Empire caused by rampant homosexuality

    According to this fellow: Fall of Roman Empire caused by 'contagion of homosexuality' - Telegraph I think that last sentence sums things up pretty well that the guy is a crank and not worth listening to, altho strangely he's the deputy head of the National Research Council for some reason...
  19. T

    homosexuality in Rome cent. 3-5 AD

    I am researching the Hebrew sources from the roman period which refer negatively to homosexuality in the Roman culture. I have seen conflicting information on the topic. The Jewish sources see this as a common practice in the Roman society. Can you refer me to an authoritative book on the...
  20. R

    HomoSexuality in the Roman Legions

    Hi, Okay so this is really intriging me. What was the opinion on Homosexuality in the roman legions? Ive read a few books which says it was 'Fine everybody loved a bit of bum fun' and others which say 'BY JUPITER HAVE HIM KILLED IMMEDITELY'. I coudnt really find much online just wandering if...