1. VHS

    Life After People

    I wrote a review earlier, and this is one of my most "formal" input since university essays: What are the best parts? How accurate are the speculations? How should we preserve historical sites?
  2. VHS

    What is the future of humanity?

    Bertrand Russell's book (or long essay) of Has Man a Future is several decades old; it may be a good starting point while it is quite dated. I wrote previously on human traitors of humanity in the Three-Body Problem: the Past of Earth...
  3. VHS

    Argue about feminization of humanity

    Feminization of humanity is a persistent topic today. Some blame extended peace, estrogen in meat or water supply, and lack of masculine models (determination, courage, and physical strength) for the "softening" of humanity. Another aspect is automation may lower the need of physical strength...
  4. VHS

    Define crimes against humanity

    Crimes against humanity is effectively the most serious charge against any humans. Lingchi (execution by around 3600 slices, which is substantially worse than crucifixion; I keep arguing what would it like if Jesus is portrayed coming back from Lingchi) is considered a crime against humanity...
  5. Y

    Starting a new society

    How would new societies evolve if a virus killed all the adults? How would the children behave and conduct their life? Lets imagine 2020, a border township between Israel an Gaza. Would the Arabs and Jews children fight , form armies? Is there a chance for peace?
  6. Jake10

    How highly do you regard humanity?

    Looking at humanity as a species, how highly do you regard or disregard our species?
  7. VHS

    The illusion about pristine humanity, is it common across belief systems?

    The current humanity mixes some of the best virtues and the worst vices, and we often find examples of mythology regarding the pristine humanity. In Christian mythology, human nature is considered corrupted. In many other mythology, we often talk of a previous pristine state of humanity or...
  8. M

    Time-Traveler gives a young Joseph Smith a Choice (Humanity without Mormonism)

    Joseph Smith is the founder of the Mormon religion which has a huge following in America But what if Smith did not found Mormonism? 1817 AD, United States of America Still a young boy, Joseph Smith meets a rich stranger claiming to be somebody from the future The Time-Traveler tells him of...
  9. Commodus

    When did humanity first envision space travel?

    As in theorising ways to reach the planets, or envisioning the possibility of other life on them? The idea was at least present in the Victorian age, as postcards were made imagining the future: Before that, there were of course astrologers who believed they could divine the future by the...
  10. UzKhan

    W. Churchill's Legacy: Global Conflict and Crimes Against Humanity

    Churchill is indeed the Greatest Briton to have ever lived, because for decades, the myth of Churchill has served as Britain's greatest propaganda tool to bolster national white pride and glorify British imperial culture. "I hate Indians, they are a beastly people with a beastly religion", he...
  11. S


    Is hope biggest characteristic human attribute?
  12. P

    How will we end?

    Is it possible to keep humanity from destroying itself? Is world peace just a utopia? Or do you think that we are fearing the wrong things entirely?
  13. CathareHeretic

    Klaus Barbie and Paul Touvier Crime against Humanity

    One is German and the Other French It is thanks to the journalist Ladislas de Hoyos Klaus Barbie was found in Bolivia. The former Gestapo chief who fled to South America and called himself Klaus Altmann is interviewed and trapped (he does speak on Lyon in French) by Ladislas de Hoyos in 1972...
  14. D

    I have given up on humanity

    I have to admit, although I definitely do have some empathy and concern towards other innocent people such as my family, when you go and expect me to live most or my entire life severely crippled in a depressed state, that is when you have gone too far. It would be no different than expecting a...
  15. Hozhabr

    Which historical event was more devastating to humanity?

    Which historical event was more devastating to humanity? Please choose one of the options.
  16. Darth Raidius

    Most humane colonial power?

    Out of all major colonial powers throughout history, which country was the most humane, judging from their treatment of the native population?
  17. W

    Srebrenica-Europe worst crime against humanity since Holocaust

    Today, the ICTY sentenced Serb Tolimir for the Srebrenica genocide. I am writing to never forget. That would never happen again. You can see a short documentary that was made by couple Woodger. After the...
  18. Nemowork

    Starving to death for science and humanity

    You learn new stuff every day and in unexpected places. In this case i was reading tvtropes for Terry Pratchett references. First, dont go there you'll lose hours of your life meandering through links to nostalgic stuff. But i came across a reference to the vavilov institute in the siege of...
  19. A

    Road to peace and advancement of humanity - Competition vs cooperation

    How competition and cooperation can be combined to lead towards human progress and not regress? DO you agree that the ultimate form of competition is war? While the end of the war can only be achieved through cooperation?
  20. W

    The Home of Humanity & the most unique race

    You might find it Little bit cocky in the beginning ''the most Unique race'' title but i will clearify it for you why. we all know that there is different races in this World.. but have you ever seen a race mixed of all races put together? if you look clearly at the somali race you might find...