1. R

    history of Family "Snake God" among Indo-Europeans.

    so our family have kul-deva/Family god in the avatar of Snake. being a Brahmin i find this strange as in our earliest stage RigVedic God Indra slaughtered a Snake-Demon named Vritra in the battle and liberated flaowing waters of the rivers to the Arya and Sudra people. this is even strange as...
  2. Naima

    Video on Indoeuropeans

    Since I can't understand well his accent, he seems to eat words and speak not really clear, so I don'tunderstand all what he says ... What do you think of what he is saying in the video? C4JPMYHTZis
  3. Dreamhunter

    Anatolian homeland for Indo-Europeans?

    Now, I'm not promoting any one hypothesis over any other for this apparently keenly debated subject, but rather just trying to stimulate even further discussion on it. Anatolian hypothesis (adopted & adapted from The so called Anatolian hypothesis was...
  4. B

    Is this the key to understand the origin of the early Indoeuropeans?

    My claims: - Proto-Indoeuropeans were a part of the Balkan/Easteuropean Culture Horizon, they shared the same believes, symbolism(Swastika), Art (Pottery), religious beliefs (Houseburning), technology (metallurgy and they spread this whole package up to China around 3500 bc(see The diffusion...
  5. History Craft

    Did the greco-romans realize they were related to the other indo-europeans?

    Did the greco-romans realize they were related to the other indo-europeans when it comes to their culture, language and ancestrality? Did it matter to them in any way?
  6. Nibelung

    Arrival of Indo-Europeans to Scandinavia in rock art...

    I quote my colleague: Native, Non-IE Scandinavians used to create rock carvings already ca. 6500 years ago. They were documenting scenes from everyday life, such as hunting: Scandinavian Society for Prehistoric Art Rysunki naskalne - muzeum Alta At the beginning of the Metal Ages...
  7. Y

    What is the influence of the indo-europeans in ancient China.

    Hi, I've learned that a lot of indo-europeans lived in what is now China during ancient times (Tocharians, Saka, Wusun...) Do you know what was their influence in the grounds of politics, economy, religion, technicity in the developpement China?
  8. Nibelung

    Jean Haudry - The INDOEUROPEANS

    In the last days I bought this book, and I am now waiting for her arrival. Did someone read this book? It is good? It was worth to buy her by me?
  9. Nibelung

    Film about early Indoeuropeans?

    When I was watching this film first time some yeras ago I was wondering from where Emmerich took the idea about this tribe from the steppe. It's obvious and perfectly understandable that the whole stuff about "Egypt" was infuence by legends of Atlantis people but some incoherences in this film...
  10. V

    Kassites and Indo-Europeans

    "Several Kassite leaders bore Indo-European names, and they might have had an Indo-European elite similar to the Mitanni who ruled over the Language Isolate speaking Hurrians of Asia Minor."Kassites - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Who were these Indo-Europeans? Only few kassite Gods...
  11. C

    Indo-Europeans and Semitic peoples

    Indo-Europeans and Semitic peoples according to this two maps "proto-tribes" (predecessors of semits and indo-europeans accordingly) divided nearly 100-70 tya. it seems like before "meeting" of ethnoses on territories around Levant (3 tya) indo-europeans and semits hadnt have no interactions...
  12. K

    How Come Indo-Europeans Dominate Civilization?

    The beginning of Indo-European migrations was truly a turning point in the path of humankind. These people spread to almost every corner of the old world. They infiltrated the ancient Near East and Asia Minor, overrun Central Asia and the Caucasus, established elite dominance in India, swarmed...
  13. F

    PIE homeland

    Where was the PIE homeland exactly? According to this map below (or look at this link PIE homeland was in Eastern Europe. However the region of Middle (and Upper) Volga was also the homeland of Finno-Ugric peoples. It is a bit confusing. The...
  14. hazratemahmood

    Where do Armenians come from?

    Recently some information was given by Midas regarding the origins of Armenians in this post: "" and we discussed some linguistic evidence. In order not to derail that thread, I want you to share any reflections...
  15. Anaximander

    Super Empire: Indo-Europeans

    There has been much discussion on the basis of how two languages as different as, for example Greek and Sanskrit, could be in the same language group. It is something that intrigues me, seeing how these two languages are both fairly old, but from a time when these two cultures knew nothing of...