1. Darth Raidius

    Revolvers as an infantry weapon?

    There was a period in the mid 1800's when long and slow muzzle-loaded rifles coexisted with revolvers that could fire several rounds in quick succession, wielded in a single hand. To my knowledge, however, revolvers were reserved for officers and sometimes cavalry. But how viable would it be to...
  2. I

    The siege of Port Arthur (1904-1905) infantry tactics?

    The siege of Port Arthur was the longest and most violent land battle of the Russo-Japanese War. Being Port Arthur one of the most strongly fortified positions in the world by the time of Russo-Japanese war and even Russia improved the fortifications and what is more, considering the weapons...
  3. M

    Infantry battles in the Gulf War?

    How common where infantry battles in the Gulf War? I am reading about 73 Easting and I believe there was times the US tanks units got bumrushed by Iraqi infantry only to be driven back to Bradleys and airstrikes.
  4. I

    How were the infantry tactics during First World War?

    I am not familiar with First World War tactics. I can get an idea from Port Arthur siege in Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) were mass of japanese soldiers were sent to russian fortifications and also from Franco-Prussian War (18070-71) but the extensive use of Trench Warfare may have changed the...
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    Best Melee Weapon for Cutting Down Fleeing Infantry

    What is the best melee weapon for medieval European cavalry to use when pursuing an enemy infantry force that has broken formation and fled? A sword? Or a spear? Or something else?
  6. dlnewhouse

    armored v infantry division

    What's the difference?
  7. M

    Who had the best infantry organization and weapons in WWII?

    Who had the best infantry organization and weapons in WWII? This goes for rifle infantry, mounted and mechanized infantry and paratroopers in general. It is often said the Germans had the best with their doctrine being centered around the MG-34/42. I also hear the Soviets where more suited for...
  8. Visigoth Panzer

    What type of Horse was best for Mounted Infantry?

    What type of horse (not necessarily breed) would work best for mounted infantry? Destriers were could for charging while palfreys were good for riding over long distances. Rouncey's were good for all around, being able to used in war, for traveling and as a pack horse.
  9. Visigoth Panzer

    How were Pikes used against Heavily Armored Infantry

    How were pikes used against heavily armored infantry? Did they just stab at them hoping to hit weak spots in the armor or did they mix the formations with other weapons like halberds and wait for them to come into range?
  10. M

    Infantry evolution

    At the dawn of the gun powder era the greatest Infantry at the time were the Pike square formations of the Swiss, Spanish Tercio or Landsknechts. My question is if we cap the Tercio and Landsknechts back to the era of crossbows and archers and remove Pike & shot ........... What do you think...
  11. H

    Warring State Heavy Infantry Charge?

    I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that some kingdoms during the Warring States era had heavy infantry formations with long pikes charge at the enemy in formation. Is this true? Does anyone have anymore information on this?
  12. Visigoth Panzer

    Late Roman Infantry better served with Pikes?

    If the infantry of the Late Roman Empire (250-450 A.D.) used pikes instead of spears, would they have performed better in the conflicts of the time?
  13. Polynikes

    The Almogavars - Spain's elite medieval shock infantry

    I thought a thread on the almogavars would be fairly interesting, they were notorious warriors who fought numerous campaigns amassing an envious battle record during the high Middle Ages. What made them so feared and effective in battle? And how did their tactics and weaponry evolve as time went...
  14. W

    When heavy infantry battle lighter infantry, is it like tanks rolling over trenches?

    I notice many games and movies often portray when heavy infantry armed to the teeth with-every body part covered in metal and using heavy weapons such as pikes- battle lighter infantry such as say macemen wearing just leather as armour or militia armed with just thick clothing and a sword, its...
  15. analysis17456

    Greatest Heavy Infantry

    Who are the greatest heavy infantry for their respective period? For example, for a few centuries around 0AD, a potential contender might be the hoplite, look at their gigantic shields: And the linothorax is supposedly quite underrated. Or is it? Regardless, holding reinforced shields made...
  16. A

    To what extent was the MG42 a force-multiplier in WW2 infantry combat?

    Pretty much as per the title, really; its well-known that the MG42 had a much faster rate of fire than the squad or platoon-level MG's available to their opponents. I'm just wondering exactly how impactful this was in combat, whether this was in any way measurable or tangible (rather than...
  17. S

    Is this reconstructed Song Dynasty heavy infantry armor historically accurate?

    IMO the reconstruction is very well-done, what do you think?
  18. O

    Modern Rifles against best 18th century infantry

    Suppose you had 1,000 good infantrymen to fight 10,000 of the best 18th century infantrymen in a large field with no cover. Yours would all be armed with the same rifle, carbine, submachine gun, or assault rifle available in 2017, and nothing else, theirs would have their regular stuff. What...
  19. PoeticHoplite

    Naval Infantry: An Outdated Idea?

    A recent interest of mine has been researching naval uniforms, and the history of naval infantry involved in conflict on land between 1914 and 1945. This, however, raises the question of the effectivness of these units, and their purpose and necessity in twentieth-century combat. In the case of...
  20. Mrbritishman

    Duke of cornwall's light infantry regiment. need help

    Need some help again on figuring a few things out related to my families time in the second world war. this time about my mothers grandfather. He reportedly served in the duke of cornwalls light infantry regiment. which I'm aware had around four battalions. But we're unsure of where he fought...