1. F

    Sorites paradox: illegal territorial acquisition & recognition

    Suppose there's a country called Xyz (where the population self-identify as Xyzans); a country called Big (where the population self-identify as Bigese) conquers and annexes Xyz - after how many years of Bigese annexation of Xyz and what percentage of the population in Xyz (if still called...
  2. King Arthur

    The true reason drugs are illegal

    Because black people and hippies used them. By criminalising them, their votes were removed. The negroes were put to work afterwards, as slavery was reborn. Found this out today. Truly sick. America has no chance of redemption. God should have kept his fire and brimstone for Uncle Antiblack...
  3. King Arthur

    When did soldier rape become illegal?

    I've always wondered. From what I can tell, during WW2 every single faction in the Axis and Allies engaged in a bit of (non-punished) rape. Saxons and Vikings even considered it a "right" after a pillage to rape the women from what I've found.
  4. holoow

    What makes a political regime illegal?

    For example, Rhodesia's unilateral declaration of independence (1965) was condemned by the international community and regime in Rhodesia was considered as 'illegal'. For the first time in history, United Nations imposed total economic sanctions against Rhodesia. On the other hand, such brutal...
  5. H

    Should alcohol be illegal?

    Marijuana is currently legal (100%-not just medical exceptions) in 4 US states and a few cities-but its generally illegal in the US. Alcohol is the opposite (yes, there are a handful of places like counties where it was banned)-but in most places its a legal drug. I agree with people who say...
  6. Kormp

    Illegal Immigration: Downfall of the Roman Empre?

    Near the dusk of the Roman Empire, its vast lands were beginning to be filled with Germanic migrators driven by the fear of the Huns and other factors. The Germanic tribes settled in those lands, which would eventually trigger conflicts with the Romans. This is a matter of a heated debate...
  7. dreamregent

    How can medical marijuana be illegal?

    Hi everyone. I haven't been around in a while because my mother had an episode with her health a couple of weeks ago. I had an ambulance take her to the hospital because I thought she was having a stroke...she lost control of her right arm for a few minutes. However, after a number of...
  8. Futurist

    Was Israel's annexation of territory which it conquered in 1948-1949 illegal?

    This article makes an interesting argument that Israel's annexation of the territory which it conquered in 1948-1949 was illegal and that the only territory which Israel should be considered to legitimately own is the territory which was assigned to it in the 1947 U.N. Partition Plan: The...
  9. B

    The illegal slave trade

    Slave importation into the US was banned after 1808. The Constitution required that it be legal up to that year. This ban on the slave trade increased the price of slaves. This was very profitable for slave owners in the upper south, who could not make so much growing crops any more. Also, for...
  10. Belloc

    Files Uncovered: Wehrmacht Veterans Created Illegal Army

    Wehrmacht Veterans Created a Secret Army in West Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE Comments? Seems to parallel the kind of secret rearming that occurred after the First World War.
  11. grey fox

    When did it become illegal to practice medicine in America without a medical degree?

    I know that in the 19th century, anyone could just declare themselves a physician and practice medicine without a medical degree or any training. Obviously that's not the case today. When did it become illegal to practice medicine in the United States of America without a medical degree?
  12. A

    What if outsourcing labor was illegal for American companies?

    People always say that jobs are going to East and South Asians in faraway countries instead of to Americans. But what if the government made this illegal and all those jobs went to Americans. What would happen to the economy? The working man? The companies?
  13. Chancellor

    Nudity and Aggression

    What do you feel about nudity in public places (and, as a subtopic, in private places of "public accomodation", a park for instance)? Is restrictions on clothing in public compatible with the non-aggression axiom? Non-aggression principle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia If "Yes", do you...
  14. IndicanaHelvetica

    Religious and spiritual use of cannabis

    Much of Hindu belief and practice grew out of the use of Soma, a god, plant, and drink which is the focus of the Rigveda. The continued entheogenic use of drugs such as Cannabis is not uncommon among various Hindu sects. Cannabis is connected with the god Shiva who is said to have rested in the...
  15. kauchenvinci-0

    Illegal immigrants : issues in Assam , India

    When a country receives an exodus of people from a foreign country , what has the host to do with these people ? These immigrants change the demographics of the areas which generally give rise to aberrations in the social , cultural ,ethnic and political order . So how should the govt. handle...
  16. Zeno

    Historic Food & Drink Today Illegal

    Some fine traditional products have been banned since the past two or so centuries, due to regulation in the field of hygiene, narcotics etcetera. While a broader discussion about the reasons of the increase and history of regulation would certainly be welcome, i'm primarily interested in...
  17. Caracalla

    Is America Illegal?

    The British case against it The Declaration of Independence was not only illegal, but actually treasonable. There is no legal principle then or now to allow a group of citizens to establish their own laws because they want to. What if Texas decided today it wanted to secede from the Union...
  18. unclefred

    Soon it could be illegal to satirize the TSA

    On September 22, 2011, H.R. 3011 was introduced in the House. It is entitled the “Transportation Security Administration Authorization Act of 2011” and it contains some curious language. This parody may soon be illegal. In other words, if you print a t-shirt or produce a...
  19. M

    College Funding For Illegal Immigrants

    Is it fair to offer financial support to the illegal immigrant students going to college in the US? It seems like states are already taking actions into their own hands after the failure of the national Dream Act, with California expecting it's own Dream Act: California Dream Act goes to Gov...
  20. C

    US Government will stop deporting illegal immigrants