1. R

    What was the state of the Austro Hungarian army in 1914

    In comparison to the French, German, and Russian army? How well equipped was it and how ready was it fight a major conflict? What about the Landwehr and the Hondvegseg? How did those two coordinate their operations in WW1 with the Imperial army?
  2. Y

    Sources on Hungarian revolution

    I'm looking for some good sources and information on the Hungarian revolution of 1956. Both good information on the build up to the revolution and how good information how the course of the fighting. It would also be nice if it isn't going to cost me too much :laugh:
  3. R

    Czech and Hungarian art of war 15-17th century

    I would like to know many specific details about the art of war in the Kingdom of Hungary and Kingdom of Bohemia in 15-17th century. 1. Did they write military treatizes about their own art of war, or they didn't make it before 1526 and then they were completely under foreign influence? What...
  4. D

    Austrian and Hungarian troops (WW1)

    Hello.Did the Austrian and Hungarian troops participate during the WW1 at some battles in France ? Thank you.
  5. A

    Was Janos Hunyadi or Matias Corvinus more influential in Hungarian History?

    Hunyadi helped lay the foundations of the modern State of Hungary. A moderately successful commander, he was defeated at Varna (1444) and at Kosovo (1448). Corvinus helped to create "The Black Army", which pioneered the use of gunpowder. He is also credited with taking Hungary into the...
  6. oszkar777

    Polish and Hungarian Relations

    Has anyone heard about this historical long standing goodwill relation's between Poland and Hungary that had been in existance for several hundred years. It seems there were even Proverbs and Poems written about it in both Polish and Hungarian. This is what I found online. The Polish text...
  7. L

    Medieval Hungarian

    G-day Folks. My first ever post on a forum anywhere!! I am a leather crafter that kind of fell into medieval fairs and now chase fairs & related events selling my wares around the eastern states of Oz. I wish to get into the re-enactment side of things a little more but find that the love of...
  8. S

    Hungary: Unearthing Suleiman the Magnificent's tomb

    Hungarian town hopes Suleiman's tomb will bring in much needed tourism: Hungary: Unearthing Suleiman the Magnificent's tomb - News from Al Jazeera
  9. Futurist

    Who exactly would you have supported in the Hungarian-Romanian War?

    For reference: As for me, Romania, due to my utter hatred of Bolsheviks and Communists.
  10. M

    Does the Hungarian nation exist? Confused about history material

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is really dumb. I know it might be ridiculous, but I hope I can get a better understanding. I was browsing for some history on Youtube and bumped into a playlist "BBC Romanian History". I thought to myself "Let's check it out, I know nothing about history in that...
  11. Valens

    Hungarian kings

    I'm not very knowledgeable in this, but for some time I have researched about Hungarian monarchs. While some were very powerful rulers, Arpad kings in the XII century and Anjous later in the XIV century, others were weak feudal rulers who had to balance the interests of the nobility and hold...
  12. A

    Hungarian gothic altarpiece

    I saw this painting in the Hungarian national gallery in Budapest: St. Mary Magdalen altarpiece from Berki, painted in 1480. Here I attached a picture of the whole altarpiece and a detail. Now focus on the detail: what do you think it means ? I was surprised to see this kind of scenes...
  13. Druzhina

    Early 15th Century Illustrations of Hungarian Costume & Soldiers

    Early 15th Century Illustrations of Hungarian Costume & Soldiers The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Fresco of the Tereske church, northern Hungary, turn of the 14th-15th centuries Frescoes in the Cerín Roman Catholic Church, Slovakia, early 15th century The Saint Ladislaus legend in the Fresco of...
  14. Druzhina

    16th century Hungarian Knights

    I previously posted about 16th century Hungarian hussars, here are 16th century Hungarian Knights including from Slovakia (Upper Hungary) & Croatia: Coat-of-arms of the Máriássi family from Márkusfalva (Markušovce), Slovakia, 1504 - a Hungarian knight with mace The tomb effigy of Štefan Mariáši...
  15. Druzhina

    Hungarian mounted crossbowmen

    In the frescoes in the Póniky (Pónik) Roman Catholic Church, Slovakia (upper Hungary), c.1478 are two horsemen in the Saint Ladislaus legend that appear to have crossbows. Are they mounted crossbowmen? Are there other representations of Hungarian mounted crossbowmen? MIRROR SITES Frescoes in...
  16. B

    Hungarian VS. German military marches (18-19th century)

    Hello! The German (non Austrian) military music resembling me to their old traditional folk music in their beer houses. Perhabs they sound like a wilder type of beer-house music. For example: Koniggratzer Marsch Hohenfriedberger Marsch Preußens Gloria etc..) They are not really artistic...
  17. B

    POLL: Hungarian renaissance Dances (short video-clips) Which one is the best?

    1.Hungarian renaissance dances and music from the 15-16th century. Renaissance Consort No. 5 - YouTube 2. Camerata Hungarica (15th century) Hungarian Dances Camerata Hungarica - YouTube 3. Renaissance music from Hungary : bagpipe tunes Renaissance music from Hungary : bagpipe...
  18. Killbot

    European Fascism: The Hungarian Case

    Over at least the last five years, Europe has seen a resurgence of fascist ideology. One such country is Hungary. Under the leadership of Viktor Orban and the Fidesz party, many observers, both internal and external, have voiced concerns that the country has been steadily backsliding into...
  19. Killbot

    The Hungarian Arrow Cross and WW2

    In the late phase of the Second World War, the Arrow Cross was installed into power in Hungary and began murdering Jews and reactivating Jewish deportations started under Adolf Eichmann. Why, at a time when the Red Army was smashing through Hungary, did the Arrow Cross focus on attacking Jews...
  20. Korin

    Hungarian ancestry

    So we have Thracian and Bulgar, what else? Siberian ?