1. F

    Appeal: inequality between physical and behavioral

    I'd like to point out the inequality between physical and behavioral appeal: how easily physical attractiveness can compensate for behavioral deficiencies, and how much harder it is for decent behaviors to compensate for unattractive appearance. For instance, if she/he find you physically...
  2. civfanatic

    Moral Dilemma: Subjective Inequality or Objective Equality of Human Value

    Assume you are given the following two options, and you are required to chose one: 1) Sacrifice your family and close relatives in order to save 100 million strangers living in foreign countries far away from your own home, with whom you have absolutely no contact. 2) Save your family and...
  3. D

    Books on Progressive Era (America 1890 - 1920)

    Books on Progressive Era (America 1890 - 1920) I just started a social history that was met with lot of critical praise in its day. A Very Different Age Americans of the Progressive Era; Steven Diner (1998). This is a fascinating time in American history. Lot's of the now familiar modern...
  4. P

    Social Inequality

    Probably since the development of agriculture social inequality has been present. Pick any period and it is present in some degree. Might there be a value to have some inequality? As today with all this focus on income inequality when is inequality too much too much?
  5. Z

    Angola Inequality

    While searching wikipedia I discovered Angola had one the highest gini rates in the word. I am wondering why ?
  6. theauthor

    The fairness of social inequality?

    I'd like to start a discussion about the basic fundamental fairness (or lack thereof) in social and economical inequality. Let's face it: There will always be inequality. And let's face another fact: Inequality will increase the likelihood of even more inequality. Historically speaking...
  7. Mangas Coloradas

    Engineered Inequality.

    I watched this this morning. ...... Moderator Edit: Current politics
  8. maharbbal

    Does inequality matter?

    Any political debate these days are likely to elude more or less directly to the issue of economic inequality. The bankers are paid too much, the government redistributes the wealth, there is not enough investment in education, etc. All these issues have at their core the question of inequality...
  9. MagnaCarta

    Why does everyone keep talking about income inequality?

    Obviously it's never gonna be equal.
  10. haow85

    A Discourse on Inequality

    Rousseau's "A Discourse on Inequality" is totally totally trivial by today's standards of intellectual work of publishable quality. Part I of the book has nothing to do with the origin of inequality but simply is a collection of the author's naive archeaological and anthropological hypotheses. I...