1. Polynikes

    The Stratioti: predecessors to the Hussars? Their role in Italian army and elsewhere?

    Hi everyone, I thought that this would be a good thread topic. How effective were the Stratioti? And why were they so heavily recruited among Italian states and other militaries during the early modern period? What were their finest moments and what did they wear into battle often...
  2. U

    Which army uniform is it?

    Hello. Can you help me identify which army uniform this is? (see the attached photo of a painting). My current best guess is that it is a french cavalry uniform from the early 1800 - maybe a Napoleonic hussar uniform. However, the colors and other details of the uniform does not seem to be...
  3. K

    Have there ever been any known, famous Winged Hussars?

    Whenever I have read about Polish Winged Hussars, I have never read any mention of single hussars that distinguished themselves in any way. I assume this is because I just haven't found the right sources just yet. Do you fine people know of any?
  4. Shtajerc

    Recruiting in Austria?

    I'd like to ask you a question about the way recruitment took place in Austria in the 18th century, the differences between Hungary and Austrian and Bohemian lands, how Joseph II changed it with his reform? In relation to this, I have also a more concrete problem. I shall explain. Some of you...
  5. DShim

    Polish Winged Hussars

    I was reading about famous warriors on the interwebs, and came across the polish winged hussars. Suffice to say, I was very impressed with the information on them. However -- not sure about the reason, perhaps due to the members of the winged...
  6. A

    When did the Polish Winged Hussars become Heavy Cavalry?

    From my scanty knowledge of the Winged Hussars, I believe there was something of a transformation during their existence. I believe the original Polish hussars were foreign, Croat/Hungarian(?) and other, originally very much light cavalry. Then subsequently the possibly more famous...
  7. M

    Weapons and Tactics of the Polish Winged Hussars

    What where the weapons and their use of the Polish Winged Hussars? I believe they carried a 20 meter lance(longer than most pikes) called the Kopia. How did they use it? I believe they broke often due to their hollow design. So would they charge and retreat back to their retainer for another...
  8. E

    Hungarian Hussars .vs. Polish Lancers

    What military unit was better? I'm going with the aggressive Hungarian Hussars. Edit: It should be Polish Lancers instead of Polish Hussars in the poll fyi, my mistake, typed to fast.
  9. Magnate

    Queen's Royal Hussars

    Was just googling around on capital cities around Europe and found this Every member of the Queen's Royal Hussars of the United Kingdom light cavalry wears the Maid of Warsaw, the crest of the City of Warsaw. Why? Coat of arms of Warsaw - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia You can see the mark...
  10. NomadBard

    Polish Hussars

    During the 15th - 17th centuries, the Poles relied on heavy hussars armed with sabres, lances, and, surprisingly enough, wings. Does anyone know any reasons the Polish hussars had these angellic protrusions?