1. Rex Hiemis

    John II Komnenos' hunt with poisoned arrows

    Why did John II use poisoned arrows (which ultimately led him to his death) in a hunt at Cilicia during his campaign to Antioch? Also are there any accounts about hunts with poisoned arrows?
  2. Swagganaut

    Source hunting for Medieval Central Sudan (Ca. 500 - 1500 AD)

    As already announced some days ago, I want to write a paper on the Kingdom of Alodia (Aka Alwa or Aloa), a Christian Nubian Kingdom which lasted from the 6th - early 16th century in what is now central Sudan. In contrast to Makuria the sources are fairly spare, especially archaeological ones...
  3. W

    Looting/treasure hunting during Napoleon's Egypt expedition?

    Was wondering if someone could give me a bit of info on this. How much was looting/treasure-hunting regulated by Napoleon during his expedition to Egypt and Syria? When reading on Wikipedia about the later French Morea expedition, it claims that Guillaume-Abel Blouet (an architect accompanying...
  4. W

    Treasure hunting in the Renaissance era

    I came across this article about explorers and treasure hunters in the mountains of southern Poland/northern Czech: Walloons - Medieval treasure hunters : Karpacz It's interesting how it talks about the different kinds of people who came there during the 15th and 16th centuries and the symbols...
  5. RonPrice

    Career Guidance Letter writing: 2 job applications a week for 50 years---job hunting 1957-2007

    THE MESSAGE HERE IS: BE PERSISTENT LETTER WRITING: 2 JOB APPLICATIONS A WEEK FOR 50 YEARS---JOB HUNTING 1957-2007 Part 1: The 3600 word statement which follows describes my transition from employment and the job-hunting process which took place from 1957 to 2007 to retirement and the...
  6. PRS

    Hunting the Buffalo

    This is a photo taken from the Wiki article showing buffalo skulls ready to be shipped east to be made into fertilizer. Any mathematicians out there? But what I'm really curious about is how the buffalo were hunted by the plains Indians prior to the introduction of the horse c. 1700. I have...
  7. M

    looking for a primary source on bison hunting

    Looking for information on USA policy to help exterminate American Indians by killing off bison. I have found nothing concrete and I am beginning to suspect that the allegations might be on a par with the phoney Chief Seattle quotes. Can anyone help ?
  8. Henrique Aguiar

    King George V's Hunting in Nepal

    About the photographs These photographs depict scenes of the shikar, or hunt, the hunted animals and the hunting camps of King George V in Tarai in December 1911. The photographs feature the wild animals of Tarai including tigers, bears and rhinoceroses, the use of the elephant "hunting ring"...
  9. Uhtred

    Israel 1945-60: Was time wasted by not hunting nazis?

    Israeli PM David Ben Gurion always refused to hunt down the fleeing, hiding nazis during his tenure of 1948-63, despite having an excellent and feared Intelligence/Commando service of hardened WWII veterans, The Mossad. This would have been a perfect opportunity to capture, or assassinate, the...
  10. tjadams

    Hunting Rifle of the Future

    The hunting rifle of the future is here at CES (video) The hunting rifle of the future is here at CES (video) | PCWorld Have an extra $20,000 USD handy? Get one of these.
  11. AlpinLuke

    The Great European Witch Hunting

    Note about this topic: it can contain arguments a bit "particular". I will avoid to publish disturbing reports about the activities of the witches and I will limit my perspective to a historical one. NUMBERS: Heinrich Himmler's dark knights can help us ... It can seem really odd, but...
  12. rehabnonono

    Schutzstaffel Hunting

    In 2008 Piotr Cywiński, the Director of the Auschwitz Museum stated that... Sounds rather sad, so I am wondering if there are there any other instances of former SS members being brought to justice?
  13. A

    Archaeologists hunting for Mona Lisa unearth tomb and staircase

    Very interesting story. I wish they would post more pictures for articles like these. I want to see the staircase and tombs!!! I wonder who they will find down there... bet it's more than a few remains. Italy: Archaeologists hunting for Mona Lisa unearth tomb and staircase - Adnkronos...
  14. unclefred

    Montana to legalize hunting by Atlatl? (spear throwers)

    Apparently a law is being discussed to allow Atlatl hunting. I found an amusing story from the online news: [Aztlan] Montana law moves to legalize ancient spear-throwing art
  15. GypsyQueen

    14th century greek hunting dogs

    hello i am in need of help. please can anyone tell me what types of dogs the greek people used in hunting back in the 14th century? or what large dogs where around greece at that time? any help or anything very welcome. thanks
  16. Richard Stanbery

    Hunting and fishing

    Any of you guys like to hunt or fish? I do. I like to fish with a group of friends. It is a big social event. I like to hunt alone in many times. I like to listen to the wind blow through the trees. I like to go to the lonely places and just enjoy nature. I see the darndest things up there...