1. J

    15th century English army, Hussite, Swiss pikeman vs Ottoman

    How do the - 15th century English army of the 100 Years War - Hussite - Swiss pikeman fare against the Ottoman of their respective period in a field battle with equal number? I heard that those forces can defeat other European forces several times their size. Also what happen if their...
  2. Y

    the execution of 27 people in Prague, was it a Hussite thing?

    Hello. On July 21th 1621 27 people were executed on Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic. Did it have to do something with the Hussites (followers of Jan Hus)? Thank you.
  3. Druzhina

    Illustration of a Hussite Wagon Fortress, 1437

    Hussite Wagon Fortress, from Johannes Hartlieb's Kriegsbuch c.1437 A Hussite War-Wagon c.1430 from Armies of the Middle Ages, Volume 2 by Ian Heath, based on the Johannes Hartlieb: 'Kriegsbuch' miniature MIRROR SITE Hussite Wagon Fortress, from Johannes Hartlieb's Kriegsbuch c.1437 A Hussite...
  4. D

    Hussitism and Czechization (Tschechisierung)

    "(...) Feudal nobility and aristocracy in Bohemia were Germans or Germanized Czechs and they were above the law, while commoners (...) lived under despotic rule; for every offense they were losing their noses cut off by knives and hands cut off by axes (...) In Prague, at the beginning of the...
  5. M

    Size of Holy Roman army-super large during Hussite Wars?

    Hey I am currentlry reading the about the Hussite Wars. Apartley the Holy Roman empire was capable of fielding massive 100,000+man armies on a single battlefield in the medieval era. Like the Battle of Kutna Hora, Viktov Hill and Domzalize, sometimes going up to 200,000. How true is this? 100...
  6. T

    How much do we know about the different Hussite sects?

    During the Hussite wars, many a different sect/cult arose in Bohemia due to lack of central authority. Some are well know like the Taborites, but others like the Adamites are almost ignored. My question to you, is how much historiography is there about the different Hussite sects. Any...
  7. &

    Anyone know about Jan Zizka and the Hussite Revolution?

    I attend the University of Georgia and I found only like 3 solid books on the above subject in their massive library... and, so far, those are the only real ones that I've been able to locate ANYWHERE on the subject. Very distressing, as Zizka was blind in both eyes and around 70 years old when...