1. EternalWay

    Indus Valley Civilization Cemetery Unearthed in India

    I stumbled across a National Geographic video today which showed a cemetery experts believed to have belonged to the Indus Valley Civilization being unearthed at Rakhigarhi in Haryana, India. According to the information presented in the video, "46 partial and complete skeletons were found...
  2. C

    Dry bad that divides Indus and Ganga River Systems.

    Namaskar, i have noticed that there is a Dry Bad/ Land that divides both Indua and Ganga river system and works as a wall between two different geographical Entities. claimate is also different from Indus and ganga land also thinly populated compared to Both Indua and Ganga plains. can...
  3. C

    Indus valley Civilization

    Why iranian Neolithic population decided to Migrate to Western India and Indus Valley region ?
  4. V

    Indus Valley civilisation may pre-date Egypt

    Indus Valley civilisation may pre-date Egypt's pharoahs: Ancient society is 2,500 years older than thought Indus Valley Civilisation known for well-planned cities Experts carbon dated pottery and animal bones at Bhirrana They now believe the civilisation is around 8,000 years...
  5. R

    The Indus Valley seals: a form of currency?

    This is a question which I raised briefly on a previous thread: might the exquisitly carved Indus Valley seals represent a kind of currency, at least in the context of commerce? Considering the fact that IVC seals have been found as far afield as Oman, I am wondering if merchants from Harappa...
  6. R

    The Indus Valley Civilization and Minoan Crete: matriarchies?

    Due to the apparent dominance of the Mother Goddess(es) in both the Indus Valley Civilization and Minoan Crete, the lack of definitive evidence indicating patriarchal kingship, and the seemingly non-aggressive nature of both the IVC and Crete, may we perhaps infer a type of peaceful matriarchal...
  7. AfghanistanBactriaAriana

    Pliny the Elder on the Indus and India

    Im having a hard time understanding this quote I was wondering if someone could help me out. "The greater part of the geographers, in fact, do not look upon India as bounded by the river Indus, but add to it the four Satrapies of the Gedrosi,13 the Arachotæ,14 the Arii,15 and the...
  8. O

    The clothing of the Indus "priest-king"

    Hello! As far as I'm concerned, neither such a headband nor such a garment are seen in today's India. Yes, some Brahmins were a garment with one shoulder bare, but the garment has no ornament. It is simply white or saffron. Such a headband was worn in the Roman Empire. The garment's...
  9. R

    Ancient Indus game boards

    It has often been asserted that the ancient Egyptians invented game boards similar to those used today for playing chess and drafts. A Sumerian game board, resembling a backgammon table, may be even older...Yet it seems to me that the oldest by far are those from the Indus Valley Civilization...
  10. O

    The Indus Civilization in the Bible

    Hello! In Genesis 11:2, it is said that humankind moved from the east to a plain in the region of Shinar and settled there. In 11:9, we learn that Babel/Babylon was located in Shinar. So, 11:2 might refer to the downfall of the Indus Civilization. :nuts: If there was a mass migration from the...
  11. R

    prehistoric Indus Valley religion

    What can the material remains of the IVC (Indus Valley Civilization) tell us about the religion(s) practised in Harappa, Mohenjo-Daro and other pertinent sites? Can the statuary, or the mysterious Indus Script, provide us with any clues? Was there a bull-cult in this area? Was at least one...
  12. R

    the Roots of Indus Civilization

    Hello everyone, When non-specialists think of the ancient Indus Valley civilization, the names of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro instantly come to mind. Yet most persons interested casually in prehistory do not realize that these two cities, huge and highly advanced for their era, were mature...
  13. P

    A Muslim majority Indus Valley Civilization?

    Who are we? For most of our history we have been caught between competing ideas about Pakistan. Is it a land for Muslims? What does an Islamic identity mean for the indigenous cultures of Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Gilgit–Baltistan and the people who migrated to India...
  14. rakovsky

    What was the theogony or Creation Myth of the Indus Valley Civilization?

    The Indus Civilization is one of the world's oldest, lasting to 1500 BC. However, scholars do not agree on a decipherment of their language. The most common opinion seems to be that they were Dravidian-speakers and that in c.2000-1500 BC the Ind-European-speaking Aryans invaded. I think...
  15. S

    Indus Valley civilization unification

    Did Indus valley really belong to same single civilization, i guess most small civilization in adjacent areas around same point of time were grouped together based one my research and knowledge at-least 4 civilization would have existed which were grouped together either due to simplification...
  16. V

    Indus Valley architecture

    This dome type structure, did this had a special purpose?
  17. TomarRajput

    Rakhigarhi: Indian town could unlock mystery of Indus civilisation

    Rakhigarhi: Indian town could unlock mystery of Indus civilisation | World news | The Guardian Wazir Chand is explaining life 4,000 years ago. He points to the rocky mounds looming over a huddle of brick houses, a herd of black buffalo and a few stunted trees. The rising sun burns off a chill...
  18. PaKeeza

    Miracle of Victorian Engineering - Indus Basin Irrigation System

    Victorian engineers have left incredible examples of engineering around the world. Railways often and rightly recieve lot of attention. However there is another miracle of engineering that should be regarded as one of the wonders of the world that never recieves any attention. This is the...
  19. PaKeeza

    The Indus - Cradle of civilization

    Indus which is mostly in Pakistan is one of world great rivers. It has been the cradle of human civilization contemporary to other great river civilizations like Nile and Euphrates/Tigris. Over the millenia the river has seen countless invaders cross it, from Alexander the Great to Kushans. It...
  20. V

    Excavation in Oman finds link to Indus Valley civilisation

    Archaeologists in Oman's southern Sinaw region have discovered a site that could reveal Indus Valley civilisation's influence on the Omani society 2,300 years ago, officials said. The tomb of a buried man with sword and daggers made of iron and steel was unearthed during an excavation and it...