1. MrKap

    Whales hunt humans via Sonar/Sodar

    I have found a few myths in the wiki which suggest that due to rays, or illusions, people have been lured to their deaths at sea, and now very recently one that mentions whales. In the Tyrol region of Austria, it was said that if a sunbeam were to...
  2. SufiMystic

    What is the biggest threat humans face in the future?

    History shows us that nothing lasts forever. Many empires of history have come and gone. They fell for all sorts of reasons, from famine to natural disasters and enemy invasions. With that in mind, what do you think is the biggest threat humans face in the future? Is it nuclear weapons...
  3. analysis17456

    When humans become lazy and useless?

    Just a thread for an entertaining discussion. What are your opinions? What I mean is: "The history of the Z'vali is a tale of technology gone wrong. An intelligent bipedal race born on a cozy, resource-rich world, the Z'vali developed advanced computer systems long before they discovered any...
  4. Visigoth Panzer

    How Humans would fight Giants

    If Giants existed, we'll say they are around 10 feet tall and 2-3 times as strong as humans, how would humans in ancient/medieval times have combated them? Would the pike be the best melee weapon? Would shield walls be practical against giants? How would the giants themselves counter?
  5. F

    Humans after the age of science?

    "Is science infinite" asks John Horgan in Scientific American. Will the rest of human existence be dominated by ever expanding scientific (and possibly technological) achievements? Or may we enter an age when they lose influence to other activities and experiences?
  6. D

    Black Death 'spread by humans not rats'

    Rats were not to blame for the spread of plague during the Black Death, according to a study. The rodents and their fleas were thought to have spread a series of outbreaks in 14th-19th Century Europe. But a team from the universities of Oslo and Ferrara now says the first, the Black Death, can...
  7. E

    What if humans can't fly? WWII without airplanes

    Let's say humanity never discovered a way to fly? This thread is about WWII seeing the huge impact airplanes and their explosive cargo had on the conflict and not only it's outcome but the strategic manner in which it was fought.
  8. RidiculousName

    Why are we the Only Humans Left?

    How come all our upright-walking relatives are extinct?
  9. N

    Determining if Charred Fossil bones from humans or wildfire?

    Are there any techniques in being able to determine if a fossil from a prey animal with charred corners on the bones is the result of a human fire or a wild naturally occurring fire?
  10. A

    Are humans capable of democracy?

    I am taking a break from a science forum now that I have a better understanding of the members of that forum believing it is a privilege to be a member of the forum. I suppose all forums run on the idea that it is a privilege to be a member? Heaven knows I have run into that opinion many...
  11. SufiMystic

    Early hominids and the evolution of humans

    For millions of years, mankind's ancestors, the early hominids, lived just like the animals. Then something happened. We began to live in Hunter gatherer settlements, then villages, then small towns, then the earliest cities. Primitive houses were constructed from wood, mud brick and clay. We...
  12. notgivenaway

    Why do humans have continuously growing hair?

    Men's beards and hair on our heads grows without limit. But why? what's the evolutionary reason for this? It cannot be to protect from the cold. We evolved in Africa, which has always been hotter than other continents, and 150,000 years ago and Africans today like all people have continuously...
  13. A

    Which primata species will be dominant "IF" Humans are gone?

    Humans (Homo Sapiens) have become the only and single ape species to ever become dominant in this planet since the non-avian dinosaurs, we have become so successful with our innovations and creativity, many believe that nothing would never happen to us as we have technology. However technology...
  14. VHS

    Of humans and bees

    Bees, according to wikipedia, has lived on the earth since Early Cretaceous, which means they can be 145 millions years old as a group of animals. Modern humans, however, only walked the earth for the last 200,000 years at most. Still, we have developed an interesting partnership with bees...
  15. VHS

    Humans in Year 0 of the Holocene Calendar (or 10001 BCE for this matter)

    The 0 HE (Holocene Calendar) is completely arbitrary. Still, the discussion is: what were Homo sapiens sapiens like during the alleged beginning of the Holocene epoch?
  16. VHS

    The philosophy behind genetically modifying humans

    Many science fictions (I include movies, TV series, and animes) feature genetically modified humans. Gundam is a famous and well-known example. I last viewed the anime version of the Seikai series. The Abh humans are genetically altered to have blue hair, youth until death (no aging beyond...
  17. bedb

    Horses and Humans

    The heights above Dug Bar looking across to Idaho from the Snake River. In the aftermath of the 1863 Treaty with the U.S. government, the Wallowa Valley in northeastern Oregon was left outside of the Nez Perce reservation. Joseph and his brother Ollokot met with General O.O. Howard at Fort...
  18. B

    Humans may speak a universal language

    Humans may speak a universal language, say scientists* It seems to only be relevant to 'basic speech'. Could this really be just the limit of human vocal cords to certain sounds with the most commonly used sounds applied to nouns and verbs which are most often required? Maybe the languages...
  19. VHS

    Of Rodents and Humans

    This very title is clearly a parody of the controversial English textbook Of Mice and Men. While more than 50% of all mammals are rodents, their relatively small size has rendered them somehow less important than others. Wait! Rodents and Humans are the most numerous mammals on Planet Earth...
  20. J

    Do humans in general prefer a fairer complexion?

    We've seen it throughout history that fairer skin has been considered very beautiful in most cultures, so would it be accurate to say that humans prefer fairer skin general?