1. Futurist

    What were the biggest ways that an ordinary person could have influenced US history?

    Let's say that Alien Space Bats will give me a time machine which will allow me to go back once to any point in U.S. history. Also, let's say that I *would be* willing to sacrifice my present-day possessions, modern medicine, et cetera since I wouldn't be able to come back to the present-day...
  2. M

    Which German political regime influenced Hitler and shaped Nazi ideology most

    Nazis and National Socialism were not unique in their outlook were they ? There were other Prussian/German political regimes that inspired Hitler and National Socialism Was it Frederick the Great , the Prussian King of 18th Century which fought numereous wars during Austrian Succession and...
  3. N

    How much christianity influenced Edda?

    As titled: how much christianity (or antique) influenced on Edda and norse mythology generally? I found next shortened texts are from book Finnish folklore research (1954). Information is old, but nevertheless fascinating, because I haven't found proper info about these things, exept what...
  4. WhatAnArtist

    Has reading about a historical figure ever influenced how you act/speak in real life?

    A bit of an odd topic, I must admit, but still a possibly interested/funny one. For me personally my readings of Napoleon have left me with an immense admiration of the man, and I usually find myself walking like he did, with the famous way he held both of his hands behind his back as he walked...
  5. EmperorTigerstar

    Which Influenced Chinese Politics More: Confucianism or Daoism?

    Confucianism and Daoism were very influential in China. Both also had their own ideas for society and government. Which one had more influence over Chinese politics? For me I'd have to vote Confucianism, but I'm not an expert in this.
  6. EmperorTigerstar

    Non-Religious Books that Influenced European History

    In the United States we'll occasionally mention that books like "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and "The Jungle" have greatly influenced politics. (Uncle Tom escalating tension and focus on the slavery question and its cruelty while the Jungle led to the Food and Drug Act.) Are there any non-religious books...
  7. purpleguy89

    Which Factors Could've Influenced JFK's Win in the 1960 Election?

    Salutations: There is much to be discussed on JFK's legacy. He had a short presidency, lasting from January of 1961 to November of 1963. His assasination, in particular, is widely discussed, perhaps more so than his actual policies as President. But this thread isn't about Kennedy's...
  8. C

    Who influenced history the most Napoleon or Hitler?

    Who shaped history the most between Napoleon and Adolf Hitler? Who had the greater historical impact? Who changed the course of history the most?
  9. B

    Is the US military approach influenced by warfare with native Americans?

    The following aspects seem influenced by warfare with native Americans. 1. Obtaining and using an overwhelming technological advantage against a much weaker opponent. Obviously, similar to recent US wars. 2. Destroying property and targetting civilians. Sherman's march etc. in the ACW. Bombing...
  10. T

    If Lenin had remained healthy how would it have influenced the Soviet Union?

    Lenin never has a stroke and is not forced to remove himself from politics. He will not be impacted by any future illness or poor health. How does this change the path of the Soviet Union?
  11. DrGuru

    How have drugs influenced music?

    Sex drugs and rock and roll has been the saying for decades! Obviously the drugs have enhanced the music, some artists like Clapton or Hendrix wrote their music on one. But the question is HOW influential has drugs been to the music industry? To be more defined, could the music industry be...
  12. P

    Battan Death March influenced at all by the Trail of Tears?

    I remember hearing somewhere that the Japanese were influenced by the trail of tears for their death marches but I haven't found anything to indicate it online. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?
  13. jeroenrottgering

    Which foreign person influenced your country the most?

    The OP is self explanatory. For me I think their are three candidates: - John Calvin: Brought the dominant Calvanistic religion to my country. - William of Orange: Was a German in Spanish service, but fought and achieved for Dutch independence - Napoleon Bonaparte: Brought a legacy of law...
  14. ReaganSmash

    Who has influenced your philosophy or views?

    Which note worthy people have influenced you political or philosophic views? Milton Friedman Thomas Sowell Adam Smith Henry Kissinger There are more, but those are the most famous.
  15. BlackViper

    Climate Change (% influenced by Man)

    Climate Change. What do you think is the percentage that mankind, with his technology, bodily actions and environmental lifestyle, is influencing Climate Change?
  16. Caracalla

    Was the New Testament Influenced by Pagan Religions?
  17. Mohammed the Persian

    Teenagers who changed the world or influenced History?

    Yes, it's time for Teens to be recognized :cool: So... Name some teenagers who changed the world/ influenced history? I mean, come on, there must've been loads, right? :)
  18. Satuf

    How ancient civilisations influenced one another

    This is a discussion about the influences from Egypt to everywhere except obviously the Americas, from Mesopotamia to everywhere, from India to everywhere, from China to everywhere, and of course, from Greece and Rome to everywhere. I think the Roman and Greek one is as obvious as the sun, so...
  19. Tennenbaum

    Which influenced the world more?

    Ancient Greece or Hungary?
  20. wittgenstein

    Was Jesus influenced by Buddhism?

    This is a continuation of a debate ( Post 108) from