1. S

    How would you respond to these ignorant claims about African history and bad culture?

    So some moron recently told me this on Trump's shithole comments, his reason why he thinks they are shitholes is due to culture: "The truth is, neither is a positive thing to say, but I think what Trump was getting at is that these countries are unstable and have some bad cultural aspects but...
  2. civfanatic

    Why were Indians so poor in geographical knowledge compared to other civilizations?

    Ancient and early medieval Indian literature is vast and contains many works on numerous topics. However, the absence of works on certain topics is quite conspicuous. Many students of history bemoan the lack of proper Indian historical works, comparable to the Annals of Tacitus or the New...
  3. C

    Old, ignorant but enthusiastic

    Hi, I'm Caroline, 62 years old and from London. Sadly I have little knowledge of history. I am however a very enthusiastic reader of non-fiction, and frequently come across historical references which perplex me. I am therefore delighted to have found this forum!
  4. WeisSaul

    Intelligent television becoming ignorant?

    Any person who has seen the gradual evolution of the content on the History channel(s), National Geographic channel, Sci-Fi (now SyFy?:huh:), and so on has been becoming pretty (if I may be so blunt) dumb as of late. With Duck Dynasty, Ancient Aliens, Swamp people, Wrestlemania (on SyFy?), Brad...
  5. Quirinus

    Question about the English Royal Family from an ignorant Yank

    As I did in the title, I just want to preface this by stating that I am quite ignorant to this topic, and am genuinely curious. As Prince William and his princess embark on their North American tour the seemingly never-ending media coverage of the Royal couple has gotten a shot in the arm here...
  6. unclefred

    Jane, you ignorant sl*t...

    When that joke was made on SNL back in the 70's we laughed because the it was an absurd caricature. These days, things are different... MSNBC suspends Schultz for calling Ingraham a 'slut' - On Media - POLITICO.com