1. Jack Judah

    Howdy all!

    Went to school to become a history professor, learned to play cards instead. Played poker for a living until 2014, when I opened a rare and vintage book store. I love all things history, especially ancient and military. My specialty is the late Roman Republic, but for the moment I'm...
  2. P

    Howdy do

    Hey there, you can call me Phas and I'm in research by trade and writing out of love. I draw heavily from folklore and ancient civilizations in my writing, so I have a lot of obscure information about the least important parts of ancient history! I especially enjoy conversations regarding how...
  3. B

    Howdy Doodi

    What is up? I just joined these here forums for the company of other history buffs and to get deeper in the real lore of the world. I am very interested in anything during/before the bronze age and I am planning on majoring in the Social history of early modern Europe.
  4. Tyrone96


    Nice to meet you all. I'm Tyrone, and I look forward to interacting with all of you.
  5. S

    Howdy from South Carolina

    Hello everyone! I'm a passionate student of history in college pursuing a PhD in the subject. Just thought this forum would be something fun and interesting to provoke my critical thinking and teach me even more about history! Of course, if I have any questions I'll be sure to ask them as well!
  6. Murffy

    Howdy From Minneapolis

    I’ve been a history buff since I was teenager with a particular interest in the world wars (Yes, I’m a WWII pervert). I enjoy wargames as well, the main one being Advanced Squad Leader. Lately, however, I’ve been nursing an interest in ancient history circa 500 BC. I’m taking a stab at writing...
  7. DaveAlliband


    Hello everyone, I'm Dave, an Englishman living in Paris with my wife. I'm fascinated by history and look forward to getting involved in the discussions here. o/
  8. Hanslune


    Have known of the forum for some time and arrived here yesterday researching something and decided to stay for awhile.
  9. D


    I am a Canadian, an engineer now retired. Married and father of three. In addition to history, I enjoy travel, the beach and biking.
  10. Bard A Madsen


    I'm into extreme hoary ancient comparative mythology / religion and how it is connected to the Pleistocene / Younger Dryas Impact 'Hypothesis'. I've read over one hundred and twenty five books on the subject and am trying to educate the population so that this paradigm is as accepted as the KT...
  11. J

    Howdy everybody

    Howdy everyone, i'm from Brazil and i'm new here, i really enjoy read about histories around the world and i think this is a good place to learn to.
  12. UPSman

    A kid in a candy store...

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm not sure where to start. There's just so many delicious pieces to the pie of history, and I want to eat it all at once! A little bit about me: I'm 19 and I work at a UPS sort facility. I went to college for a year but decided to drop it because my heart is...
  13. Asgardian


    Thanks for having me. History has been my passion since I was in elementary school. I love everything pre-gunpowder, particularly weapons, armor, and the warriors that use them. I do not know many people who share my interest so I'm looking forward to taking part in this community.
  14. O

    Howdy From Texas

    I'm a firm believer that we should study history. All mistakes have been made. Why replicate them and expect a different result? :deadhorse:
  15. LeSax


    Howdy everyone, I am a big history fan, I enjoy Asian, Middle Eastern and Classical history. I hope to learn and have alot of enlightening and educational debates on a wide variety of history discussions. :cool:
  16. thesporerex


    Hello there to all fellow historians and enthusiasts alike. I am the thesporerex or you can call me by my real name; Taimur (You can take a guess at who its derived from). I joined to get out my urge to discuss history as many of you have. Not enough people are interested in the subject. I do...
  17. Hillboy


    Hi folks, Just found the site, and it looks interesting. I'm more of a dilettante than any serious scholar or historian, but I love talking the American Civil War, Revolution, and Trans-Allegheny frontier periods. And a lot of things in between.
  18. YogiD2

    Howdy, Im YogiD2

    Stumbled upon the site. Search about Rock N Roll being dead. Seems a good little area. Im a Christian somewhere in Florida. I like some sports, History, some Music, the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, guns, an ... Ask questions if you wanna know something. I might tell you or I may not. I...
  19. Litos

    Howdy yall

    Hey everyone thanks for having me. This seems like a nice place.
  20. D


    I am Dynamite7 and although I am not a history bluff compared to some of my relatives. I have been fascinated with some aspects and it has been quite handy in a pub quiz. However the history I am mainly into on a serious note is Astronomy history and the times of Ptolemy and the great...