1. jameen

    Is China's huge population more of an asset or liability today?

    If during the Warring States Period, huge population means more soldiers for each states, then the question is: Is China's huge population really more an asset or liability for China's progress? Any Mainland Chinese here can answer my question if there is even one here?
  2. Futurist

    Does anyone else here feel that WWII was a huge waste while WWI wasn't?

    Does anyone else here feel that WWII was a huge waste while WWI wasn't? I mean, I know that World War I was extremely atrocious and that I certainly wouldn't have been able to bear fighting in the trenches. However, the outcome of World War I did have a lot of positive aspects to it. For...
  3. J

    Why were the huge gothic Cathedrals so cheaper in a comparison with Baroqe? (video)

    kVKc7Cqao-M Huge baroque cathedrals were extremly expensive to build. One of the best example is the St Paul's Cathedral of London. What did the Gothic cathedrals make so cheaper in a comparison with Baroque?
  4. rvsakhadeo

    Demonetisation in India--A huge step taken by the Govt.

    Dear All, On the 8th November 2016,around 8 pm, Indian Standard Time, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on the TV that as from the midnight of of the 8th November / 9th November, the currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 will cease to be legal tender and will not be of any worth any...
  5. K

    What Allowed the Huge Economic Success of the British Navy?

    The British were not seen as extraordinarily skilled sailors before the Industrial Revolution, nor were their ships or navies considered to be of exceptionally high quality, yet despite the Dutch trading companies, it seems that for most of European history the British have had the most...
  6. V

    Cantonese men huge interracial marriage history; White female, Black female, Latina

    How come Cantonese men ( Chinese men ) are the only Asian men from Asia's history to migrate overseas and intermarried with non-Chinese females? There had been 500,000 Cantonese men who intermarried with white females , Black females, Latina. The only other acception are the Mongolians...
  7. Joe Freeman

    Why did India and China get huge populations but not other places?

    I know, India and China have a very big amount of arable land, so this made it very easy for human societies to thrive. But, so what? They are not the only places in the world with a lot of good, arable land. Yet they are by far the most populated places in the world(and have always been) For...
  8. G

    Hindu Kings who inflicted huge defeats on Central Asian kingdoms

    Hindu kings who had the best win/loss record and those who inflicted massive and destructive defeats on Central Asian Turkic invaders? What advantages did they have in terms of tactics, weaponry, personnel, technology etc. that helped them achieve this? I am talking about two separate issues...
  9. VHS

    All about the Zhou Dynasty

    The Zhou Dynasty, which existed from 1046 BCE to 256 BCE (or the Holocene Calendar: 8955 HE to 9745 HE) This covers a huge historical period, but only for the 1046 BCE to 771 BCE (or 8955 HE to 9230 HE), Zhou Dynasty was powerful and influential. After 771 BCE, Zhou Dynasty became largely...
  10. G

    Indian kings who were interested in becoming huge conquerors

    List some Indian kings who had an Alexander/Cyrus/Cesar type ambitions to become World Conquerors or large conquerors. Note that this is irrespective of the actual size of their kingdoms. I mean those who had such an interest. I am able to think of only one king who had explicit ambitions of...
  11. cachibatches

    The Aeneid Was A Huge Dissapointment

    I have not felt this let down since Star Wars, Episode I. First of all, I know that it was a monumental feat by Virgil, linking disparate foundation legends from the past in on grand Opus. I also know that it was some of the most delicate and powerful Latin poetry ever written. The problem...
  12. leakbrewergator

    Huge Inaccuracies Found In Books

    This thread is to serve as the repository of all those mistakes you come across during your reading. What are some of the worst mistakes you've ever seen in a book? You know, the mistakes that make you facepalm and let out a loud groan of "WHAAATTTT?!?!?!?!". To get things started, I'll start...
  13. Thecurioushistorian

    Management of huge armies

    So I've been wondering, how could one general lead a huge army? The general couldn't have possibly seen the whole battlefield at once.
  14. Inc

    1857 - Huge Earthquake in Japan - or was there?

    Allow me to explain. I'm researching major earthquakes of the past two centuries, and in the massive and generally speaking great read "History Year By Year" (Dorling Kindersley) it states: 21 March: Earthquake in Tokyo, Japan kills over 100,000. Wikipedia has an identical listing. Yet in an...
  15. Aberc

    Little man with huge potential

    Very interesting find recently. Little man with huge potential For those who dont know, these anthropomorphs are common in North India dating around 1500 BC. But that one has inscriptions, Indus type figure, and a boars head.
  16. Uhtred

    Are we ready for a huge meteorite?

    Earth gets hit by small rocks and meteors more common than we think - five to ten times a year according to experts. But are we ready for the huge ones? Like the 6-mile long meteor (and that was only a 'small fragment' of the original collision in space!) that supposedly wiped out 80% dinosaur...
  17. Earl_of_Rochester

    The Great War BBC 1964 (huge documentary series)

    Just found this gem on youtube, which includes interviews with WW1 veterans. A bit like The World At War but for WW1. The Great War BBC 1964) Episode 01of26 On The Idle Hill Of Summer - YouTube The Great War BBC 1964) Episode 02of26 For Such A Stupid Reason Too - YouTube The Great War BBC...
  18. Spartacuss

    NYC Cops and Firefighters Arrested in Huge 9/11 Disability Fraud Investigation

    A two year fraud investigation into faked disability claims resulting in millions of dollars in undeserved benefits netted the arrests of dozens of New York City Police and Firefighters: Huge 9/11 Fraud Case Accuses Retired New York Cops, Firefighters - Yahoo Innocent until proven guilty, I...
  19. Earl_of_Rochester

    Huge Japanese Submarine found off Hawaii.

    Missing WW2 mega-submarine found off Hawaii - Telegraph I-400-class submarine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia US Navy personnel inspecting the gun of I-400.
  20. AssyrianMelodies

    What caused the huge Decline in Rome's population?

    I am curious about how at the its height the population numbered 1 million and by the Vandal sack of Rome it was less than population. From reading I discovered that during the reign of the emperor Constantine the Great the population was declining because of Malaria. But there must have been...