1. E

    Independence Day Speech In Hindi

    A warm decent morning to the regarded instructors and my dear companions accumulated here. Today we are assembled here to praise this favorable event of Independence day on fifteenth of August. We praise this day with heaps of excitement and happiness consistently in light of the fact that our...
  2. Futurist

    What did French opponents of Algerian independence envision for Algeria's future?

    What did French opponents of Algerian independence envision for Algeria's future? Specifically, what was their future vision for Algeria's Muslims? Did they intend for the existing status quo in Algeria to remain indefinitely? Or did they--or at least some of them--envision eventually granting...
  3. Futurist

    Had the US lost its independence war, could it, Canada, Australia, and NZ united?

    If the U.S. would have lost its war of independence and thus remained under British rule, could the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have eventually united into one country? After all, they would have had a lot in common--being British settler colonies, being historically White, being...
  4. Z

    Who physically wrote the Declaration of Independence?

    That is the question, who physically wrote the Declaration of Independence? The guy who physically put pen to paper? I would think there would rough drafts. What happened to the pen?
  5. B

    Cameroon Independence Movement

    It would appear that the Cameroonians (?) are looking for the same as the Kurds and Catalan 's. This seems to be wholly about language and not ethnicity, the division is between Francophone and Anglophone speakers. The English speakers are claiming discrimination and would prefer to become a...
  6. C

    Kurdish independence referendum

    So the Kurds voted in their independence referendum yesterday. Preliminary results are that 90% of voters voted yes for independence with a turnout of 72%. Erdogan accuses the Iraqi Kurds of treason and has threatened to invade Iraqi Kurdistan or cut of oil pipelines. (dutch...
  7. S

    Could the Philippines have made it on its own after Spain?

    Hi, first post What if in this alternate timeline the Americans either never came or did come only to kick out the Spanish troops but left afterwards and all the other world powers was just not interested in it or respected its independence. Also would the Philippines really be more...
  8. Y

    Chios Massacre 1822 - did this spur on the Greek War of Independence?

    Hi, hello and how do you do? Now, the Chios Massacre took place in 1822, a year after the beginning of the Greek War of Independence, but who agrees that the massacre was integral in the movement's success and fervor? Best of wishes and good tidings my fellow folk, yiannicart
  9. T

    Colonials Towns And Cities Before Independence

    Before independnce, how built up and developed did cities in the thirteen colonies become? We commonly think of these cities like Boston, Philadelphia, etc as big bustling important places, even back in the 1700s. But just how important, successful, and developed were they before the revolution?
  10. P

    Trakia will independence from Turkey?

    Hi, I'm a new user, excuse my english... I'm trying to improve it! In my last visit in Turkey I feel that a lot of people from the west Turkey are against the Erdogan politics, also the people are very different from the rest of the country, they are more european, laic & open. Do you think...
  11. B

    Did the French influence the decision to declare independence?

    The French indicated they would only overtly aid the colonies if the goal was independence. They sought to weaken the British Empire.
  12. maTiasddsm

    Is it part of the problem WHEN Latin América got independence?

    I wanted to start this thread, to resume an earlier one started by RomanianBoy and that was closed by a stupid semantic derivation. RomanianBoy wondered whether latin american countries gained their independence too early, before the population was culturally prepared for it. He emphasized that...
  13. P

    Declaration of Independence Activity

    Pleaseee, heeeelp!!! :sad2:
  14. P

    Declaration of Independence Activity

    I NEED HELP, PLEASE!! :cry:
  15. F

    Rare Declaration of Independence

    Found in Sussex England
  16. J

    is there a record of which delegates voted for/against independence on 2 July 1776?

    While the approval of the written Declaration is often celebrated as the nation's birthday, the severance of all political ties to the British King actually took place place two days earlier. I've looked through the journal that the Second Continental Congress kept, and while the entry for 2...
  17. Z

    is there pro-colonization after independence in countries like india

    hi, i see plenty of pro-colonization people in hongkong, taiwan, etc. they prefer to live under colonized government than their own independent government. they even thank the country which colonized them. i wonder, is there similiar people/parties that do the same things in previous colonized...
  18. Cato II

    The Irish War for Independence

    This has always been an interesting subject to me but also a subject that seems nearly impossible to fully understand. So for my first history related post I must ask, can someone, anyone, explain to me how Ireland's war for Independence went from wanting to be free from England in the 1920s to...
  19. LatinoEuropa

    Independence of Brasil

    The United States of America recognized in 1824 the independence of Brazil. It was the first nation to recognize her. Portugal recognized it the following year. The date officially celebrated for the Independence of Brazil is September 7, 1822,
  20. LatinoEuropa

    Recognition of Independence EUA

    On February 15, 1783, the Government of D. Maria I recognized the independence of the United States, with Portugal, together with France and the Netherlands, among the only three countries that recognized US independence before the final Treaty of Paris. According to say Portugal was the first...