1. mark87

    History and Human Height

    The relationship between human history and height is quite interesting. An example at the beginning of the 20th century Chilean men were on average 1,60 meters one century later they are 11 cm taller 1,71. Women went from 1,48 cm to 1,59. What changed? Well access to better health, sanitation...
  2. P

    If you wanted to create a universal human calendar

    that encompassed all of human history but was not tied to any specific living culture, which would you use? Is there a date that far back secure enough to start a calendar with?
  3. J

    Movie cut of the Evolution of Human Warfare

    Hi guys! I have been with historum for many years, and this is my first time posting! I am extremely devoted to the history of warfare, and having taken a few courses in uni on "The Greek Way of warfare", inspired me to make a few videos showing the timeline of human warfare through movies and...
  4. F

    Human navigation for a million years? Not so fast!

    This is a sort of comment to an article from The New Scientist. Because of some findings of ancient bones or remnants of tools, it seems some think the only possible explanation is early seafaring. Perhaps. But not so fast with concluding it is "proved". There could over long timespans come...
  5. VHS

    Space faring human civilization since 350 CE

    This is the premise of an online novel I read, the title is Three Kingdoms: The Biochemical Freak (三国之生化狂人) Under the help of a virus called "saint", Yuan Fang, a modern military personnel (or experimenter) in the body of Yuan Fang, the...
  6. B

    The total number of human beings that have lived in what is now China

    Geographer George Cressey stated the following "More people have lived in China than anywhere else. Upwards of 10 billion human beings have moved across her good earth; nowhere else have so many people lived so intimately with nature. A thousand generations have left their indelible impression...
  7. Inc

    Dr.Guy McPherson from NASA Human Extinction within 10 years

    sNFvRS-Ka-c Is Dr. Guy McPherson a guy worth listening to?
  8. R

    Is liberalism and human rights just a rationalization for human decademce

    Like when a child does not want to go to bed so he shouts it is my right to watch TV and not go to bed, or someone wants to have sex with corpses in public or have sex with a dog or a horse or a 3 year old and so invents the concept of sexual rights in his head to justify his actions? Or someone...
  9. tomar

    Average human IQ going down Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing | Daily Mail Online IQs have largely increased since the 1930s thanks to better living conditions...
  10. F

    What "spaces" are open for human colonisation?

    here deadline:the end of this century. There has been many ideas of "space-colonisation", but nothing real of it so far. So for anything but very small numbers I am somewhat sceptic at least before the proposed mdeadline. Others have suggested the deep oceans, but here the same may be said. Homo...
  11. L

    Why did some human remain hunter gatherers?

    Why did some humans remain hunter gatherers living in a so called ‘stone age’ while others moved on evolved into more complex technologically advanced societies. In Africa we see ancient universities the pyramids, people like the Dogun in Mali who are expert astronomers and plot star...
  12. BloodyPirate

    First Human head transplant?

    A few months ago, i read about a Russian man who is going to have a head transplant. Is this even possible?
  13. Kahu

    New Zealand's ancient penguin was as big as a human

    New Zealand's ancient penguin was as big as a human Fossils of a giant man-sized penguin that once roamed New Zealand sat on a shelf for years before scientists started exploring their secrets. The bones were found in a chunk of rock on an Otago beach in 2004. The creature measured nearly...
  14. NBSHistory

    Human Trophy Taking in The Pacific War (WW2)

    There is very little scholarly work on this subject involving the theft of Human Skulls and Teeth during the Pacific War. U.S Marine's shipped a lot of these back through the post office as souvenirs to their loved one's. I have done a piece on it (youtube link underneath) trying to show some of...
  15. M

    How ancient human figure out that wheat, rice, barley can be use as a food ?

    I always wondered that how ancient human started to look up for this kind of food how did they know that wheat , rice ,barley can be use as a food because you know we can't eat rice like that we have to boil it we call boil rice , from wheat we get flat bread its a long procedure from rice and...
  16. F

    60 years of human space activities

    It is 60 years since the first Sputniks (at least the start of "official" space activity). This branch of human activity has developed in unexpected ways, I think. More succesfull than anticipated in some ways, less in other ways (not least human spacetravel, not to speak of the absence of any...
  17. T

    Could Grendel be based on a human berserker?

    The legendary Beowulf is often associated with Bödvar Bjarki who appears in a couple Norse Sagas and in the Gesta Danorum of Saxo Grammaticus. Apparently Bjarki killed a berserker named Agnar who died with a smile on his lips. As Sonya R. Jensen (whose hypothesis inspired me to ask this) argues...
  18. D

    Human losses during the Crusades

    Hello.During two centuries the europeans have tried to liberate Jerusalem and to create christian states.Is it possible to evaluate the human losses in this two centuries of confrontation ?
  19. Naomasa298

    Human rights and WW2

    During his testimony at the Nuremberg trials, the following exchange happened between SS Brigaefuehrer and head of the foreign intelligence service (presumably translated from German) and defence lawyer Dr. Kauffman: ------------------ DR. KAUFFMANN: What do you mean by evacuate? SCHELLENBERG...
  20. Quill And Ink History

    The medieval Church and human dissection.

    Hi everyone! I just made a new video refuting the claim that the medieval church prohibited the practice of human dissection. If you could watch it and give some critique and your own thoughts on the subject(and maybe recommend some new litterature on the subject) I would appreciate it a loot...