1. Dose

    "Important" events in history that weren't actually that significant?

    While I think the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was certainly important in that it triggered WWI, I think some people place too much importance on it. There's sometimes an implication that WWI would not have happened without the assassination; that Princip altered the course of human history...
  2. H

    1979 ... The most important year in

    In my opinion 1979 is the most important year in the last 50 years because we still live with the impacts of 1979's events. Some of those events: 1- Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. 2- Islamic revolution in Iran. 3- Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty in the White House. 4- Siege of Mecca. What...
  3. R

    How important was protectionism to the growth of the US in the 19th century?

    How important was the American school of high tariff barriers and import substitution to the growth of the US in the 19th century as an industrial power? Will it have experienced the same if it had decided on a policy of free trade with negligible trade barriers built on the theory of...
  4. Futurist

    The most important canals

    Which canals have been the most important throughout history (as in, anywhere in the world)? I know of the importance of the Erie Canal--which allowed the transportation of people and goods by water from the Atlantic Ocean (through the Hudson River) to the Great Lakes, but what other important...
  5. S

    Important or interesting facts about the Swine flu Epidemic

    For this years history fair, i'm going to do a paper on the Swine flu epidemic and its effects. What are some important or interesting facts about it?
  6. holoow

    Important books that went un-noticed in the West

    'Psycho-Chemical Warfare: The Chinese Communist Drug Offensive Against the West' by A.H. Stanton Candlin [1974] 'Their Trade is Treachery: The Full Unexpurgated Truth About the Russian Penetration of The World's Secret Defences' by Chapman Pincher [1981] 'Red Cocaine: The Drugging of...
  7. ThePharaoh

    Why was Antioch so important?

    Why was Antioch on the Orontes one of the most important cities in Roman EMpire after its conquest? The city has been extraordinarily wealthy, but has attracted a lot of roman politician and generals throughout its Roman history. I have even read that Caesar consieered it to be capital of the...
  8. M

    How important is full auto on a rifle?

    How important is full auto for an rifle? Russian troops train a lot for full auto while US troops rarely use burst or full auto even in room clearing. I do believe back in Korea US troops demanded a full auto option for the M1 carbine.
  9. Frank81

    Most important US adquisition

    I'm currently watching the History Channel serie about frontier's men _nPIm_cNV1E And I wondered, what do you think was the most important American adquisition?
  10. E

    Most important deity throughout history

    Prior to the rise of the Abrahamic religions who were the most important deities in all the regions of the world? Having a hard time finding a detailed straight answer on this. Like for example who were the most important Egyptian and Roman gods at certain times?
  11. Maki

    Why is Stefan Nemanja so important in Serbian history?

    So, anyone familiar with Serbian history will know about Stefan Nemanja. He is often hailed as the founder of the medieval Serbian state, and in fact Serb Middle Ages are usually divided into two parts: pre-Nemanja and post-Nemanja. But: why? First of all, Nemanja founded nothing, the Serbian...
  12. SirOrmondeWinter

    Who was the most important woman in US history?

    Remember the 1990 rule so no Hilary Clinton and real only so no Statue of Liberty or Diana Prince (not least because one is French and the other Greek) or Rosie the Riveter etc. After coming up with this topic I must confess I started struggling big time to think of any? Of the First Ladies I...
  13. J

    Pre-plague (pre 1348) England was more important country than Elisabeth I era England

    Hi! My first point: Pre 1348 England shared much larger ratio of population if you compare England with the total contemporary total European population. Second point: Its military was also more stronger than Elizabeth era England's military potential. (I mean as a continental field army...
  14. pauoliver

    What is the Most Important lesson you have learned from history?

    I read this book by Will Durant, "The Lessons Of History" It's sort of a compilation of the big lessons that he took away from his life-research on history that are somehow applicable to life in general: some as philosophies and perspectives, others as more practical and tangible things. My...
  15. Naima

    important for a successfull war?

    What is more important for a successfull war?
  16. E

    How important was the War of 1812 for America?

    This is a little survey monkey survey that I'm trying to do for a class. How important was the War of 1812 for America in terms of moving a young United States further into the world scene as a potentially major player along with other countries like France, Britain, etc...
  17. W

    How important is individual marksmanship is in suppression tactics?

    I am very curious. How important is the skill of each individual soldier in suppression tactics? My uncle is a marine and he tells me before they even go into stuff like fire and maneuver every marine is required to master the fundamentals of marksmanship with an M16. However from his field...
  18. Jake10

    How important are wild predators to our well-being?

    Do we depend on wild predators and scavengers more than we're aware of?
  19. E

    What regions are the most important to history at different times?

    I'm a big believer in centrism, the focus and emphasis on different historical areas at different periods in time over other areas. Whether this mean emphasis on Europe "euro-centrism", or the Middle East(never heard a term for this one) or Africa, "Afrocentrism" or more than one region, what...
  20. Lord Oda Nobunaga

    What is more important? Battles or Strategy

    By your estimation what is more important for a general to have in war? To have a very strong grasp of Strategy or to be very good at Battle Tactics? The way I see it a battle won without a strong strategy to guide it is pretty much meaningless. So your thoughts? What is the consensus of the forum?