1. R

    Japan stops the insanity in China and goes for the jogular of the rich and weak Ameri

    Japan realizes that it is absurd to waste the mighty IJN and Chinese army over useless territory, when the Americas are extremely weak. In Dec 1940 Japan offers Chiang to abandon half the conquered territory and assit him to eliminated Communists and rebellious landlonrds, if China joins a...
  2. The Alchemist

    The definition of insanity

    The popular definition of insanity being, doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. By this definition, what we see in the world is people doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. From democratic elections, to crime and punishment, to...
  3. M

    What if Cleomenes had not descended into alcoholism and insanity?

    How might his longer reign as the Agiad King have impacted the course of Greek history?
  4. Panthera tigris altaica

    Retrial of Mary Linocoln Insanity case

    Mary Lincoln insanity case to be retried I didn't know there was disagreement amongst historians on this. I never thought they had trumped up the charges. I thought they acted in good faith in thinking she was insane. Of course, they didn't understand obsessive compulsive disorders back then...
  5. Robespierre

    Pleading Insanity in Court

    I could be wrong.... But it seems like a lot more people should qualify as "insane" in the American Court system. Case in point, Jeffery Dahmer. Dahmer killed and ate people. His main goal was to create a "zombie" who he could have sex with over and over again. He couldn't plead insanity...
  6. garzan37

    Prophecy vs. Insanity

    I have always wondered something, Judaism believes the prophecies ended with the destruction of the 2nd temple. Christians believe they havent ended yet but in the U.S. where the most religious people are Christians, its still commonly seen as weird and insane when people claim they were told to...