1. RomesFinest

    Most impressive military Campaigns that may be unknown to the general public

    I'm always fascinated when I learn about a campaign or battle that I had no idea took place but when studied showed just as much brilliance as some of the better known campaign. So my question is this what is the greatest campaigns which may be less well known in a general since. I'll start it...
  2. Aquarius

    Is the Mongolian Empire the most impressive empire in history?

    Personally I find how the size of their empire got so huge to be really impressive. Mongolia was a landlocked country and fought a ton of worthy adversaries to obtain their land. The British technically have had the largest empire but really just attacked natives and people who lacked the...
  3. F

    Why weren't later Battles in Thermopylae as impressive as the Greco-Persian one?

    Thermopylae today is one of the most famous battles. Not only is it seen as saving Western civilization, but without the impact it had on the course of European civilization, the battle's statistics alone is impressive. An army of a few thousand Greeks held off tens of thousands of Persians...
  4. wigglywaffles

    Aztec governement and empire-not as impressive as it seemed?

    now is it true that the Aztec "empire" wasnt actucally an empire at all? That it was actually just 3 city-states who collected tribute from various tribes around them? that beyond those 3 cities they had very limited control?
  5. Lithium

    Who was more impressive man: Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan?

    Very hard to choose between these two...many historians like to compare these two particular figures. Help? Thoughts? Opinions? I do have my own opinions and I adhere to it very strongly but I first want to hear what everybody else thinks then I'll give in.
  6. jeroenrottgering

    Most impressive battle victory

    Caesar at Alesia? Hannibal at Cannea? Napoleon at Austerlitz? or Alexander at Gaugamela? or something else? What is in your opinion the most impressive victory a general ever achieved? Tell me the battle, who against who and why you find it so impressive.
  7. Brisieis

    Most Impressive Ancient Architectural Discovery?

    What do you think is the most impressive architectural discovery of the ancient world?
  8. steve53

    Professional Historians with impressive academic credentials who were frauds.

    Just because you have a lot of letters after your name doesn't mean you are honest, or an honest researcher. One who comes to mind, not in history, though, is an medical researcher called Darcy, who faked most of his work and got published a lot in the New England Journal of Medicine. His work...
  9. throughthepastdarkly

    Which member of the Allies' contribution in WWII was most impressive?

    Which member of the Allies' contribution to victory in WWII was most impressive?
  10. Alcibiades

    Most Impressive Mongol Victory

    Here we have perhaps the best pre-gunpowder army in history.And yet,when people talk about Mongol conquests,they tend to view the big picture(large-scale raids and conquests)rather than smaller picture(battles).At least,that's my impression.:)Only few of battles in which Mongolians participated...
  11. T

    Impressive Imperial Titles?

    Hi everyone-- First post here, woo! Anyhow, I'm posting because my friends and I were discussing today about imperial titles. I seem to remember from history class some particularly gruesome ones from the Assyrians, along the lines of "Smasher of skulls", but I can't seem to find evidence of...
  12. AncientDigger

    Radio Station In Florida Says Pyramids are Less then Impressive

    There was radio station here in Orlando that mentioned a recent trip to the pyramids, saying since they were built by slaves, that didn't see what the hype was about. For me, this comment was entirely short sided and just plain ridiculous. I believe that structures that have been standing for...
  13. H

    The impressive ALMOGAVARS

    hello, i've been reading a lot about these troops, for all those who care: Seven hundred years ago right, besides to save the bizantine empire of the Turkish advance, almogávares devastated Greece. It was an episode only comparable to the conquest of America by bands of adventurers without...
  14. hellhound9210

    Most Impressive Historical Background

    What person, country and religion do you believe has the most impressive historical background and why do you believe this? Personally I believe that most impressive person is either Adolf Hitler or Ivan the Terrible because they had a terrible life, whether it was created by force or...
  15. old_abe

    most impressive historical sites

    What are some of the most impressive historical sites in the world? Normandy? The Pyramids of Giza? Stonehendge?
  16. T

    impressive military stands

    Which stand deserves the most impressive rank in military history books: Thermopylae, the Alamo, Rorke’s Drift, Suomussalmi, Bastogne or another? The defenders of the Alamo were no braver than the defenders of Bastogne, but for the sake of arguement... let's discuss.