1. EmperorTigerstar

    The Battle for the Indian Ocean

    Might as well make the first thread for this new section. So one thing that I think is simultaneously interesting but overlooked is the battle for trade in the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean, being the smallest non-polar ocean, is usually not discussed as much compared to the Atlantic and...
  2. R

    Scythians and Kushans are the reason north west India is highly vegetarian ?

    Out of hundreds of conquerors of India only few migrated and settled in India as Nomads and tribes. Scythians and Kushans ruled north west India for nearly 1000 years right before Islamic age and during this time we see rise of Non Vedic Caucasoid population and castes in North West India...
  3. D

    Out of India

    New report
  4. B

    Facial Hair In India

    How is facial hair and different styles, associated with different groups (castes, religions, ethnicity) in India?
  5. A

    British colonial administrator of India, Indian ______

    Am I making this up? I seem to remember a story about a British colonial administrator of India who was nicknamed Indian LASTNAME. I remember this being William Jones (Indian Jones), but googling "Indian Jones" doesn't get me much. Was it someone else, or did I make this whole story up?
  6. B

    India - only major vegetarian civilization?

    Am i right in thinking that India is unique in the fact that compared to other major civilizations like China, Europe, Middle East etc. it has had a significant percent of its population being vegetarians by choice. I know in the past people didn't eat as much meat as they do now as it is an...
  7. Futurist

    After the partition of India, did India hope that Pakistan would rejoin it?

    I'm curious about this--after the partition of India, did Indian politicians and the Indian population hope that Pakistan would eventually rejoin it? Or did they already think that the partition of India was going to be permanent? Does anyone here have any information in regards to this? Also...
  8. Hanslune

    Question on a phrase in a 1884 book on India

    From the book: Gujarat and the Gujaratis: Pictures of Men and Manners Taken from Life – Behramji Merwanji Malabari ""The Marwari never deals in anything which will not bring at least cent, per cent, profit"" This is...
  9. S

    Where was Achaemenid India?

    According to some historical records 'India' , a part of it, was an Achaemenid satrapy. Is there any archeology to indicate where this was ?
  10. R

    Why British Empire did not divided India alongside Ethinic and linguistic lines ?

    This is the correct ways to divide India actually bike rating this artificial Nation in in South Asia cities India Pakistan Bangladesh the British Empire created this huge mess in South Asia only reason you see millions and millions of South Asian invading your country is the result of this huge...
  11. R

    State bank of India is providing easy

    France vs Belgium Belgium vs France France vs Belgium Live Belgium v France world cup semi fianl 2018...
  12. S

    5 Great Mythical Creatures of India

  13. dlnewhouse

    India - Sarasota

    Wasn't there a city named Sarasota in India? I remember it being the answer to a Knowledge Masters question.
  14. P

    Bronze Age Chariots Excavated in Northern India

    after Rakhigadh site discovery new discovery happened what forum members opinion?
  15. Futurist

    How crucial was World War II to the Partition of India?

    In your opinion, how crucial was World War II to the Partition of India? In other words, do you think that the Partition of India would have still occurred without World War II? The reason that I am asking this is because I know that World War II allowed the Muslim League to rise into...
  16. H

    The real history of kashmir

    At the time where there is a concerted campaign to distort history and shift the blame ffor the exodus of 400.000 Kashmiri Pandits from Islamic terrorism to the Hindus themselves, it’s important to be reminded of the true facts: There is a lot of misconception in people’s mind, that Kashmir...
  17. Z

    Role of Jaziya in islamic era in India

    I do know that this term "islamic era" is an misnomer,i am talking about period between early 13th century(sultanate emerging with delhi as its capital) and early 18th century(in which marathas replaced mughals are prominent power of India) Did jaziya in anyway increased conversion to islam in...
  18. Z

    Origin of rigid caste system in india.

    When did the caste system in india became rigid?? According to genetics the date is given to be around the time guptas were at peak Caste system has left imprints on genes: study - The Hindu while many historians believe that even by 14th century the caste system was somewhat fluid...
  19. Hanslune

    Question: Royal Navy commander - India 1839?

    Does anyone know who was the senior Royal Navy officer (admiral?) in the Indian ocean in 1839? ...or where such a piece of information could be found? Thanks
  20. I

    Is Pakistan The REAL India?

    Written by me here...I look forward to your comments. When we refer to India today, are we also referring to the historic concept of India that ancient...