1. R

    The Indo-Greeks

    Hello all Basically I have a school project that I need to get done to graduate in two weeks but to make a terrible story short I need info on the Indo-Greeks. Anything from their overall culture, language, military, anything that could possibly help would be amazing.
  2. A

    Whatever happened to the Indo-Greeks of Bactria?

    What really happened to the Indo-Greeks and Greco-Bactrians living in Asia? They were the only successful successor to the Diadochi kingdom, until their kingdom fell in the 1st century A.D. Have some returned back to Greece or have others assimilated.
  3. G

    What are the surviving influences of Indo-Greeks that are found to this day

    What are the surviving influences of Indo-Greeks that are found to this day. These could be cultural, linguistic, social, political etc. in the area that was ruled by Indo-Greeks. How did these influences survive through the ages?
  4. Devdas

    Greeks or Indo-Greeks during Mauryan and Post-Mauryan period

    I want to know what happened to Greeks who left behind in India and Bactria after Seleucus Nikator was defeated by Chandragupta Maurya in 305BC taking the large part of Eastern Hellenic Empire into Maurya Empire. How they lived under Maurya Empire and how they resurged after the fall of Mauryan...
  5. civfanatic

    Why did the Indo-Greeks adopt Buddhism?

    What caused the Indo-Greek kings of the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C.E. to become among the greatest patrons of Buddhism, as well as its first major foreign patrons/converts? In particular, what endeared them to Buddhism more than traditional "Hindu" polytheism and Brahmanism? I have some ideas...