1. Futurist

    Was the idea of a German-Soviet war exclusively Hitler's?

    Was the idea of a German-Soviet war exclusively that of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? I know that the idea of an eventual German-Polish war had been flirted even before the Nazis came to power in Germany ( ; "He also believed...
  2. artistauthor

    Would it have been a good idea for Vietnam to be neutralized?

    Would it have been a good idea for Vietnam to be neutralized(like Austria after WWII and Laos in 1962)? True, this might have led to a Communist Vietnam anyway but given that several prominent US military men such as Matthew Ridgway, Douglas McCarthur(US Army) and David Shoup, Commandant, US...
  3. C

    Why are children so attracted to the idea of Piracy

    Hi All, I am doing a small research project and wanted to get some information from you. It is basically a simple question and requires opinion. That question is, why do parents allow this idea of a child to be dressed up as a pirate? They were scoundrels at their time and still are within...
  4. R

    Is it idea that the state or society should not regulated morals unique

    Is the idea that the state or society has no grounds to regulate morality unique? Because when you look at it is seems that every civilization from the Romans to the Greeks to the Egyptians tried to regulate morals in some way for the sake of a well ordered society.
  5. Futurist

    Was the idea of settling Jewish refugees in Algeria before WWII ever considered?

    Was the idea of settling European Jewish refugees in Algeria before the start of World War II ever seriously considered? Basically, I know that there was a serious problem in regards to Jewish refugees before the start of World War II due to the fact that Nazi Germany wanted its Jews out while...
  6. SufiMystic

    Is democracy a failure?

    It seems to me democracy in England and the USA is broken. After observing politics, I have come to the conclusion that this is no way to run a country, and that the system is a travesty, a farce, an absolute joke, and a horrible way of deciding public affairs. Why? 1. Elections are a cheap...
  7. R

    Is the US provoking China into a preventive war a good idea?

    Is it a good idea for the US to goad China into a preventive war that China will surely lose, before China gets too powerful to deal with? It will be like Carthage intervening to help Phyrus of Epirus in order to prevent the Roman Republic from ruling the entire Italian Peninsula.
  8. PoeticHoplite

    Naval Infantry: An Outdated Idea?

    A recent interest of mine has been researching naval uniforms, and the history of naval infantry involved in conflict on land between 1914 and 1945. This, however, raises the question of the effectivness of these units, and their purpose and necessity in twentieth-century combat. In the case of...
  9. F

    Should we quit any idea of a "western" world?

    ..And replace it by what?
  10. shootseven

    Civil War Spy Hattie Lewis (Research idea)

    For any Civil War buffs looking for a challange, may I call your attention to Pinkerton operative and Civil War spy Hattie Lewis (or, as Pinkerton called her in his Spy of the Rebellion, Hattie Lawton). So little is known about her and even her name is in question, though I firmly believe it to...
  11. R


    This story is actually going to be a science fiction/historical/fantasy novel. (you'll find throughout my time here that I have a LOT of ideas) In fact, I'm considering calling my novel Bihumanity. All I currently have created for the novel is the following: The premise of the story is that...
  12. F

    An anachronism: the idea of "the west"?

    It could be ask if there is any "western civilization", though of course it may only be I ask because I am not part of it (From Northern Europe). Litterally it makes little sense, since the earth is known to be without "edges" (except the one beneath our feet). There is something called the...
  13. TomarRajput

    Harvard scholar says the idea of India dates to a much earlier time than the British

    Harvard scholar says the idea of India dates to a much earlier time than the British or the Mughals Harvard scholar says the idea of India dates to a much earlier time than the British or the Mughals It wasn’t just a cluster of regional identities, and it wasn't ethnic or racial, says Diana L...
  14. R

    Did isolated humans all come up with the idea of currency?

    In other words, I was watching some anime, Nobonaga's Concerto, and it mentioned merchants and such in feudal Japan. So, it struck me as odd that I've never heard about a society other than indigenous peoples, small tribes and such, which didn't come up with any other method of economics aside...
  15. Futurist

    Egyptian President Nasser ridiculing the idea of mandatory hijabs for women in 1958

    Here you go: Looking at this clip, it appears that Nasser is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, Israeli historical enemies. I mean, Yes, he was certainly anti-Israel, but he was also against mandatory hijabs for women and...
  16. B

    Basis for idea that Japanese destroyed all Korean history records

    I've often seen this claim in various internet forums and among friends. Of course everyone knows that Japanese tried to force a sense of unity in their Korean colony by making people take Japanese names and spreading propaganda to emphasize any similarities between Koreans and Japanese...
  17. G

    Would the idea of Jewish state have taken off if not for Holacaust

    Such an idea did exist and a few Jews did go back to the Holy Land but accelerated migration happened after Nazi era. Most Jews seemed well integrated and economically tied in their settled lands and culturally less Jewish and more resident. What if Holocaust never happened would we have seen a...

    Is the 22nd Amendment a terrible idea? I stumbled across an old article arguing for the repeal of the 22nd Amendment, and thought that I'd kick-start a discussion here. I'm of the fairly strong opinion that term limits are one of the more stupid ideas that get bandied about in...
  19. EmperorTigerstar

    Are You Scared Of the Idea of A.I.?

    Yes, androids do dream of electric sheep | Technology | The Guardian Are you personally scared of the idea of true A.I. coming to be in your lifetime? Or any form of technology becoming overwhelming?
  20. R

    Constantine: What was his idea?

    A while back ago I was given the assignment of writing a fifteen page essay on the fall of Rome to the rise of Russia. We'd been taught in class that Constantine, the "first" emperorof the West, had been the founder of Byzantine. Ibelieved that and went to do so extra research and stumbled...