1. Visigoth Panzer

    German Imperial Knights Territories

    The Imperial Knights of the Holy Roman Empire ( ruled territories independent of other, higher ranking nobility. In the later empire they organized themselves into cantons, which were furthered organized into circles. My question is how much...
  2. Futurist

    Plausibility Check: An Imperial German Maginot Line?

    Had Franz Ferdinand survived the assassination attempt on his life on June 28, 1914 and World War I would have thus been prevented (at least in 1914), would it have been plausible for Imperial Germany to eventually construct something similar to the French Maginot Line on its border with France...
  3. M

    Imperial Spain vs Ottoman Empire

    As far as I recall these two power houses never met in open battle, maybe Naval battles but the Ottomans only ever faced the Austrian branch of Habsburgs but not the Spanish. I'm wondering if 16th Century Imperial Spain met the Ottomans in field warfare, head on, no logistical advantages either...
  4. N

    Imperial Japanese ski troops in WWII

    I just found out Japan had ski troops trained in case of a war against the Soviet Union in the1940's. Does anyone know more about this? On the Axis Forum there was a quick reference to Norwegians training them in skiing. I've never heard about this before. Any information about this is most welcome.
  5. R

    Is the JSDF soft in comparison to the Imperial Japanese military

    Despite have modern weapons, is the JSDF softer and less mentally tough than the Imperial Japanese military that was willing to die rather than surrender? Is the present JSDF inferior in terms of martial spirit and elan compared to the old Japanese military in Peleleui, Iwo Jima, and Tarawa, if...
  6. Kirialax

    Imperial personality in the Byzantine state

    We have a number of threads around here on best and worst emperors of Byzantium. While I have no problem with claiming that some emperors were more skilled at the task of ruling than others, and that some had a much easier situation to deal with, we need to remember that Byzantium was the...
  7. Q

    Imperial Chinese tributary system

    What can you tell me about the Imperial Chinese tributary system? How a country entered this system? Was the tribute a forced demand made by the Chinese state? What gains a tributary state had for being part of the Chinese tributary system? What goods were exchanged? Other things that I should...
  8. Futurist

    Did it make more sense for Imperial Germany to ally with Austria-Hungary or Russia?

    Did it make more sense for Imperial Germany to ally with Austria-Hungary or to ally with Russia (if it had to choose, that is)? Basically, the way that I see it, here are the benefits and drawbacks of these approaches: Ally with A-H: Pro: -You get to be the dominant partner in this alliance...
  9. W

    Could the Imperial Japanese Navy do an Operation Sea Lion and land troops on England?

    There is a cliche that Imperial Japan hands down was superior to the Kriegsmarine in technological, manpower (including number of ships) and war tactics and doctrine with the only thing the Germans being superior in was their U Boat (and even than Japanese subs were not too drastically inferior...
  10. civfanatic

    Did China have a "rule of law," or was it a tyrannical "Oriental Despotism"?

    Did China have a "rule of law," or was it a tyrannical "Oriental Despotism"? The term "rule of law" refers to the concept that an entire state, including the government and political elite of that state, should be subject to law. For instance, the modern United States is said to have "rule of...
  11. JeanDukeofAlecon

    The Fleur de Lis, a Byzantine Imperial Motif

    In the past I've occasionally noticed fleur de lis-like patterns in Byzantine art, which I simply noted as interesting before carrying on with whatever I was doing. Recently though, I was researching the symbol for unrelated reasons, and the controversy over its origins caught my eye, alongside...
  12. Z

    Best book for imperial China and the advent of the Europeans?

    what in your opinion, would be the best book on this topic..which should include major portions such as the opium war and the boxer rebellion etc.
  13. R

    Why was Imperial China so cruel and brutal in its punishments compared to European Ki

    Why were Chinese emperors and the Chinese legal system in general so brutal in their punishments, compared to European absolute monarchs in the modern period? Like for example, the Chinese have laws like the entire bloodlines of political enemies have executed, this even includes relatives of...
  14. Earl_of_Rochester

    Hong Kong would prefer to be under British Imperial rule.

    20 years after the Brits left in 1997 some people in Hong Kong still want to remain under British rule. Anti-Beijing protesters rally outside British Consulate-General, urging UK to take back Hong Kong | South China Morning Post China's Xi sees 'challenges' in Hong Kong as Beijing dismisses...
  15. N

    Imperial court of late Sengoku/Muromachi era

    In the English translation of Miyazaki's film 'Princess Mononoke', the monk Jikobo is under the order of the Emperor to kill a deity. I first watched the film around the same time I watched Tom Cruise's 'The Last Samurai', and was confused, because I was under the impression that the Emperor...
  16. JeanDukeofAlecon

    The imperial image on a large scale in the middle Byzantine Empire

    In the classical Roman empire every prominent emperor had their image plastered all over the cities of the empire, but this practice was stopped during and after Iconoclasm, or at least so I thought. After reading many primary sources for the middle Byzantine empire, I've been left with a...
  17. W

    Imperial German use of Pacific island troops?

    Does anyone know if the German military made use of troops from any of their Pacific island colonies/protectorates (e.g. Micronesia, New Guinea, Samoa, etc.)? I know there were locals recruited for domestic police forces but what about army or navy units? If so, were any of these troops deployed...
  18. VHS

    Could Imperial Japan really limit itself in the Pacific War?

    The Chinese saying is 見好就收 (Harvest when the perspective is still good). This takes place in gambling, wars, stock market investments, or more. While this often means not taking the highest possible reap, it often means sustainable development. Could Imperial...
  19. W

    Foreigners in the Imperial faction during Boshin War?

    I know originally the Imperialists during this time had a goal to expel foreigners and keep their influence off Japan, but I also know that relatively early in the Boshin war the Imperial faction started dropping this stance, and the Meiji emperor received a few foreign delegates from the west...
  20. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Byzantine imperial dress throughout history, its changes and consistencies.

    After looking at various byzantine paintings, murals, and coins, I've become intrigued with the diverse but also weirdly unchanging nature of byzantine imperial dress. In my experience there are three main kinds of imperial dress: First, the classic byzantine imperial dress, featuring a tunic...