1. N

    Does Mt Paektu/Changbaishan have a greater symbolic importance in Korean mythology?

    It has been recently proven that in Qing dynasty annals the story of the Qing dynasty origins story in Manju i yargiyan kooli was forged and assembled from other similar creation legends. The location of their sacred mountain and lake was actually in a different location hundreds of li away...
  2. Naima

    important for a successfull war?

    What is more important for a successfull war?
  3. O

    Cold War - importance of Helsinki Accords + INF Treaty

    Hello, How important was Helsinki Accords for the development of the Cold War? I realise they brought the two superpowers closer economically but is there anything else? Does Rapacki's Plan come into this? Also, was the INF Treaty important? I know that it was supposed to minimise the...
  4. SufiMystic

    The British never achieved anything of value in their entire history before 1500

    A recent visit to the museum got me thinking about British history. Walking through the ancient pre-Roman section, there was material about the distant past, the Pleistocene era and the Ice Age, which consisted mostly of a few animal bones as well as a few primitive artifacts of such as stone...
  5. Darren Marshall

    The importance of Suez

    We hypothesize that somehow, the Italian-German forces in northern Africa were able to reach Suez. Leaving aside the propaganda and emotional impact that such a victory would had, about the strategic purposes, losing Suez to the British would be really a drama? The Mediterranean was a...
  6. 1stvermont

    The Importance of Music During the Civil War

    The Importance of Music During the Civil War "Music was everywhere..the war catapulted music to a new level" -Battle Hymns: The Power and Popularity of Music in the Civil War Christian McWhirter "Gentlemen if we'de had your songs we'd whipped you out of your boots" -Confederate officer to...
  7. T

    Importance of height during XVIIIth and XIXth battles.

    Hi everyone. Althought I understand the importance of height during melee combat in the Middle Ages and the Antiquity, I can´t really understand why an elevated position retained its importance during, for example, the Battle of Austerlitz, where musets were the main weapon. Can anybody...
  8. History Craft

    Importance of allied economic support for the USSR

    How important were the supplies received by the USSR from the USA? Was it something vital? How was the eastern front impacted by these supplies? Also, would the USSR have made it without them? And if yes, how difficult would it have been? I've seen some minimizing the allied help and others...
  9. VHS

    The real importance of the Three Kingdoms era in China?

    Due to the novel of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a historical novel by Luo Guanzhong, the Three Kingdoms era became very much larger than life. Luo Guanzhong has been nicknamed Luo Guanshui (罗灌水, literally to post many meaningless materials on forums) because many...
  10. P

    Tennis Lawn Oath importance

    Before the French Revolution, what was the importance of the Tennis Lawn Oath?
  11. Y

    the importance of english royal blood after william the conqueror ?

    Hello, I've noticed that the royal family of England married into descendants of the house of Wessex ,house Godwin,and with the descendants of the Viking kings of England . Was it in order to gain more legitimacy to the throne ? Any other reason ??
  12. Eamonn10

    The Importance of Realising You are a Wonderful Person p

    I heard a story today that I'd like to share with everyone. A woman here in Ireland was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and she had lumps all over her body. She went into a coma and her family was told that her organs were failing and she didn't have that long to live. While in the coma, she...
  13. ez123

    Importance of Speculation

    I saw this quote recently and thought it was interesting.
  14. R

    The Vedas and their importance

    i often hear that the Vedas were known to have concepts and designs of even modern science, nuclear weapons etc.... is it true that the Manhattan Project was a "re-invention" of the atomic bomb and not an invention did the Vedas have alot of modern science today in it's writings?
  15. NeutralFellow

    Lanchester's law

    Video visualizing Lanchester's law and the importance of numerical superiority in engagements;
  16. B

    Revolutionary War - Strategic Importance of New York

    I was watching a documentary on the American Revolution. At one point, the documenters do a horrific job (in my opinion). To paraphrase, the statement is made that control of New York is of crucial import, because it gives control of the Hudson river, and that by controlling the river, the...
  17. heirtothewind

    The Importance of National Folklore

    How much influence do you think that folklore has in creating a national identity or stereotype? Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected fairy tales going back to the 15th century [Kinder und Hausmarchen] that, to me, have a distinctive German character even in English translation with its themes...
  18. M

    Why Ground Commanders get more glory and "importance" than Air Commanders?

    Why Ground commanders get more glory and importance than Air Commanders? Generals like Patton, Monty, Mainstein, Zhukov etc, seem to be glorified as primary war winning generals while Air Commanders are ignored as just following orders of providing air superiority and ground support. Is it...
  19. P

    The importance of Traditions

    What do traditions means to you? Are they a cornerstone of your life or could you do without? To get a nice overview, I've included a poll.
  20. Coyote

    Probability of reemerging as (super)power?

    If a nation reaches a certain height of power, a time where it becomes an empire or has sufficient political influence over a fast area, does the likelyhood of ever reaching such a height of power again decrease? The main idea is that the advantage of the former empire, and I'm thinking mainly...