1. P

    Best places to live in history: hypothetical

    Lets assume you are immortal like the protagonist in the film "The Man from Earth". Where would you chose to live in each century assuming you wish to live in the most 'civilized' city available.. with the most interesting culture, art, best sanitation, most personal freedom, least plagues...
  2. P

    Best places to live in history: hypothetical

  3. MrKap

    Phaeton (hypothetical planet)

    I've been mulling this "historical" scientific theory around for some time now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phaeton_(hypothetical_planet) I suspect it may still be valid. even though it's original promoters, have been discredited. Has anyone taken this idea seriously? It seems to be...
  4. Y

    Tang China vs. Danish Vikings (hypothetical naval)

    We know that Tang China had a naval battle in alliance with Silla against the Japan-Pakche alliance in 660; it follows then that China must have a navy in order to fight this war. Danish Vikings are also roughly in the same period. If the battle should take place in the Sea of Japan, which...
  5. A

    Hypothetical Matchups: Xiang Yu v Lui Bei

    In general, which warlords of Chinese History were better commanders? The warlords of the Late Qin dynasty (think Xiang Yu, Liu Bang, etc.) OR The warlords of the Late Han + 3 Kingdoms Period (think Kuan Yu, Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Yuan Shao, Chang Fei, etc.)
  6. H

    Hypothetical Japanese invasion of Australia in 1942

    So here’s the scenario. Its mid 1942. The battle of the Coral Sea ends in a limited Japanese victory; both Lexington and Yorktown are sunk for only the loss of Shoho. The USN is unable to prevent the fall of Port Moresby. The IJN goes ahead with its plan to lure the remaining USN fleet...
  7. Guaporense

    Operation Overlord 119 AD: A Plan for a hypothetical Roman invasion of India

    How about it? The Roman Empire under Trajan/Hadrian decides to get some fun and plans for a full scale invasion of India which the objective of conquering the whole subcontinent. Logistics The main difficulty of the invasion would be handling the logistics of transporting and supplying forces...
  8. Rasta

    Hypothetical Christianity

    So these are various hypothetical situations that have no well defined answer. I realize that people may have their own "well defined" answers, but I was just curious to get people's input on various questions that I had when I was a believer. For this thread I will assume that Christianity is...
  9. bluesman

    Hypothetical Campaign- Prototype: Norse v. Iroquois

    Another anachronistic competition. This time, however, I strove to provide for operational and strategic level developments. Details are as follows. Obviously this scenario is completely implausible, but so is Roman v. T-rex. If anybody could translate a crappy sketch into a workable map, I'd...
  10. throughthepastdarkly

    Hypothetical for musicians

    Suppose we could bring Bach back to life and play some Chopin preludes for him. Given how comprehensive Bach's body of work was, would he have thought the relatively less-conventional Romantic forms of classical music to have been a bastardization of the Baroque (and let's throw Classical-era...