1. B

    Help needed to identify an old gun

    Hi First of all, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area. Im trying to identify what type of guns these are and if they can be repaired. I live in Ireland. They have been in our family for a long time. Thanks, in advance for your time. Aidan PS I have more photos, its hard work...
  2. G

    WW2 or ww1 German whistle please someone identify !!!!

    Hello what is the year of this whistle I am not sure if it's from ww1 or 2 and it's Mark polizie I guess it's German for police any help is appreciated thanks.
  3. B

    During the Albigensian Crusade how did inquisitors identify Cathars?

    During the Albigensian Crusade how did inquisitors identify Cathars?
  4. J

    Help me identify this ammo crate

    I bought this ammo crate recently. On the bottom it says NL73A PH57, on the sides it has yellow numbers and letters, which are illegible at this stage. I was able to make out the words Cartridge 105mm Blank, but somebody also told me they thought it was a crate for 57mm ammo. Could anyone help...
  5. R

    Can you identify these: looks meso-american

    I bought these when I was younger at a antique shop for 30 bucks. Have no idea if they’re real or fake (the holes didn’t look like they were drilled in modern times to me). Can anyone identify these if they are real?
  6. W

    Help me identify this statue?

    I was at the thrift store and I picked up some old slides and amongst them was this one. I don't have the proper equipment with me to veiw them so I had to make do, as I am on holiday. Could anyone help me out?
  7. Moros

    Identify Uniform

    Can anyone identify this uniform? The photo is dated June 1911, and has something to do with the Coronation of George V in London. Thanks.
  8. V

    Help to identify revolver

    help to identify revolver In our Museum of Coastal Defence in Hel we have revolver I can't identyfy. Please Help!
  9. R

    Chinese mythological figure - need to identify

    Hi All, I am wondering what kind of "person" depicted here. Please see picture attached. Kind regards
  10. K

    Need help to identify a King from a Cabinet photo

    Hello :-) If anyone would have any information as who this King was and from which country it would be appreciate. Thank You Richard
  11. E

    Trying to identify austrian-hungarian uniform

    Hi, can someone help me with the identification of this austrian-hungarian uniform from World War I? From what I know he should be some kind of medical officer.
  12. T

    Trying to identify the rough age of this photo.

    I recently came across a beautiful old photo of an ancestor of mine. However, it was in two pieces, so using photoshop, I did a very basic rough patch job. Anyway, it is a photo of a man in what is most likely Germany. I've looked around the internet, but haven't come across something like...
  13. T

    Trying to identify German Uniform

    Good evening all, I am doing a bunch of genealogical work, and scanned this photo of a man in a German uniform. He served in the German army during WW1, and probably served later on as well. Is anybody able to help identify what type of soldier he was? I was told he was an officer of some kind...
  14. B

    How did the Ustase identify who was Serbian?

    How did the Ustase identify who was Serbian?
  15. P

    Help Me Identify Please

    Please help me identify this any information would be great! I found it in a really old house in Piqua Ohio there are two names at the bottom of the page... Von Ellis To Ed Hoffman Ed is the late owner of the home I'm not sure who Von is and I'm not sure if Von is the author or if they just...
  16. K

    Help identify grandpa's patches

    Hello I'm a new member here. Want to start off by saying thanks for letting me be here, I love history. Ok so I found some old stuff of my grandpa's including these patches. I've been able to identify all of his other pathese except these 3. I've looked all over. I know he was in the 82nd...
  17. A

    Can you help me identify these statues?

    Hello, Can anyone help me identify these statues? They are both bought in the US and have Mexican/Mayan background I think.
  18. B

    Help to identify statue

    Anyone know who this statue is and where it is located?
  19. KaijuCommanderOO7

    Mongol Siege I'm Trying To Identify

    kMRX1aNkVow This video (part of the documentary Secrets of The Great Wall) speaks of a siege where the Mongols under good 'ol Genghis (or Chinggis, if you prefer) stopped before a crucial fort north of the capital. Unfortunately, the Chinese (they never really say which dynasty) laid it with...
  20. E

    Temple Mound Sifting Project Looking For Help To Identify Objects

    The Temple Mount Sifting Project is a group sifting through formerly bulldozed dirt from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Archeological work on the Temple Mount is prohibited, but in 1999 an illegal excavation took place...and 400 truckloads of dirt from the mount was dumped in a nearby valley...