1. SirOrmondeWinter

    Which President has the most impressive military record?

    Doesn't seem to matter so much these days but used to matter a lot. George H Bush served as a US Navy bomber pilot in WW2 and was shot down whilst attacking Wake Island. Ronald Reagan was an Army reserve officer in WW2 but had a non-combat role due to 'poor eyesight' and stayed in the US...
  2. analysis17456

    Most Impressive Defensive Walls?

    Which do you think are the most impressive walls for any castles or cities? So this would exclude the Great Wall as well as Hadrian's Wall, for example. I propose this for consideration, the Ming city walls of Peking:
  3. cachibatches

    Is there impressive monumental architecture from the ancient world yet to be found?

    Curious as to what some of y'all think. You can find dozens upon dozens of silly claims on the internet for pyramids that are actually just hills in places like Bosnia, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, and Niger, and any number of stories about alleged discoveries on google earth that usually...
  4. Karl XII

    The least impressive victory in history?

    What battlefield do you think is the equivalent of throwing a rock at the ground and being unable to miss? A battle where victorious side had such an overwhelming advantage that it would have taken an absolute moron of a commander to achieve anything less than total victory.
  5. E

    Most impressive European Monarch

    Who's the most impressive European Monarch in your opinion? Feel like I've covered most bases in this regard. The Charles IV option is the French Charles IV.
  6. Duke Valentino

    Zama: Hannibal's Impressive Defeat?

    What do you guys think of Zama? Do you think Hannibal lost his touch? Was Scipio simply better? Or both? Was Hannibal's plan viable, or should he have attempted something different? Was his plan impressive? I've got my own thoughts on the battle, but I'd like to see what others think before I...
  7. aldo12

    The most impressive Ancient Roman buildings

    The most impressive Ancient Roman building is :
  8. A

    Impressive Epithets on low nobles

    While studying the Albigensian Crusade, I came across a Count of Foix, himself a vassal of the County of Toulouse named Roger-Bernard II, who was known as "the Great". I've never come across such a minor character with an impressive cognomen like that. Further examples/reasons for this title...
  9. RomesFinest

    Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly The most underrated general of the Thirty Years war

    I recently got around to finally studying the military aspects of the thirty years war. Specifically the three books "The Thirty Years War: Europe's Tragedy"(Peter H. Wilson), "Battles of the Thirty Years War"(William P. Guthrie) and The Later Thirty Years War(William P. Guthrie) as well as...
  10. RomanEmperor

    Was the Revolutionary War an impressive feat, or no?

    I've heard two interpretations. The other is that the British fought the war with one arm behind the back and were too distracted by other conflicts to bring their full force. Also, how can the rebel MURDER of Major John Andre be defended? He was not a spy. He was an Officer doing his duty, and...
  11. H

    What medieval/pre-colonial African people were the most impressive to you?

    Excluding the Islamic or Christian states such as Mali and Ethiopia, which African kingdom, state, empire, or tribe do you find the most impressive. Often times people turn to the Zulu solely due to the fact that they defeated the British in the Battle of Isandlwana using only spears. They did...
  12. P

    Hagia Sophia - most impressive building of the Middle Ages?

    Do you think that the Hagia Sophia was the most impressive building of the Middle Ages (until like 1500)? Its dome/construction was unprecedented. From its completion in 537 AD to the 16th century, it was the largest building in the world (pretty sure). Until the completion of the Blue Mosque...
  13. R

    are the achievements of Newton and Einstein really that impressive?

    Can one argue that Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein only ELABORATED upon science with existing methods, that they didn't create science and that Ancient Africa, Egypt CREATED science and mathematics that seems more impressive than whatever Newton and Einstein did
  14. R

    can one argue that Ancient Egypt was a more impressive society than Ancient Rome

    in terms of technology, science, military, economy etc.
  15. holoow

    Was J.Savimbi the most impressive leader in the Sub-Saharan Africa after N.Mandela?

    At least his uncompromising struggle against leftists in Angola deserves respect.
  16. mnsr

    Most impressive Harappan site and what one thing do you like about this site. :)

    Dholavira Harappa Lothal Mohenjo Daro P.S. Mohenjo Daro is already declared World Heritage Site, while other three are on the tentative list of World Heritage Sites.
  17. C

    Was Constantinople as impressive as Rome?

    Was Constantinople at its peak as impressive as the old capital architecturally/economy wise?
  18. Futurist

    Whose military performance was more impressive?

    I voted for the Soviet Union's military performance in World War II due to the fact that the Soviet Union initially lost much more of its territory to the Germans than the French did in World War I, due to the fact that the Soviet Union endured much more demographic devastation as a result of...
  19. Futurist

    Which Russian victory was more impressive?

    As for me, I voted (without any hesitation) for the Soviet Union's victory during World War II due to the fact that Hitler pushed the Soviet Union much more to its limits than Napoleon ever did for Imperial Russia and due to the fact that the Soviet Union literally needed to bleed much more in...
  20. F

    Is European history the most impressive?

    I'm big fan of video games so whenever I play RTS or RPG's I take notice that Europeans have the most "creative" history compared to rest of the world. Even if we examine European millitary attire throghout centuries we notice variety of uniforms. Evolution of european military uniform is clear...